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  1. Im not sure if Movie World has the space to do anything wild, I reckon they should really be exploring that expansion idea so they can develop. I feel that Dreamworld isn't a competitor in terms of attractions and market share and wouldn't take much for Village to take over Dreamworld. Village is at the level where they will get more competition from Asia especially with Jetstar basing there operations in Singapore, plus the airline competition between Australia and Asia is only going to get better for consumers. So this will mean cheaper services to China who are just booming with new parks
  2. Its cool talking about the Intamin and BM debate however like someone said they supposedly have six million to spend, Its about right for a good wooden coaster. I would applaud them if they went that way, actually just occured to me the GCI Ozark Wild Cat at the now defunct Celebration City has a small footprint and its a great wooden coaster, It could easily packed up and sent here for under six million. wow i didn't know they had some White Lions at Canberra Zoo. I must go and have a look
  3. I remember the Manly Fun pier only the mirror maize though.
  4. I would have to disagree with you Ash about BM's. There looping, floorless and inverted are superior to any intamin looping roller coasters. Intamin only have Bizarro and Expedition G Force and i do like there mega lites. I agree raging bull and apollo's chariot are trimmed to death but is that the manufactures doing? the other two i have been on Nitro and Silver Star are up there with the best. On getting a wooden coaster, you dont need a large footprint, check out cannonball express at Indianna beach and Avalanche/hellcat both have small footprints. Oh i like the Lion exhibit idea as lon
  5. A wooden coaster goes bad when it isnt maintained. If their maintain they can last forever. I prefer wooden roller coasters because i tend to find there is more of an atmosphere with riders which i rarely seen with Steel coasters and to me Its about the airtime, watching the staff greasing up the track before u ride makes it more exciting. The illusion that you are travelling faster than u actually are. A good wooden coaster can scare people like no other type of amusement because it structure does look fragile and the noise with the carriages speeding around the track. You can ride wooden
  6. Maybe Tower of Terror 3 ? I agree with the person who mention about Ardent leisure share price it is dropping and i guess they need to do something because i can see Village gaining a complete monopoly of the Gold Coast Amusement parks. Actually thats not such a bad thing at least village would be able to put some investment into the park. For six million dollars, a woodie would be perfect and even with the maintence costs i would rather they spend time maintaining a wooden coaster than anything else in the park. Dont count out Gravity Group they are doing some good stuff.
  7. I am fan of the Giant Inverted Boomerangs and there other inverted boomerangs such as Face off, It was a remarkable improvement on there inverted coasters.
  8. Bolliger & Mabillard certain are the Rolls Royce of Roller Coasters and variety of roller coasters surely would be the envy of other manufactures, I for one would like to see more inverteds and floorless coasters from them.
  9. Hi Just an update The morning now starts at 8.30 for breakfast and then over to Superman at 9.00am for the complete hour of exclusive ride time. Secondly Movie World offered to send out a technician to give us a Question and answer session on Superman Escape roller coaster So come on and give this event a go i can guarantee you will have a great time. thanks Ed So book here
  10. Hi T rex Off course you can invite your friends i have a group of people already coming along and we are meeting at the deck near the merry go around and ferris wheel. Everyone has to get their own wristband. On the day i could have about 30 - 40 people coming and i have told people that if they are late by 15 minutes the group will be gone. in terms of activities on the day im thinking about that anyway i do hope some of you can come or the other thing i was thinking maybe do a day at Luna Park with Parkz members only? any ideas thanks Ed
  11. Hey T rex We had a great time i have got another day at Luna Park coming up on Sunday 11th April we will be meeting a 10am at the Deck opposite the carousel and it was good fun getting a whole group on the dodgems and this time i want to get the group onto the Joywheel. We might have dinner at the Deck afterwards. cheers Ed
  12. Hi If people are struggling with coming up with the money and really want to go you can email me or telephone me and we can come up with a payment plan. I will need to be paid before 14th may 2010 to meet my requirements with Movie World. I have 50 tickets available. Thanks Ed
  13. "This sounds great Does the VIP pass count as a "season ticket" for the $85 cost." Absolutely "Doesn't the park open to the public at 10am? If that were the case, and if the breakfast starts at 9am and is short, and takes say 30 minutes that would only leave half an hour of exclusive ride time on superman?" The breakfast function starts at nine that was in the agreement that i signed but i will ask if we can make it earlier or if they are just going have superman open for the hour and those who want to ride can ride and those who want to eat can eat. i will find out thanks
  14. ' One question, how will storage of personal belongings be handled? Will lockers be forced upon us or will there be somewhere to leave our stuff? Oh i would say that we will be using the normal lockers Do you get unlimited muffins, or is it two person for example? I cant answer that but i will go and ask them and let you know im like you i love muffins and danishes. I use to work as a cook at the convention cntr in Darling harbour and even with allocated food their is always left overs so my suggestion is get stuck into the food dont be shy. If anybody else has questions i will find out
  15. Oh i forgot to mention i had 25 people turn up to my meet at Luna Park and we started of the day at the Deck which i fallen in love with drinks are a bit expensive but man the view is brilliant. After few beers and the ladies had some wine. Someone came up with the idea to hit the rotor up first i think we spent the next 2 hours sitting on the carousel trying to clear our heads. So the next thing Luna Park must do is move the Rotor away from the Bar. Part from that we all had a good time. Ed
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