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  1. kieran

    Best Stunt Show On Earth? HAHA

    Waterworld, wow what a show haha. We were targeted with water so damn much hahaha.
  2. kieran

    Police Academy Auction

    I'd say they would go for 30 grand. I would buy the 89 in a heartbeat if I had a lazy 30 laying around.
  3. kieran

    WVTP Changes

    Being the massive Lethal Weapon fan I am I will be devastated if the re theme that area! The noises and the soundtrack set the scene for the ride fantastically!
  4. kieran

    Stunt Driver review

    I've been to the Summernats burnout competition and stood at the fence line for the past decade, even when the tires pop after 5 minutes of constant tire spinning and fly into the crowd the worst injury I've seen is a scratched face. I get what your saying but I think T-Bone might of been over exaggerating.
  5. kieran

    Stunt Driver review

    Toughen up princess what way would you suggest they do to stop this from happening? Jesus Christ....
  6. kieran

    Dreamworld made a funny!

    Umm guys, have you talked to your non theme park fanatic friends? Everyone hates MW and loves DW.
  7. kieran

    My US trip

    Sorry for the double but the trip is coming up in 2 weeks and I am sooooo damn excited.
  8. Does anyone remember the guy who used to hang around Ozcoaster back when SE opened. He rode Superman a million times the first few days it was opened? I just had a weird flashback of seeing him in line for the ride a few days after it had opened. He was so damn enthusiastic hahaha! Any other crazy Aus coaster characters?
  9. kieran

    Hollywood Stuntdriver Update Thread

    God I love it when the goody 2 shoe on this forum get egg all in there faces. The posting of these pictures is an example of this. The Evos are hot ****....
  10. kieran

    Hollywood Stuntdriver Update Thread

    Good for you mate, I bet your the messiah when it comes to V8s. I mean, you know someone who knows someone who races them.
  11. kieran

    Hollywood Stuntdriver Update Thread

    Sure thing mate. Do you really think I would google if Evo was a 4wd? Its common knowledge. Btw it looks like google is good to you, that link is the first thing that pops up when I google rear wheel drive evo. But yes, considering the amount of money being spent they probs did do the conversion.
  12. kieran

    Hollywood Stuntdriver Update Thread

    How funny is it when people take joke posts seriously? My god some people on this forum a screwed up...
  13. kieran

    Hollywood Stuntdriver Update Thread

    Dude, they are a 4WD, this makes them pretty ****y cars for stunt shows.....