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  1. LunaParkFanatic

    Superman Escape Meet - MARCH 18

    Richard, Thanks for the offer. But I cant... =[ Anywho have fun guy!
  2. LunaParkFanatic

    new coaster at dreamworld? PLEASE

    I'd love to see a woodie go into Rocky Hollow. Or maybe a coaster on the island themed to a American theme to suit the Cruise boat. Maybe they could make a American themed island and you catch the boat onto the island then you ride the rides on the island. Ideas for rides: Teacups, Chaos, Ferris Wheel, Roller-Coaster.... I dont know, Just rides that good old historical american parks have.
  3. LunaParkFanatic

    Check out the new Trailer for Final Destination 3!

    Final Destination 1 & 2 were both great movies.
  4. LunaParkFanatic

    Superman Escape meetup

    nope, sorry. i cant attend, although i'd love to i just cant!
  5. ok well i'd love to see luna park shut down for alittle while and FULLY re-built. Like i said, I think lunapark should FULLY go back to how it was in the 90's, theming, rides, buildings etc. Although, I understand we wont get another big dipper back. But maybe they could try a Scooby idea? Build a roller-coaster in-doors, Not another wild mouse but another coaster. I also really dont like the big top idea. It takes up too much room which could be used for some good rides or something else. Plus it looks just a shed with a painted and a wavey roof ontop. Luna Park Sydney really needs to go back to the rides/attraction style! Stop the building over cafe's, show venue's etc.
  6. LunaParkFanatic

    Wonderland Pictures and Info

    I must say, You've done a excellent job on this site! Well done
  7. LunaParkFanatic

    Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant

    I went to Dracula's in 2001. We had a great time... It was really cool! Are they still doing that little coaster thing?
  8. LunaParkFanatic

    One for the road...

    Slick I agree with you about the house memories stuff. Even though I only went there like 1 or 2 times, I still hold my fond memories of that place like riding the Beastie when I was 7 with my dad, Getting a photo with the characters at AWL etc. Infact sometimes I still go over my pictures of AWL & wish I went there 1 more time before it closed. Anways. I think its a great idea to have a reunion thing there & maybe some of the old AWL workers could turn up. Sad but I wouldn't be able to come as I live 2hrs from the AWL site
  9. LunaParkFanatic

    Superman escape review thread

    Well i'd rather put my stuff in a locker then those "bins". My reason: When they're in the locker they are locked in, but having them in the "bins" a staff member or anyone else could just take em' out. So they have there ups and downs.
  10. I'd love to see luna park go back to how it was in the 1990's. It really looked alot better & the theming was alot better for the tumble bug, spider etc. I notice that they can't have the big dipper, but mayb they could build something like alittle kiddies coaster or something & have it go around where Maloneys Corner is.
  11. LunaParkFanatic

    best time to visit during summer

    Slick, How come Mondays & Thrusdays are they usually the lowest days?
  12. LunaParkFanatic

    should DreamWorld bring in a new ride for the hoildays?

    GoBoi, I understand that DreamWorld is not Luna Park, And I'm pleased but I know Luna Park does get abit out of putting in carnival rides durning the hoilday seasions, So I thought It would work for DreamWorld.....
  13. I was just wondering, Should DreamWorld bring in a new ride for the hoildays like Luna Park Sydney does? I personally think yes, As maybe it'd take afew more people off the paths & on the rides and also it may bring DreamWorld some more guests/money.... Also if they did bring in a new ride for the hoildays, What would it be? This is a pretty hard question to answer as it'd need to be unquie, something that's never been in Aust. before or maybe an old time classic! Anyways what you people think?
  14. LunaParkFanatic

    Ian gets artsy

    rabid disney, some nice photos there... Could you maybe get a video of it going around the track?
  15. They would most likely open the water park with Scream World.