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  1. verbatim

    Luna Park-Just for Fun!!

    Call them 99226644
  2. verbatim

    Luna Park millions go to developer

    This made the front page of the SMH, if you can believe. It's a very confusing article, too complicated for my little head.
  3. verbatim


    Luna Park Sydney
  4. verbatim

    Residents start class action.

    One song you definitely won't be hearing is Fatboy Slim's 'The Rockafeller Skank'. The lyrics goes "The funk soul brother, check it out now" but was misheard by a customer as "fu*k your mother"
  5. verbatim


    A couple of months ago there was a power failure and people got stuck at the top of the ferris wheel in the pouring rain for 10mins before the power miraculously came back on.
  6. verbatim

    Anyone been to LPS these holidays

    Luna Park staff are sooo helpful aren't they?
  7. verbatim

    Anyone been to LPS these holidays

    There's only one new ride - The Chairs. You sit in a chair and it spins you round. Other new/old rides that has made a comeback - The Simulator & The Dominator.
  8. verbatim

    Ideas for Luna Park Sydney

    Here's a picture of half the stage: I went to the Come Together Festival and the acoustics were alright but I'm no expert. Busta Rhymes: I've seen the place set up for fine dining and it looks pretty good but it's like eating in a giant shed with high ceilings.
  9. verbatim

    Staff Vs Written Warnings

    The same thing happened in Coney Island at Luna Park. Near the back corner there's a short and dark tunnel leading to the Wonky Walk and a couple was getting it on in there. (Btw, the tunnel is incorporated in a picture of a face with its mouth open)