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  1. its def not a one off but it was the 1st time it happened so it was more like a learnin process for both staff and maintenance..
  2. ok in regards to the reading glasses they may be warn thru the line but must be placed into a white shoppin basket before boarding the ride that basket is then taken thru to the unload dock.. SE is currently trialing a loose items program which allows u to ride with items in zipped, walcrow or buttom pockets also wallets in back pockets are now ok.. but this trial is lookin very bad at the moment with ALOT of stuff lost on the ride.. in regards to the 'attendants forcing sumone to use a locker' that is incorrect lasrger items can be left in a locker or with a non riding friend/ family member... under no circumstances are the staff told they must make ppl use lockers. if anything they try to get ppl no to cuz they nhate the idea of ppl havin to pay for a locker to ride. hope that answers alot of questions
  3. the reason there is no one dressed at superman is because DC comics have a rule with superman 'superman can only be seen flying' thus the reason on superman escape coaster it has the black doors which close over the superman figure on the back of the train so no one can see him, at least very well. so the reason there is no superman with the justice league is cause he can only be seen flying. NEVER walking
  4. im not sure if the person filming had thought about it alot but the reason those staff members are so harsh to those carryin loose objects is cause they dnt seem to care about the safety of others watchin out side or fellow riders not to mention the multi-million $$ ride. any loose item being lauched at 100km/hr is a death waiting to happen. even item such as a $1 coin being lauched at 100km/hr is enuf to kill sumone so all i have to say to this person is IDIOT
  5. no im not sure about a new ride but i think it wud ne a good idea espcially in the west area but nothing has been decided on that yet as far as im aware
  6. Only problem i think they will face with this ride where themeing is concerned is the lack of space it is such a small area. i mean it looks a fair size now but once ya get the que rails and the actual ride in there im guessing there wouldnt be much room at all. coming from an employees point of view i think there spending there money in the wrong areas wild west area needs a major face lift, 'wild west bugers' is due for total recon in the near future some time but they need some thing up that way to possible replace boot hill grave yard possibly maybe even the arcade as i find it a waste of space i hardly ever see anyone up there at all really however i guess they know what there doing right? haha
  7. its not speculation, if u visit movie world any time soon u will notice that to the right of the bat man 2 ride entrace (the old movie magic que rails ) area is now being pulled down to make way for the new ride.its been said that movie world was waiting for all containers, equiptment etc to arrive before starting any errection of the ride site, therefor makin the errection of the ride alot faster. well i'll let u's all visit movie world and see the progress ya selves, just wanted to clear that up
  8. ok guys this is about my last post on here for ever cause i see its becomming a rather agressive area in which ppl are posting remarks which are completely outta tone. and being a WVTP employee once my self those of you who are not need to sit down, shut up and read on. as u know little if not none of what goes on behind those doors all u have is speculations and what we say. and the point made about the ride being secret and the managers caring, bullsh*t i have lost count of the amout of times ive over heard food an bev supervisors talking to guest about the new ride and lets face it if WVTP managers where that worries about the word getting out they wouldn't tell there staff. full stop.HOWEVER i do agree with richard take the lil bits of info we drop and use em how ever ya feel cause wen we say 'NO MORE' we mean NO MORE. well fact is after the other day i am no longer a cast member for WVTP as i have quit to move on to bigger and better things cya guys
  9. ha ha ha ha i dont think so considering i have only worked on SDSC once and that was for training. i try to aviod that coaster at all cost and so far doing a dam good job fridays. sats and sundays im usually in the village
  10. im usually based in looney tunes village on the weekends.
  11. lol very true indeed well maybe its a good thing then im the unknown source
  12. ha ha ha hey guys yer im ure i'llbe fine just no one dob me in now well i'll try and keep you updated when i find out more
  13. Hi guys letting you know that a drawing of the new ride is now up in the staff area of warner bros movie world. the pic shows that the ride will be places between batman ride and the new superman ride where a gueing station now stands from the old movie magic. also no construction has yet been started. the speculated name for the ride is 'The Batwing Escape' or some thing of that nature i know its 'batwing' summit lol well hope that give ya sum insight.
  14. hi as an employee of Warner Village Theme Parks and being based at movie world, i some times work night in the bar at 'AOS' i cant assure you that no dust would be flicked up in such a fashion to land in ya meal, before people are entered into the arena area the sand is soaked by over head sprinklers
  15. Hey guys, yes this is an old topic but im wanting to know if any one has any pictures or anything of the blaze, as this happened before i started working for warner i am kinda curious to see what happened. ? i've tried looking at the new papers websites but they only keep news on the web for a certain time frame and is no longer available.
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