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  1. Thank you for correcting me 👍. I don't know why I was thinking of Lemurs when I posted. But Meerkats (not Australian).
  2. 🤣 "An Authentic Aussie Farm Experience" 🤣 With Marmoset Monkeys (not Australian 🤦🏻‍♂️) and Lemurs (not Australian 🤦‍♂️). Sounds like it's turning into a zoo 🤷‍♂️.
  3. If you have a fast internet connection, a pc and a 5G mobile then yes.
  4. I found these articles https://variety.com/1998/biz/news/par-plans-park-studio-complex-in-oz-1117468441/ https://robertclark.net/archive/news/990820kenn.htm
  5. In no particular order: Movie World Studio Tour (trams) Movie Magic Special Effects Show Western Action Show The Maverick Show Eureka Mountain Mine Ride Creature Cruise Country Jamboree Segaworld Sydney Wonderland Sydney Magic Mountain Fox Studios Backlot
  6. I found a Blue Sky concept for Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. Very interesting to see a different park than what was built. Have a look here: http://www.damrondesign.com/warner-bros.-abu-dhabi.html
  7. Taronga Zoo has been on streetview for 5+ years, I was there when they rode the tricycle around the property.
  8. I watched this news on 7 & 9 last week. They both mentioned that a site was being considered around Badgerys Creek (I'm surprised nobody here has mentioned it). With the government confirming Badgerys Creek as the new Western Sydney airport site, I'd imagine anything being built around it would have height restrictions on coasters, tower rides, hotels & fireworks etc.. This article: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/south-west/scouting-for-land-and-big-plans-for-sydneys-wonderland-theme-park-return/story-fngr8hxh-1227538637601 also confirms his intention to have dark rides.
  9. If this is ever built it'll look more like an amusement park similar to Luna Park, it won't be anywhere near as big as Wonderland used to be. Since the original announcement for this Sydney has received Wet'n'Wild Sydney, and just last week plans for a new zoo to be built in western Sydney have been released.
  10. Pushbutton - that was only a Legoland Discovery Center, not a full size Legoland park.
  11. *Spoiler Alert* From Sea World's facebook page today! "Can't wait to ride the perfect Storm? Take a virtual ride on our brand new Storm Coaster before it opens to the public" :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjdyyPqBsMc&feature=youtu.be
  12. Since nobody has responded to my post on the Parkz facebook page, check this out http://www.facebook....kg-to0-3K7_9RBA (scroll down to page 17 for proposed area map) it shows in great detail that GCCC had approved this prior to planning of Green Lantern coaster.
  13. As i have previously stated above, i found the following article most interesting: http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2009/11/...peter-pans.html It would be perfect if Disney were still intending to do something here (in Australia). People keep saying our population is too small for a Magic Kingdom style park if it were built here, but if something like Neverland was built instead it would attract many loyal Disney fans to flock here to check it out.
  14. I don't know if anyone here has any prior knowledge of this proposed resort, but today it's the first i've read about it. I'm curious to know what others think. Follow this link to the article: http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2009/10/2...local-news.html
  15. When i read about the offer yesterday, (i can't remember but) i think it said the discounted tickets have to be booked 4 weeks prior to the birthday.
  16. I think a Disney park would work best if they kept it small and unique in design (not a Magic Kingdom clone).
  17. Info available on this site here: http://www.parkz.com.au/parks/AU/Gold_Coas...-Homestead.html Also do a search on Knott's Berry Farm - Haunted Shack it was pretty much the same thing.
  18. WVTP could buy some amazing coasters at dirt cheap prices!!
  19. I still hate the idea of a ferris wheel being the attraction of choice over the proposed Paramount Park/Studios project.
  20. I'm impressed by the shade over the bus stop (it's about time). While I'm not bothered by the roof over main street, I do think they could have done it better by hiding the supports.
  21. Going through the props warehouse was the best part of the ride.
  22. Maybe they have a deal like they did for Universals Shrek 4D.
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