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  1. Yeah that's bogus. They always trot out that line. The fact that the ride stopped when an operator pressed stop (due to the screams of parents about a kid who hadn't been secured) is hardly a rigorous example of safety systems doing what they're intended to do
  2. But you've got that painted wall behind it. I'm assuming those Zamperla-style kids wheels wouldn't be taller than that
  3. They're trying to replicate the popularity of the food and wine festival trend in American parks, but using external food trucks. Was bound to be a fail
  4. On the topic of refurbishing the failing kids area... I would replace Speedy's with a small Tom and Jerry Cat & Mouse Chase Coaster (stole the idea for this coaster from someone else). Something kids too small for Roadrunner can go on with their parents. Maybe the existing yellow station building for Speedy's could be rethemed to a block of cheese. I'd then add a mini Looney Tunes Ferris wheel on the site of the old Marvin ride - kinda the perfect sized area for a ride like that. Also something parents can go on with their kids. And finally a modern mini drop ride to replace Pounce 'n Bounce, but not placed outside the toilet. Maybe utilise the Road Runner viewing area
  5. With the carousel closed and Pounce n Bounce gone, the kids area is now in a truly sorry state. Why they haven't put in another couple of rides by now, I don't understand (I mean I'm guessing it's money but you know - choices)
  6. This station really disappointed me, as did Green Lantern. Movie World really stepped away from their thematic roots here
  7. I've heard that this was due to staff leaving. And it seems, unfortunately, that the current staff are back to not being interested in creating attraction updates etc. Disappointing. Meanwhile it looks like the Leviathan station is going to be amazing. But I wonder why they're apparently doing something so good for this, but they created the world's most basic stations for GL and HyperCoaster.
  8. Agreed, it's actually a very small show building. I believe it's one of the reasons they couldn't have vehicles with freedom of movement to rotate etc. - there's simply not enough room in there for the required clearance. Sally managed to squeeze the ride into a small space. But even with the vehicles they used there are issues where they back up due to the small unload/load area and the ride then gets out of sync.
  9. What's going on @Bikash Randhawa? Very disappointing to hear this
  10. This would be an absolutely perfect fit
  11. 'Some of QLD's favourite food trucks'. Sounds a bit tacky
  12. Ha, we wish! Sadly, the people currently running VRTP do not appear interested in the level of theming that a show scene would require
  13. That makes it even more frustrating I think - the fact that they've shown that they can do presentation well, with the new Tango Train and Volare, as well as other park improvements, demonstrating a commitment to aesthetics and atmosphere. That's all been completely lost with this upgrade
  14. The monitor position became a permanent position sometime over the last couple of years. There are now always two people in the control booth, with one watching the monitors the whole time.
  15. I just don't think there's any excuse for the lack of presentation. If you've got enough money for 9 new rides, there's surely enough to spend on a bit of theming etc. It's about priorities. They aren't doing the incredible history of the park any justice by ignoring this aspect
  16. Do you mean supervisor when you say lead? Scooby has two in high zone, and I believe recently added an additional person at a set of fire doors at the back of the shed. There's also the attendant at the front of the castle, and almost always at least two in load. Including unload that's at least 7 or 8. These are high staff rides. WWF may have been recently reduced but it's almost certainly more than has been suggested.
  17. I think it's actually a lot more than that when you take into account the various positions you don't see such as Scooby evac zones in the high section and WWF evac/lookout zones at the turntable and lift.
  18. That's surprising because these new boats were supposed to have an updated backstop system which removed the noise. They made some changes a little while back that meant the old boats sounded like they were being hammered from underneath as you were going up the lift hill due to the backstops. It had so much impact it felt like the boat floor was flexing under your feet
  19. I agree, the website refresh is looking terrific. Some really nice marketing coming out of Dreamworld at the moment. The maps definitely need a fix up though. While I prefer the illustrated map, the Steel Taipan addition looks ROUGH
  20. Wet'n'Wild have just added a bunch of photos and videos to their FB and Insta channels of people testing the new slides (with the exception of Kaboom)
  21. I was hoping the white shade sails were just going to be used for the rendering, not actually what we ended up with. Not very exciting. Just a further extension of the whole Westfield/Vortex/Sky Voyager/Steel Taipan queue vibes
  22. No loading for weekends or public holidays as I understand it, which is pretty poor
  23. They need to pay better. They pay appallingly (no offence to you though - for a younger person it's ok if you want to be in the industry)
  24. The slides they're building aren't even long. That's one of my biggest disappointments with them
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