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  1. State Theme Park Incentives

    Since this is going to eventually turn into a political conversation anyway, i'm just going to go there now and not in two pages time - right now politically we're very fiscally austere, which is honestly pretty damn foolish given our current foot-hole in the global economy should be more than enough incentive for us to invest in our country's future while the dollar is in a good place. Here's a good starter article on why this kind of fiscal policy is generally frowned upon - we did the polar opposite when the GFC hit and we were one of the least impacted major economies as a result. With this in mind, our government, just like a lot of their constituents, aren't in a place to be forward thinking right now. Instead of embracing public transport, investing in major new industries like renewable energies or enabling rural communities to have the same competitive advantages as their city counterparts through lasting technology like Fibre To The Premises, we're doubling down on building coal mines, trying to retain outdated jobs and industries instead of investing in retraining, and we're cutting corners every where we can to save a buck. With all this said and done, right now we can't even get a tram line through Burleigh Heads without conservative opposition, I doubt any member in parliament is willing to put their name behind what would like "giving land away" unless interested parties come begging and it's a signed, sealed & delivered idea.
  2. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    Dimmers are pretty cheap.
  3. I'm just amazed this is someone's all time favourite theme park video/photo/article.
  4. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    I mean, they could just put a few overhead lights in, they're pretty cheap. Also, some theming in the ride. Where's that at?
  5. Superman Escape dark section

    Yeah so it's either: the subs that are next to the track the joins where the transfer track is.
  6. Movie World New Park Map

    Old website with old photos of the former park map triggered a rant, tldr.
  7. Movie World New Park Map

    Just look at the pathway @Reanimated35 mentioned from the fountain to Superman - being photorealistic means it's the colour of the path and thus, very low contrast against the grass. Now that's fine on our bright screens, but in the glary daylight with sunnies on? That's not a useful map. Trying to navigate your way through the exit area of Arkham? Not a useful map there either. Now look at the pathway from Doomsday to Falls, if I was a first timer and I wanted to ride Falls, i'd be looking at the easiest access-way, which looks like the white pathways in the Studios and not the super-hidden path that is actually there from Doomsday to Falls. Not a useful map there. Trying to find the entrance to Green Lantern just by using the map? Not a useful map. Arkham entrance location? Not a useful map. What about defining what's a guest path and what's a back of house path so guests don't get confused or find the easiest route and avoid hitting dead ends? Not a useful map. This goes beyond "well we could just change the sunlight conditions" - it strikes me as a good idea in theory, then someone green-lighted a good idea in theory, and then instead of stopping when it became apparent it wasn't useful, they doubled down and finished it, probably because of the time and resources invested in finishing off something so detailed & visually lush. The reality is, as a map it totally misses the mark. A map should clearly guide people to entrances of attractions and show clear pathways to get to points of interests, and it fails more then it succeeds in both regards. As a pretty thing to look at, it's really great, but that's it. In a web development sense, this is a pretty clear case of being UI-focussed with no consideration for UX. Also, speaking of web development, these kinds of inconsistencies shouldn't exist, especially on your front page. Let's not even start on the fact that their site isn't mobile friendly or disabilities friendly. In 2017, that's about as big of a website faux-pas as it gets - their organic Google rankings would be taking a huge dive because of it, and it's been over a year now since their algorithm was adjusted down rank non-mobile friendly sites and yet these sites still exist, and they'd missing out on millions of views annually as a result. And i wholly expect the park to be really salty about all this being pointed out ala Scooby Doo instead of taking it as constructive feedback from the park's most educated and passionate guests who just want to support the parks in being the best they can be.
  8. Having used Fast Track on Rivals at least three or four times over the weekend I can safely say paying for Fast Track just to get that smug feeling you get walking past an hour long queue on one of the busiest days is worth it by itself.
  9. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I'm kind of done with this "they can't compete with Rivals" chant that I keep hearing. Rivals will prove major capital expenditure is sustainable and now necessary to move forward in the industry. As for obtaining the appropriate funds to refocus their park, they could get it the same way Village did - by calling up the bank and getting a loan. I'm grossly over-simplifying here, but how else do you think they get the funds? As for the shareholders, deferring the Main Event rollout in the US and creating a vision for the future of Dreamworld would instil a lot of confidence in the board given how critical Ariadne have been this year Our tourism economy is only going to grow. The dollar will stay where it is until at least 2020 due to global politics & the fact that the mining boom has come and gone. We'll have more and more middle class Chinese, and if the park doesn't at the minimum match some of their local park's offerings back home, there's a chance tourist groups may pick Village's combination of AOS, PC, TG & MW as a higher-end overall prospect. The risk is low for investment right now and there's so much opportunity for the taking too. You don't need to do compete head on with Rivals though to stay current: Since the Ardent board is so transfixed on Main Event, why not just bring one here? The amphitheatre / Blue Lagoon space is just so unbelievably perfect for a Main Event / Universal Citywalk-style gate to be built. Build an RMC - it's different, cheaper and unique enough to actually compete with Rivals head on by itself. Spend smarter. It doesn't cost much to put a steam train back in and put a bushranger show on it, and would convert so many naysayers onto the new vision of Dreamworld who have been cynical since Ardent purchased the park. Spend even smarter-er. Increasing revenue opportunities by investing in showstages/better AV etc. for daily shows and private events, investing in more unique merch are just two ideas.
  10. Movie World New Park Map

    I'd imagine if Rivals officially opened today, whatever new artwork or map is out there now.
  11. Movie World New Park Map

    You might want to check Arkham Asylum.
  12. I offered them a fully insured rig with gopros + labour pro bono too.