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  1. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    It's really just additional layers for the park's ops teams to use at their discretion as a response to the way customers respect the minimum safety requirements. Once upon a time folks would take it in stride if little Timmy wasn't tall enough to ride, nowadays it can lead to a full blown argument at the front of the line and a very public uproar on social media. And to add - it's not like they have any real way to know if someone is over or under the age of ten anyway, however if something were to happen and folks had knowingly defied signage and guidelines then it's another safety layer for the park to defend itself with, should anything occur. TLDR, it doesn't matter unless you're trying to be un-safe.
  2. Wild West Falls (pre - 2003) video

    Fun fact: @Richard filmed that with a potato.
  3. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    I called you out for being "salty" and not say @rac2703 because the only thing you had left to say was a snide, off-topic remark, whilst @rac2703 chose to clarify and continue the debate in a meaningful way that was, as you would say, like an adult, which I respect. Let's keep this on topic now.
  4. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Huh? I think you and @rac2703 need to stop being so salty, have some beerz and chill.
  5. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Yes, without question, that's literally the entire point I was making all along, that it's a missed opportunity, to which I showed in my examples. I never said they weren't!?! You quoted me saying "they should be more involved," more is the key word there.
  6. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    It's pretty hard to follow considering the fact that out of the ten examples I wrote (not including @joz's) you're focussed on the one example that you've chosen out of context to make a point that serves no other purpose than to be right. Have a beer buddy - it's all good. The ten ideas I wrote were just that, ideas, and I wrote them down to illustrate a point that I think there's a million and one novel and original ways to get our parks out there while the world's sporting community is looking our way and to not be doing that for whatever reason is a poor move, because as I mentioned above, theme parks are a part of the Gold Coast way of life.
  7. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    So because I only listed ten rough examples of neat promotional ideas in an attempt to highlight why some proactive and original PR would be a stellar idea instead of creating thirty highly detailed event outlines including parties involved, times, dates, news & press invitation lists etc. i'm somehow wrong. Oooookay then. I think you're missing the point, which is in my mind, the parks are a core part of the Gold Coast's DNA, in the same way Q1 or the beaches are, and they should be more involved.
  8. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Fun fact, two corporate mascots, a bunch of Australian fauna and the Minister for Tourism in a Commonwealth Games Zone is not "2 koalas' in a park" and goes to show who was on the money about these kind of activations and promotional events being so important. I don't even know what your point is anymore.
  9. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    I think in the process of trying to be right you forgot the difference between implying something and actually saying something. All good. Fun fact, apparently you don't need to be a sponsor anyway, so your whole argument is moot.
  10. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    FYI, capex = new attractions. I didn't write that you said "every dollar should be spent on context" either, so no need to try and distort the context of my opinion either. Furthermore, asking enthusiasts if they'd rather two million spent on attractions instead of advertising would net you the same kind of confirmation bias you'd get from asking Trump supporters whether or not he was the best president ever. It's like saying The Star should've kept the 3-4 million and made their rooms cheaper, or Griffith Uni should've kept their money and spent it on building more classes, Optus on more towers, Woolies on more Apples etc. etc. etc. Suffice to say the world doesn't actually work like that, and if it did there wouldn't be any games to begin with. Also - you presumed I said VRTP should be a top tier sponsor (fun fact, I didn't). The point I was actually making was that for the 500k or whatever you'd need to spend to be able to be a part of the games in a minor role and in turn be able to do cool things with the athletes would be money well spent in terms of both goodwill and advertising return. Update: Quick @rac2703 - go get the council! Someone's up to no good!
  11. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    With respect to both you & @rac2703, the idea that every single dollar should be spent on capex "needs more brain." Let's keep in mind my suggestions are firmly rooted in a fantasy world that doesn't exist, as @Skeeta mentioned the reality is that the whole Gold Coast has actually suffered economically in the short term from the Games because of a crazy amount of price-gouging and fear mongering about crowds. However, judging by how packed The Star is (a CommGames sponsor) at a time when no one else is as busy, the 500k or whatever it is to let your PR people come up with games related copy and events is money well spent IMO.
  12. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Sweet. So the second largest Gold Coast employers and the most integral part of tourism on the Gold Coast today should 100% be a sponsor the games then. To me it’s a no brainer.
  13. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Why aren't there giant billboards on the side of busses that say "Verse your commonwealth rivals on the country's best coaster? As @joz mentioned, why aren't there different countries having a race down the aqua racers for a bit of good fun and commonwealth spirit? How many other commonwealth countries have baby tigers or the beautiful native wildlife we have? Every day there should be something incredible going on with the athletes and our parks. There's an opportunity to tap in to dozens of countries and gain new influence and advertise what's on offer that's totally been wasted in my opinion. For Dreamworld, there could've been: - "Freestyle divers take on the freefall of Dreamworld's Giant Drop" - "Dreamworld helps gymnasts cool down next door with a splash with baby tigers" - "Kenny Koala and a dozen of his koala friends get cuddly with athletes at Dreamworld" - "Local and neighbouring indigenous athletes get one on one weapons training with 16 year-old Dreamworld Corroboree rockstar." And as for Village Roadshow Theme Parks: - "John Citizen & athlete go head to head on the country's best coaster, Rivals HyperCoaster"" - "The Flash takes on gold-winning marathon champions" - "What's faster? A roller-coaster, Superman, or a gold-medallist runner? We find out." - "Sea World's dolphins impart vital message about conservation to athletes in one on one" - "Athletes tour the country without leaving the Gold Coast at Australian Outback Spectacular" - "Surprised guests catch a wave with Usain Bolt at Wet 'n' Wild" And this is without considering the fact that the games are ripe for guerrilla style marketing. Where was Bugs Bunny cheering on athletes at the Marathon or popping up randomly and being part of the spirit of the games? I would've loved to see Kenny Koala pop in next door in a Model T Ford and for Dreamworld to give out a stack of free passes. Could you imagine if Dreamworld still had a barbershop quartet and they randomly popped up on the strip? Why not do a games challenge for the public? Can you do all the biggest rides on the Gold Coast? Win a free limited edition hat with all the park's logos on them. And there could be so many live events that encourage athletes and volunteers to stay after the games and take the parks up on the opportunity to go for free. The ideas go on and on hey, but what do I know, i'm just some random whinging online.
  14. The Off Topic Topic

    I tried dozens of times to crack that net but failed. Admittedly I was probably only 13 at the time, maybe needed a bit more weight.
  15. The Off Topic Topic

    I've created this for total clarity. A) Food (mainly fish & chips) and merch building for Blue Lagoon with a large shaded eating area. B ) Not too sure off the top of my head, believe it was just a storage building which had some lockers built into it along with the Food & Merch building. Had the Dreamworld logo on one side as you would see it clearly in shot during housemate evictions. C) Where the kiddie pool was. D) Toilet block for Blue Lagoon E) Entry way for housemate evictions plus plenty of production facilities throughout the building F) Temporary space that would house production facilities. G) Service building that would sell merch etc. H) Dreamworld Amphitheatre & entry way for non-Dreamworld related productions. I) Train Shed J) Blue Lagoon's main mountain. The two fibreglass slides (Aqualoop Flume & The Toboggan) have been removed, leaving only the concrete tube slide. K) Entry split for Dreamworld Amphitheatre and Blue Lagoon. L) Splashdown for The Toboggan. M) Where the main pool and splashdowns for The Aqualoop Flume and Krakatoa's Revenge (the concrete slide) used to be. The reason why the main pool was filled in and The Toboggan's splashdown pool wasn't was because management at the time believed they could use it as a fully wicked sick event space. On a few occasions it was used to house seasonal walkthrough attractions and the like. I could be wrong, but I believe the same building that Evilution is housed in was the same one that was placed over Blue Lagoon's main pool at one point. I believe that answers most of the questions from @themeparkaddict - as for the other buildings near Tiger Island, they're all for maintenance etc. I'm sure the engineeer/projects/fitters at the park keep an eye on that space to keep the buildings standing up, however at one point it was looking pretty average so they've since placed a huge wall up a long the train line so guests can no longer see in.