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  1. Roachie

    John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    There's definitely some stuff in the works to bring it to a bigger audience, but it's early stages. I might have to get John back down to the park and see what they're up to - maybe that'll inspire him?
  2. Roachie

    John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Cheers mate! The Wipeout was installed as part of Ernst & Young's / IOOF Friendly Society's plan to get Dreamworld out of receivership after Bruce Jenkins' vision didn't go to plan - basically it didn't have anything to do with John. Same with the chairlift - according to John he had nothing to do with it's installation and was one of the things Bruce did. I think a lot of people are similar in that regard - John's understandably very private these days and as we all get older more and more of what was originally there is bulldozed, archived or just lost. It's a real shame. I think what he didn't say speaks louder than what he did. I definitely have the intention of doing more projects like this in the future - this isn't the last piece by any stretch, but one step at a time. And yeah, he paid just like everyone else.
  3. Roachie

    John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Good spot! Thanks for the kind words and letting me know about that error.
  4. Roachie

    John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    The 3rd part is now live. Be sure to let me know your thoughts. Selling the Dream - John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories.
  5. This is quickly becoming the epitome of Ardent's ongoing hubris. Literally the only reason why Ardent chose to retrofit their existing theatre with a flying theatre, just like the Canadians with their IMAX Theatre overseas, is to primarily minimise cost, to also minimise local disturbances to neighbouring attractions and amenities and to speed up delivery time. But that cost-saving specifically comes with some huge drawbacks, too - namely the ability to build a full-scale flying theatre. And like Canada's flying theatre retrofit, ours will be a clever but scaled series of hacks to getting the motion bases inside a smaller than usual space that come with a lot of consequences (reduced capacity, smaller screen etc.) So then here's the thing - if Dreamworld's only going to preserve a forty year old warehouse shell made out of cinderblocks and literally nothing else (not the facades which have far more intrinsic value to the park) you've got to ask - why even bother retrofitting there in the first place? It's not like they're trying to minimise the impact on the guest experience during the retrofit - they've closed another multi-million roller-coaster with not even as much as a word on when it might re-open. And let's not even get started on how a giant un-covered demolition site in the heart of the park would impact every single guest's first, second, third and last impression of the park. At this point they could've built a larger flying theatre for cheaper had they literally put it anywhere else inside the park and they could've had it in the same time-frame since Ardent have continued to push back the open date multiple times over. This whole thing makes me feel as frustrated as reading news about Trump - everyone's watching the world burn but no one's doing anything about it.
  6. So the big question is - did it really have asbestos or nah?
  7. This was my exact thought when I heard about the whole Cyclone thing - there's enough information missing that it'd be like placing the driver at fault for a car accident without knowing their steering wheel fell off. Either way, whatever system or procedure that was in place to check Cyclone's restraints has been superseded with the Vekoma train now in place.
  8. Roachie

    Fright Nights 2018

    Ahh yep, my bad - I merged the threads and just realised then he had beat me to it. Will edit my post.
  9. Roachie

    Fright Nights 2018

    So, House of Kain huh? Thoughts? (Also, it's kind of amazing that they let this slip.)
  10. Roachie

    Ride Height Requirements in the US

    G'day @ItsOmer - welcome to the forums! A simple Google Search like this one will point you to a full page of the information you're after, plus all of Six Flags Great America's ride pages (like this one about Goliath) on their website have the minimum height in inches on them too. Parkz is about participation in good, hearty discussion and I encourage you to join in on the fun here just as much as I encourage you to maximise the use of yours and other's time by Googling before posting.
  11. That's pretty much where my head's at - i'm all for change & I think the golden rule for any kind of change is that whatever comes next should be way better than what came before it. As an example - Gremlins at Movie World was great, but Scooby Doo is way better. The opposite could be said for the Looney Tunes River Ride and its replacement, Junior Driving School, which is the equivalent of replacing the Sea World Resort with the Coomera Motor Inn. So in that regard, i'm all for the Flying Theatre itself - I reckon it'll make for an excellent addition to the park - if done correctly, it aligns with John Longhurst's original vision of attraction development where he would take something great overseas (like Soarin' in this case) and replicate it the best he could for our smaller market. Basically, my thought process is in regards to the facades and heritage is this - if a company's going to knock down Disney-inspired facades on a whim I don't know if they have what it takes to put something better up, especially when their attention to care and detail post incident hasn't at all met the bar (think tin shed cage at the end of Tiger Island, Peter Brock's Garage signs left up a month after closure, maroon tin everywhere etc. etc.). And what's staggering is that for a park that desperately needs all the positive support it can get, Dreamworld's defaulting to the outdated marketing model of "ohhhh it's a secret something's coming sooon ooohhh ahhhh" instead of pre-emptively enrolling brand loyalists (us) and getting them enrolled into the future of the park. Research has shown that guests staying a hotel who had a problem during their stay and then had excellent, prompt & transparent service in fixing the problem would rate that hotel higher than guests who had no problem to begin with. Post incident, that's where Dreamworld need to be right now, particularly at a time when they're ripping down iconic parts of the park and the trust is very, very weak with both the public and folks like us.
  12. Roachie

    The Off Topic Topic

    It'll be updated shortly - a few weeks back I had a super deep dive on figuring out exactly what was what, which was later corroborated by several former engineers who helped build the park and move Hollywood House itself. Basically I had spent an afternoon with John not too long ago sifting through Apple Maps and photos I had taken inside the park and we were able to work out that the Big Brother Cafe was indeed Hollywood House (it was taken off its stumps, moved and duplicated to become a restaurant) and the house that was eaten by termites was another house owned by one of the brothers of Mr. Day (the original land-owner) located near where the Coomera Motor Inn is today.
  13. When the park first opened Gilltrap's Auto Museum was actually where the Village Marketplace (now Parkway / LEGO Store) was located. When Marketplace opened, it was moved to a building just behind what's now known as Pit Stop Burgers. It was auctioned off in 1989, which at a total guess, was probably due to Dream Co. haemorrhaging money.
  14. Roachie

    The Off Topic Topic

    As worrying as the original Disney-esque facades surrounding the i-ride being demolished, it looks like work is gearing up to remove the Big Brother Cafe. For those unaware, the Big Brother Cafe WAS originally Hollywood House and was the defining reason why John Longhurst bought Dreamworld. It was moved from behind the now Gold Rush Country entrance over to the side of the River Rapids where the building was duplicated to become a restaurant. Here's hoping it's not coming down and fencing around it is being placed up for safety reasons only.
  15. All gone but not forgotten - there's still heaps of signs up despite it being closed for over a month now. You can do way, way, way better Dreamworld.