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  1. The Off Topic Topic

    Once upon a time there was an attempt. They basically tore apart an old printer (amongst a few other things) and as you got inside there was a whole heap of dials and knobs you could play with (it looked like old terminals that controlled the ride). Then it started to break, then instead of fixing it, it was all just removed.
  2. Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    One end makes me think of something else.
  3. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Sorry, bit out of the loop - why would it be closed for so long?
  4. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    It's not even centred well on the side they were given.
  5. You'll find we'll get the exact same ride system as Flyover Canada - Rick Rothschild explains the process to My belief was that it'd always be the kind of fit out where guests would take some stairs up to their level, they'd board, and the motion bases would slide out.
  6. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Negative - although I do think a trip down soon is due once when the weather clears.
  7. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    So it seems at this stage it's all non-essential buildings & facades.
  8. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    It actually makes no clear mention, and only refers to no plan for the “broader” gold rush area.
  9. Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Judging by how excited @Jamberoo Fan is about a live chat plugin on the website, I get this vibe like he now works for the park.... Anyway, we'll gloss over the marketing copy, here's my honest thoughts: For starters - the website is totally fine and up to spec for 2018. Most websites have live chat portals and most of them have & should be decent enough to handle different screen sizes, so by comparison to say Sea World's website, it's incredible, but up against 99% of what most outsourced Wordpress developers make these days it's par for the course. Not poo-poo-ing Jamberoo's site at all, just setting the bar appropriately. It's solid, and it's doing exactly what it should be doing. Looking at the map page - the map itself is a great map, because at the end of the day, it's function to get me from point A to point B is clear and concise. Now, onto the VR stuff - firstly I had to come back to your post to figure out what to look for just to open the VR portals which suggest to me that everyday guests who aren't as proactive as me will be clicking through and not bothering. Jamberoo should check their analytics on this and improve the UX accordingly. Also, being real here - the VR stuff is a passing trend, not a mainstream thing (Forbes, The Verge, Esquire & Wired have all written about VR being a trend) - plus, the VR stuff would be good if when I clicked on it, it wasn't taking me to see things like this: No customer will care about or want to click on VR / normal pictures of carparks, tables or retail spaces. And that's where my I think they could improve - I speak from first hand experience, no amount of flashy, cool ideas or design will ever replace quality photo & video that's wrapped in great design & marketing. For the same cost as a VR company coming in to do stuff like the above (i've seen prices ranging from 10k right up to 70k, so we'll just say 20k to be safe) you could have photography that would last the park 5+ years and film content that could be spread out over 12 months, net more engagement overall and would deliver at least double the ROI. Then simply wrap that in a more cleaner, modern corporate brand and WNWS would be rightfully concerned.
  10. Sea World Jelly Fish 2017 Attractiion

    Because we all keep going and spending money and so they're justified in thinking this sort of thing is fine. By comparison, your run of the mill shopping centre looks like this:
  11. Ardent half year results. 2018

    Agreed, that’s more of a @Richard / @Parkz News thing.
  12. Ardent half year results. 2018

    You say that like you're not a part of a society that preserves Wonderland History. I wasn't saying there was irony, I was just pointing out that some people might think that's rich coming from a guy who finds a way to fit Wonderland into every topic.
  13. Agreed with @AlexB - the park is very well rounded now, it's really not lacking anything major, especially for a regional park. Six Flags showed us explosive growth isn't good for business anyway, so I have no problem if they wanted to take a few years off and go to work on improving their assets to give people more reasons to return during the season. I personally see a good solid kids IP as a great way to get their kids rides doing more business, and to spend a small amount on kid's waterslides (like Wet 'n' Wild's Junior) would be a great way to go, especially if it's rolled into that IP. I'd also say that one or two more non-major waterslides (bodyflumes or raft rides) wouldn't go amiss either. Small spend, solid impact and the more rides you can go on with a group of mates, the more reasons you're giving larger groups to all buy season passes.
  14. Ardent half year results. 2018

    The Wonderland phone called, someone said something about the kettle being black?
  15. Ardent half year results. 2018

    I think it's all an illusion to get someone to eventually pay big money for the park, here's why: The prevailing theory (and it hasn't been confirmed which is stranger still) is that the reason why Ardent could afford an i-Ride at all is because Brogent are doing a lease agreement and because of that, they're not paying a lot upfront. They get to look like they're spending big, even though they're not. Another prevailing theory is that they had put a deposit on something before the Brogent deal was struck, and rather then waste the deposit, whatever they had planned for the cinema is just going out the back. Again, probably not going to be a big "dark ride", maybe at best a simulator (and time and time again it's been proven unless you're Universal or Disney the entire industry avoids simulators because they're hard to do well, and yet Dreamworld thinks this is their future, why? Because they've already spent the money and they need a good cover story, that's why.) In the most basic terms, what gets people to do repeat visits over summer is the waterpark, so you could add in a lazy river or some basic slides for next to nothing in comparison to thrill ride capex (hundreds of thousands verse millions) and probably realise better profit numbers all round because people will buy more food, more merch etc. upon each revisit. It's a cheap justifier in raising prices all round when the reality is you're still not spending the same money that everyone else is spending. The fact that they're looking into selling the land is telling - it's ultra clear they have no interest in long term expansion or adding major attractions, but to be fair that's been the case for over two decades. You know what that land could be used for? An on-property hotel and a major coaster. The fact that they're not being open about their master plan despite saying they had one and will share it when Weiss strong-armed the board last year is telling. Sounds to me like they'll be able to sell the land, make huge bank from it, and then when they sell the park they'll get a higher price because they'll be able to justify that "the new land-owners are developing x and y and will bring more value to the park's potential to serve more local tourism blah blah blah." They're being super open about pinching pennies to realise certain numbers. Why? Gee, I wonder.
  16. Now more than ever, it's as clear as day to me that they're prepping Dreamworld for sale.
  17. Ardent half year results. 2018

    "Prudent" spending & "not entering an arms race with our competitors" were the two things that stuck out in my mind from listening in to the half yearly results.
  18. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    What's their intent? Are to show TV feeds of say ESPN etc. or are they for advertising?
  19. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    It's like Tower of Terror without the skull or the "Tower of Terror" down the side - it's part of the ride's DNA (although in saying that the spot where the skull is located these days is pretty awful compared to where it was when it opened.)
  20. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    While that's awesome, i'll be a happy camper when the longboards are back.
  21. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    I see it simply as Brogent being a one stop shop for the entire ride, including financing.
  22. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    None of this is as black & white as you make it to be though @Skeeta For one thing, it hasn't been confirmed if Ardent Leisure is 100% footing the bill for the i-Ride or if they've entered in to some sort of leasing agreement with Brogent, which is something Brogent have wanted to do for years now in new markets. That means if there was an arbitrary number being thrown around by Weiss/Ardent, we have no idea how much of it is actually being spent from that figure. With that being said, increasing the size may not even be a cost Ardent/Weiss is paying upfront, but rather something deferred over time. EDIT: Richard beat me to the punch by seconds. This is also a really strange time for Ardent & Dreamworld, and nothing is set in stone, financially or otherwise. Even with the recent articles and press the park has put out, they're not being forthcoming with any real plan for the "surplus" land or their grand plan for the park (which was supposed to be released last year.) Who knows what they're going to sell, how much they're going to spend or if what the real intentions are at Ardent right now. Adding to this, Weiss has been buying shares and spending money left, right and centre with no heads up, so much so Ardent put out a notice to the ASX about it after the fact.
  23. Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    Parkz, OurWorlds and Australasian Leisure all reported it. I linked it already. It’s a thing. my impression is that it’s their intention and it’s not 100% concrete yet. With Weiss, anything’s technically possible.