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    Superman Escape: Third Train

    There's a point where having a third train is just counter-productive. You can only load/unload guests so fast, doubly so when you've got Movie World's operating procedures to deal with. Even during school holidays, a much larger, longer ride like Rivals still has issues with trains stacking at the station with two trains. The design of both Superman & Rivals (the lack of a MCBR, additional block brake areas etc.) would mean that you'd have a train just sitting somewhere along the line, either in the dark ride area in Superman's case or on the lift hill in Rivals' case. As a park, you'd be paying for a third train and all the additional ongoing costs associated with it to essentially have people waiting on the ride instead of in the queue. It'll never happen.
  2. And we all thought DC Rivals HyperCoaster was a mouthful.
  3. Slick

    Where do you get coaster news?

    And yet you never drank on PCL.
  4. Slick

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    It's a great start - i'd like to see it receive more investment & commitment from Ardent to make it the institution it once was - it wouldn't be hard to have the best stunt/comedy show on the coast. Some more coin would help them flesh out the comedy, dial in the violence and create a space that takes it from having a local theatre group vibe, where there's great talent working with the bare minimum to entertain to rewarding that passion and giving it a space to shine. Let's not forget Dreamworld was once an iconic landmark for acting & shows so for Gary Weiss it'd be a no brainer in terms of a relatively safe investment.
  5. Slick

    Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast - August 2018

    What i'd love to see is Village stepping up communications about these kind of closures - it's well established that guests feel more loyalty and more satisfaction from a brand that had brilliant communication and action sorrounding solving a problem compared to a guest who had no problem to begin with. There's an opportunity here with these random closures of things like the Mach 5 Tower and Surfrider to be a proactive communicator and engage with guests to give answers, educate and avoid disappointment and brand damage. It could be as simple as giving @Richard a buzz and getting an account on Parkz to engage with the community, or just having a simple blog with behind the scenes updates and small news pieces i.e. "Hi folks - we've taken an opportunity to really breathe some life into Wet 'n' Wild, and so we're giving Surfrider some love - we'll be doing x/y/z - here's some pictures of that process, this is part of our commitment to continue to have the best standard safety etc. etc." Rocket science it ain't - you're welcome in advance Village.
  6. Slick

    Tower of Terror ongoing/indefinite closure (Dreamworld)

    The lowest point of the ride are roughly where those blocks are - if you wanted to take the entire carriage on/off, you'd need those in place to steady the carriage on the curve.
  7. Slick

    Dreamworld Late September Update 2018

    That's it - the pool prevents a run up for a tiger to jump the moat. I've used that space a few times for shoots - if you want to see a show i'd highly, highly recommend the extra coin to sit there.
  8. Slick

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    Speaking of taking flight....
  9. Slick

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    By the sounds of it, not even theme park nerds are that keen. The climb's simply not playing to its strengths, hence the poor numbers. If you told me it was a "Rivals Behind The Scenes Tour" that included a walk to the top, now that's playing to your strengths. But a walk to see the carpark and the highway? Hard pass.
  10. Slick

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of Tailspin moving actually, compared to other major ride moves the simplified structure would definitely help make it more attractive from a cost standpoint. Move the Model T Fords in and retheme Buzzsaw and you could almost have an early 20th century themed space.
  11. Slick

    Fright Nights 2018

    Bit late now.
  12. Many theme parks, from smaller players like Shima Spain Village right up to Disney (not to mention popular tourist destinations and even local shopping centres) will place hoarding up with a wrap or pre-printed mesh around construction works. If Dreamworld and Ardent would like to be known as an international player in theme parks then this is the standard that's expected in order to maintain not only an aesthetic in the park's busiest space but to maintain the sense of escapism that's expected from the title of being a theme park. Here's two Disney examples of both types of cover (because they're the easiest to find.)
  13. That last photo is really interesting, I wonder what on earth is going on there, particularly in regards to the space sorrounding Buzzsaw.
  14. There's a lot of people crowded around that construction site - would be great if they followed the trend for other theme parks and major tourist destinations and put up some faux-facades so it wasn't such an eyesore.
  15. Slick

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    The now Rivals access-way was originally used as an entry to the Studios and became unused when the gates were shifted further south. By comparison, there wouldn't be a single day that the back of house roadway you're referring to doesn't get used. Thus, what you're suggesting is essentially building a theme park through an active road. Yeah, nah, i'm good thanks. Something something air-con something something Driving School sucks something something put tech services & floats somewhere else, you get the idea.
  16. Slick

    Fright Nights 2018

    All looking great - definitely keen to see the two new mazes this year and some of the "precincts". Sidenote - the Possessed Precinct (where the fountain is) - if you're going to have a huge chunk of people crowd around a space to listen to music, wouldn't you want it under the roof you paid a mozza for?
  17. Slick

    How Long Can Dreamworld Keep Dreamworks?

    For as long as it's mutually beneficial.
  18. Not sure if folks have noticed but Aussie World's website has gotten a refresh and earlier today they launched a cool new TV Ad: I think it's all really neat and gives the big parks a solid run for their money. What do you think?
  19. Slick

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    But that's my point. You'd never see it any other way.
  20. Slick

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    That’s because the cars don’t work without a driver.
  21. Slick

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    It does?
  22. Slick

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    Based on what?
  23. Slick

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    Low capacity rides tend to have big queues.
  24. Slick

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    Relevant enough for Warner Bros. to build a whole new park overseas with those characters in it. Marvin the Martian Rocket Ride was in the top left of the satellite view @themagician posted. Kid's areas are Dreamworld's biggest strength and Movie World's biggest weakness - the park is aching for some more attractions the whole family can do, and not just tweens & adults. I've said it once and i'll say it again, Driving School needs to bugger off pronto and the entirity of that shed needs to be a giant air-conned space packed to the brim with kid's rides like Mermaid Lagoon at DisneySea or Warner Bros. World's Cartoon Junction & Bedrock lands. The facilities and storage that their tech department uses in the other half of the former Looney Tunes River Ride shed can be easily built/relocated whilst it'd be an order of magnitude harder to build something that competes with Dreamworld somewhere else in the park. As for the outside area - you could literally cmd+c & cmd+v a whole page off Zamperla's website and it wouldn't matter - so long as the space continues to feel well themed and has plenty of shade, food choices and things to see/do they'd have something that would rival Dreamworld.