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    The Off Topic Topic

    Not sure how I feel about reserved seating for Tiger Island hey.
  2. We’ll clean this thread up in due course. Let’s keep this on topic and civil. Given the amount of design modifications that have occurred since its opening, it’s most definitely not fair to lay blame on the original engineers who built it. Modern OSHA safety, especially in this country, especially when it comes to amusement rides, is about being proactive, not purely just reactive. The question folks should be asking themselves is - was Ardent proactive in ensuring best practices and minisming foreseeable incidents and putting safety above all else, and if not, why?
  3. Roachie

    Dreamworld "Funhouse"

    I do hope that’s not official copy given this week’s proceedings.
  4. You wouldn't have one e-stop for multiple attractions because there's no logical justification in the first place. Same with Outback Spectacular - you don't need to wire the helicopter's e-stop in with AV because the speakers and the projectors doesn't pose a safety risk to paying punters, only the big mechanical thing moving about does. From what i've read today there's a lot of mis-use of the term e-stop so let's re-clarify with the world's most trusted source, Wikipedia: Now let's take it a step further, in Australia, Omron defines the difference between a normal button and an e-stop button: There's other sources like Safework which are worth a read - but here's the long story short, if it's not clearly an e-stop button and it doesn't do what an e-stop button is supposed to do, then it's not an e-stop button, and that's a huge issue. From everything i've read today, there's a lot of conflicting information about buttons and ride history from journos live-tweeting inside the hearing so i'll be continuing to keep my ear on the ground as this develops - remember this is day one and already it's been draining to say the least.
  5. It seems confusing was applied to both operators and investigators. Seems the newer e-stop cut everything where-as the older main panel had two buttons. Some good thoughts here, i'll re-edit the original post shortly when i've checked on more information.
  6. Here's what we know so far - feel free to comment and i'll make edits where possible. a similar incident occurred in 2001 with no one on-board, was put down to operator error, no modifications were made and emergency response training was instead increased operating the ride was difficult, noting that operators "must perform numerous tasks simultaneously, many of which are cognitively draining." Ride's e-stop button was "totally un-marked" and the main control panel was "confusing" The main e-stop button would take seven seconds to stop the ride & the second e-stop button could have shut down the ride in two seconds Operators were told "not to worry about that button (the second e-stop) [because] no one uses it." A memo was sent to staff less than a week before the incident advising only to use the second e-stop button if the "main control panel cannot be reached" to prevent "false alarms." "Button" on the unload platform stops conveyor belt, but staff were told not to worry about it Nothing beyond a scum line was used to measure water levels (no electronic indicators or a depth ruler) - rafts getting stuck were another sign Dreamworld's safety compliance rate in 2016 was nearly half (41.7%) of the 75% that is considered to be compliant The same pump that failed had an "earth fault" twice that morning that caused the pump to stop and had tripped on October 19, 2016 and was scheduled to be checked on October 27. Police were never able to replicate the incident with or without dummies With thanks to journalists Lea Emery from GCB and Alexandria Utting from CM for the live coverage so far.
  7. Roachie

    Australian Outback Spectacular $62

    For what it's worth, if you're nostalgic about the Menzies era of Village Roadshow, then getting a wriggle on and seeing the current show before it's revamped is something you should do. If you're not nostalgic, still go - I was guilty until just recently of not regularly going and checking it out and it's super under-rated.
  8. Roachie

    Movie World updates 2018

    I appreciate the updates and it's great to see regular new posts... but why the videos?
  9. They're also using very outdated photos - the collection has been at Dreamworld for nearly three years now. Weird huh? I have no doubt the park knows and is being mum about what's going on there.
  10. Roachie

    Wet n Wild updates 2018

    There's an expectation of customer service that's not being realised by Village. Saying they don't need to do anything and treating customers with contempt has become such a prevalent issue with Village that there's a thread dedicated to it. Being successful in hospitality & tourism is about going above & beyond and creating unique experiences and memories, not doing the bare minimum.
  11. Roachie

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    This whole thread in a nutshell: my local shopping centre does dining experiences that are better. my local Maccas does fast food that's better. when I go to other places they treat me better. Like in all honesty, spending the few extra cents to the dollar to get the nice chips instead of the chips that won't even cook properly and giving staff some love from middle management means I won't feel like i'm being ripped off or that i'm just a number to your corporation and therefore I might come back more often, shock horror right?
  12. Roachie

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Here's some great information about the Pepper's Ghost effect.
  13. Roachie

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Weren't these both Pepper's Ghost effects at some point?
  14. Roachie

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    From Dreamworld's Facebook Page:
  15. Roachie

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    Add a Sea World Eye and I reckon you're onto something.
  16. Roachie

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    Fair to say that's the golden era of Sea World right there.
  17. Roachie

    Movie World operating hours

    Yep, that'll be Movie World's Afterglow Event. You can find existing discussion about it here:
  18. Roachie

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    As much as you could trivialise bubblers as "one of those enthusiast things like lockers or refill cups" I do think they're the kind of thing we should see all over the park, especially given that the heat in summer and the price parks charge for bottled water are both unbearably awful. I see it as a win win thing, less people keeling over from dehydration means less frivolous law suits and less scenes in the park and more happier guests all round.
  19. Roachie

    Afterglow - Movie World

    I noticed this on the site - my thought on this is just how many people are going to be pissed when they want to hang with their mates who have passes, get to the front gate, presume it's probably like Fright Nights, Carnivale etc. etc. and thus they can just pay a little to come in only to be told "sorry, you need to pay either $139 or $199 for a season pass or $89 for a one day ticket to get in." Guests are going to love that. 😅 I'm sure the park has some sort of justification about doing it the way they're doing, but much like the Afterglow page on the site (with its artist links that go nowhere etc. and lack of information) i'm kinda getting a slight vibe that this is either rushed or there's a lot of chiefs on this one (and not a whole lot of Indians if you get my drift) and the reality of the guest experience is being lost somewhere in the middle.
  20. Roachie

    The Off Topic Topic

    It's still showing as closed on the website despite it being open all day today. Seriously, how many people, meetings, rounds of approvals and corporate oversight do you actually need to publish a simple change that would boost guest satisfaction?
  21. My money's on Tower of Terror or Wipeout being next to close. On one hand, whilst Tower of terror itself is roughly two thirds into its service life, the launch system didn't have the overhaul the sister ride in Six Flags Magic Mountain did and looking back through the forums and the ride's downtime throughout last year suggests it hasn't aged well. Would it be so bad though to close a ride that visually tears the park in two and continues to make horrendous noise and then open up the Giant Drop to getting a Falcon's Fury style conversion with swinging gondolas? Then, Wipeout. It's close to the end of its service life. It's a freak-show of engineering. Most of the others around the world have closed because they're so tough to maintain. It's still one of the best flat rides out there though, and i'll be sad the day it closes.
  22. Looking at global trends (the widespread popular opinion about "tanks", not to mention multiple countries banning dolphin enclosures etc.), should Sea World continue as a marine park it won't survive the next few decades, suffice to say @joz has already made some great posts about this fact. Realistically how the park needs to evolve is exactly where they don't want to go - shifting the focus away from animal exhibits to animal inspired attractions & rides. It's not unheard of - both Universal's parks & indeed our own Movie World made the shift from attractions looking into movies to attractions where you're actually in the movie (or IP or whatever). The real money for any theme park is winning over season pass holders who don't typically visit often and getting them to come back. Whilst Dreamworld's thrill ride offerings may not compare to Movie World's for example, there's more than enough other varied attractions, whether that's wildlife or the water park, to win over a lot of different audiences to make that trip back. By comparison, while having four parks in Village's pass sounds great on paper, how many pass holders are they then burning when they make a trip out to a park and there's really not enough to satisfy a diverse group (e.g. a normal nuclear family visiting Sea World) and then losing to Dreamworld? They'd actually destroy Dreamworld when it came to profitability if each park could stand on its own two feet and not continue to have such ridiculously glaring oversights (Movie World with its first rate thrill rides but sub-par kid's area, Sea World with its great kid's area but nothing remotely thrilling or Wet 'n' Wild with its lack of literally anything new or exciting).
  23. Roachie

    The Off Topic Topic

    That’s weird. I rode Superman Escape today and Arkham Asylum was down.