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  1. I thought some of you might enjoy these pics. The link is for a Coomera website, with about 30 thumbnails along the right hand side. It brings back a lot of good memories!
  2. skippy

    Dreamworld maintenance building

    I love a straight answer. Thanks.
  3. skippy

    Dreamworld maintenance building

    All good mate. Thanks for the response. Having said that, I would assume that Parkz is partly assisted by revenue from theme park ticket sales generated via this website. Be careful what you say, and who you say it to. You may just be driving dollars away from your webmaster. Cheers
  4. skippy

    Dreamworld maintenance building

    Yes, I do have a job. I work from 6:30am until 6:30 pm, sometimes I'll work later. The majority of people who have a half decent job work within this window of time. For a theme park that closes at 5:00pm to have a maintenance shed open at such a late hour I thought to be a little odd. That's all. I was asking a simple question, and in return I get an asshole like you giving me attitude. Wake up.
  5. skippy

    Dreamworld maintenance building

    I agree, but I just thought 9pm was a bit late and unusual.
  6. I was driving past Dreamworld a few nights ago at about 9pm and noticed the big maintenence shed was wide open with all the lights on. Does anyone know if this is normal, or if perhaps something out of the ordinary might be happening?
  7. skippy

    Blue Lagoon Area Gone

    Shaunernator, if you are going to make up a story about working for DW management, at least make sure you have your facts straight. Deary me, how embarrasing.
  8. skippy

    New Ride at Dreamworld NOT a Thrill Ride

    That is a scary thought....
  9. skippy

    Model T Cars

    Those pics of the new Model T layout are really sad, there was clearly no effort to recreate any of the charm of the old location. DW management don't care about the park at all so it seems. The attitude seems to be "Just slap her up, she'll be right".
  10. skippy

    The quality of Dreamworld

    Hopefully DW management are reading this. Honestly, who on earth thought this was a good idea? Obviously, they had no clue as to what they were doing.
  11. skippy

    The quality of Dreamworld

    I'm not going to go into my backround and history, but in my opinion, Dreamworld has turned into an utter joke of a park and MacLes are simply destroying what was once a wonderful place to visit. Plain and simply, Dreamworld started to go downhill when John Longhurst sold out. Maybe he just got out at the right time, and the park would have fallen into financial trouble even with him at the helm, but the facts are there to see. After Mr Longhurst left, we have seen a complete lack of thought as far as theming is concerned. Think back to when DW first opened and it's first eight or so years of operation. It was perfect in every way. Such a magical place with so much charm. How much charm and magic is at DW these days?? None. It's a multi coloured eyesore. Since 1993, rides and attractions - as great and fantastic as they may be - have been slapped willy nilly all over the park with no thought of what the outcome of those moves might be. I know that this is the fault of different ownership groups and not just Macquarie Leisure, but it just goes to show that when corporations take over a theme park, more often than not the warm, fuzzy feelings mean little - profits rule and they don't care how they come or at what cost. Wipeout - Completely out of place in what was Country Fair. TOT - Utterly out of place roaring through Rivertown and Gum Tree Gully. Wiggles World - Destroyed one of the most beautiful areas of Dreamworld. While these rides and attractions have been of an incredible service to DW, they have forced all of the charm out of those areas, to the point where it looks like Rivertown may as well be closed forever. The other thing that is dragging the park down is the decision to paint the buildings - which once gave DW so much character - bright colours which just looks so out of place. Bright paint fades, and without regular recoats, will look hideous in a couple of years time. Just look at the Claw and different areas of Nick Central. My conclusion to this rant is this - John Longhurst built DW with his heart and soul. It wasn't all about profits. He truely wanted to create something special. And he succeeded. All those that have come and gone since his departure have not shared this passion. If they did, Dreamworld wouldn't be in the mess it's in today. It makes me wonder where the park would be if John Longhurst was still involved.
  12. skippy

    Dreamworld 1981

    I was just wondering if any of you guys remembered Dreamworld when it first opened - or even during it's initial construction. I was only three when the park first opened, so I have no idea at all. My first memories are from '85 onwards. Back then, Dreamworld as a whole was a far superior park to the one we see today. Sure, there are some incredible rides these days, but the quality of the themed lands, buildings, landscape and overall atmosphere was on a completely different level to what it is today. Take away the GD, TOT, Claw and Wipeout and compare Dreamworld of the 80's to Dreamworld in it's current state. No comparison. A perfect example is the colour schemes for it's buildings. Why on earth would you paint colonial style buildings bright colours?? Every time I go back, the place looks more and more like a joke. Thoughts??
  13. skippy

    new coaster at dreamworld? PLEASE

    First post - so don't shoot me down just yet. As far as a new coaster goes, I really think that if the Thunderbolt made a return to the park it would be a great thing. Not the original Meisho double loop, but a custom coaster with the same presence that the original had. The same colour scheme, and of course those famous double loops in a prominent position. Include a few new elements and it could be a winner. Rough and neglected as it was, DW simply hasn't been the same since they ripped down the old girl.