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  1. WhiteWater World/Dreamworld Merger

    That you should get a new boat.
  2. Great Escape closure

    Something makes me think that WNWs twisters went to an aquatic centre in the ACT. Whether they’re still there, it didn’t eventuate (or my memory isn’t what it used to be), I’m not sure... Does that ring a bell with anyone else?
  3. Once the mountain is gone they are going to put a koala enclosure within the ride's footprint.
  4. Have had a go at adding a few Aussie World photos tonight. Apologies for any errors or inconsistencies due to Drunk Strop being in charge from 10pm onwards. Related question: "Do you need to blur ALL children's faces, or just the faces of the ones you didn't make yourself?"
  5. ^ Well said, Sam. No complaints from me either. The question I was going to ask is: Is anyone considering riding this Backwards FIRST? Most of the comments I've read are, "I'll definitely ride it backwards AFTER I've ridden it forwards a couple of times", but are we potentially missing out on a truly unique experience by not riding backwards first?? Riding forwards first will definitely 'ease the intensity' of your first backwards ride, and I just got to thinking, once you've ridden forwards, you can't go back (pun not even a pun in this instance) and thought I'd put it out there to those who love unique thrills, don't discount the idea of going backwards for your first DC Rivals ride. DC Rivals Forwards is going to be an awesome ride, but riding it Backwards 'virgin' won't be an option afterwards! (Just drunken Strop's 2 cent's worth!)
  6. Who down votes @Parkz News, seriously?!
  7. Jelly Belly store opening at Dreamworld

    ^ You obviously don't follow the Westfield Social Network Facebook Page then?!
  8. Dreamworld 'Pure Imagination' Campaign

    Anyone else spot this subtle piece of campaign sabotage on MW's Facebook?
  9. The Off Topic Topic

    @djrappa, I don't see why it can't be discussed on here. It is certainly something that is going on at the parks and will affect park goers. Just like the animal protests this can be discussed without supporting it or turning into a political debate. Personally, I think this is poor timing on behalf of the union and is akin to kicking someone while they are down. I am curious though as to whether this has the support of the majority of the staff as it does seem unlikely that the union would be going to this trouble without rumblings of dissent from VRTP workers.
  10. G'Day Troy, I haven't been since 2008 so my experience may be a little outdated, but I was there early-mid July and found Disneyland wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. We had a couple of days and got most things done. We would've probably done better if we'd worked out how fastpass worked on the first day! In contrast, USH had massive queues for everything and had we not pre purchased VIP passes would've spent most of the day in lines. The only other park I went to was Knott's, which I hit by myself on the day of my flight home. I got there shortly after opening and found little to no queues on most coasters and got a few rides on each, but by the time I had to go the crowd was definitely getting bigger. I hope this helps, but I'm sure there are plenty on this forum with more (& more recent) experience who will chime in.
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    @Brad2912, why'd you have to go and make us all so sad right before bed?! ?
  12. Could F.L. stand for fence line? Just a guess.
  13. No Confidence Spiral

    Yes, that's exactly what it means.