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  1. strop

    Parkway to sell mexican food?

    @Minions! If it doesn’t end up being Mexican, it’s nacho fault.
  2. Why do real estate agents always look like Lex Luthor?
  3. Looks like they are recreating ‘the dinner show’ scene from the film. Check out from the 45 second mark.
  4. How is 65 middle aged? That would make your life expectancy 130!! #toooldforcoasters
  5. Aussie World’s Facebook announcement confirms it will sit atop a 2 storey cliff.
  6. strop

    The Off Topic Topic

    That was the first iteration of the ride and was called Lassiter’s Lost Mine. It was pretty good for its time and full of animatronics, I don’t remember much more about it or whether the track, building or anything else was changed when they converted it to Bermuda.
  7. strop

    Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    It is clearly meant to be a photo opp, not just sticking up by itself. You, or perhaps a character would stand holding the jackhammer for a piccy. How about we wait and see what it gets used for? If they’re just going to leave it like that then I’ll rest my case.
  8. strop

    Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    2017 was a lean year: 1. Bug Run (Aussie World) .... ...that is all 😢
  9. strop

    The Off Topic Topic

    They go to the local hydroslide, wearing their jandles and carrying their chilly-bins! You need to understand Kiwi.
  10. So, basically, they are turning it into Snapchat?
  11. I’ve had a long association with Tangalooma Resort and many of its staff and residents over the years. The stories I heard, basically boiled down to Sarah and Freddy being total Divas and refusing to stay on the island. They were heli-coptered off the island each night back to the GC. Having said that, the rest of the cast and crew were the total opposite apparently. One of my mates assures me that of all the stars there for the filming period, Rowan Atkinson was exceptional and nothing but a gentleman, and happily chatted and had a drink with the staff and residents. So if you’ve always dreamed of having a beer with Mr Bean, at least you know he’s amicable.
  12. strop

    Signage / website mistakes

    ^ No, it is still poorly worded. It should say trains arrive every 20 minutes, or average time between trains is 20 minutes. This is not the minimum amount of time you’ll have to wait. The train could be 30 seconds away.
  13. strop

    Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    You mean like they did with the fire effects in Storm?
  14. strop

    WhiteWater World/Dreamworld Merger

    That you should get a new boat.