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  1. strop

    Quick February Dreamworld video update

    Does anyone else remember going to a Nightmare party at Wonderland, hosted by this guy on a big screen?
  2. strop

    One product/service you would like at our theme parks

    @T-bone, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
  3. strop

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    Can a mod please fix the typo in the thread title before some poor kid googles assylum?
  4. They could theme an alleyway to Little China Town.
  5. strop

    Jet Stunt Extreme Finished

    Jet Stunt Extreme Show II confirmed. Less jet, less stunt, less extreme, same show.
  6. This is at the end of Mark Mitchell’s bio: The Producers of Australian Outback Spectacular's Heartland cannot guarantee the appearance of any artist, which is always subject to illness and leave arrangements. The role of Bazza will be performed by Mark Mitchell for the majority of shows however due to the requirements of the role of Bazza, two performances per week will be played by a different actor.
  7. ^ That’s because he’s highly koalified.
  8. strop

    Mt Druitt water works?

    I’m fairly confident it went all the way back to Kurrajong Ave. I have memories of the free fall slide running alongside the road as you drove in.
  9. strop

    Upcoming Jamberoo Addition - Speculation

    Maybe it counts the bobsled?
  10. strop

    The Off Topic Topic

    The rust is obviously from the razor blades.
  11. strop

    Vivid Sydney At Luna Park

    I don’t suppose that’s a functional ‘helter skelter’?
  12. strop

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    I would say the later start to the downtime is to accommodate the July school holidays.
  13. strop

    Parkway to sell mexican food?

    @Minions! If it doesn’t end up being Mexican, it’s nacho fault.
  14. Why do real estate agents always look like Lex Luthor?