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  1. strop

    The Off Topic Topic

    Getting yourself decapitated is no way to get ahead in life.
  2. Deepanshu Bhatt speaks in third person. Strop hates that.
  3. strop

    The Off Topic Topic

    It is the peak of theme park reporting!
  4. strop

    The Off Topic Topic

    Well this has capped off my day.
  5. strop

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Maybe they gave him the steering wheel but it’s on a rail like the vintage cars?
  6. Yeah, but considering the new laws were brought in during/after the planning/construction phases of this ride (and SV), you would like to think the State Government would be working with the parks to help them strike between the shifted goalposts, especially Aussie World, you are an innocent party in the whole thing. I have less sympathy for Dreamworld, who have created this whole shitfight.
  7. I came across a question and response on Facebook in regards to the SX360 opening. Had to laugh that they went with “that line” but glad they went on to expand on it:
  8. strop

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Yeah, Pingu did it first...
  9. strop

    Wipeout Removal

    I remember it being due to water saving back when the Gold Coast was on severe water restrictions. The main entrance fountain was switched off at the same time. I vaguely recall signs explaining it in front of both features for a while afterwards.
  10. All fails? I think that would be a blackout.
  11. This thread is getting hard to meter.
  12. We are keeping it going until @Richard blows a fuse!
  13. Has it crossed the line?
  14. ThIs topic really struck a chord.
  15. They are now going to keep this as an up charge.