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  1. Water test dummies have been sighted sitting in the station area.
  2. Looks a lot like the Larson and Fabbri towers as both seem to have a similar looking sphere on the top. Either one would be amazing.
  3. On the website under Plan My Day -> Ride Restrictions.
  4. It looks like only half the adult range is available at the 110cm mark with the aqua loop, T5, Tantrum, The Curler, Riptide and Double Bowlseye all at 120cm.
  5. I believe that's No fear and it was absolutely terrible.
  6. Wet'n'Wild's is not vertical, but at least tries to be a real loop. This one is really just a downwards spiral. Although it looks like you gain a lot of speed from the steepness of the first drop, so it could be lots of fun.
  7. Past rides like Surfrider and Wild West Falls have both been listed as a 'Miscellaneous Commercial Structure'. But it could very well still be something uninteresting like the modified Wet'n'Wild bridge which was also listed as a commercial structure.
  8. I completely agree. After visiting Wet'n'Wild on a very busy day it didn't take long to realise that I need to completely disregard everything the boards tell me.
  9. If thats true and everything else goes ahead, then this year might very well be the best year in Australian theme park history.
  10. Tommorow morning Sunrise will be filming live from Movie World and they will be checking out the rides much like they checked out Sea World this morning. Its from 6am to 9am for anyone whos interested.
  11. I doubt there's any way they could retheme a 27 year old ride and claim it as a new one, my bet would be that its a flat ride replacement for the pirate ship.
  12. They could fill in the side section of the WWF mountain and use that for the mountain portion of the rapids, which would save money and finally hide the ugly unthemed side of WWF. Edit: Also I don't think they'd have a problem building a water ride so close to another, look at the flume ride and bermuda which are virtually on top of each other.
  13. ^ I think there's a chance the 2009 attraction could be a river rapids due to the fact that a dam has been proposed to be built near wwf. If the 09 attraction is rumored to be placed behind the show stage, this would place the dam next to the new attraction, meaning the proposed dam could used to store or drain the water in the upper sections of the flumes when the pumps are shut down. Any thoughts on what else the dam is to be built for?
  14. Up on the Theme Park Review website is some mysterious photos of B&M track outside a factory. I know its a very long shot, but maybe this is Dreamworld or Movieworld's new rollercoaster.
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