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    Proposed New Park

    Ooh, that is dangerous. Running around with 'official logos' isn't good for your health, you know. And certainly not for your reputation. The fact that when I scroll over the picture it says '', you can tell that either you have made it yourself, say, in Paint, or you have uploaded the pic from a website. What would this website be, pray tell? And if, of course, you knew it was in fact from a website, you would be glad to tel us? After all, you want everyone to know you aren't lying, don't you? I for one am a little bit influenced towards the 'this is the truth' end of the scale, however when I think of all the cons of this 'certainty' (which I will explain in a minute), it pushes me right back down to the other end. And didn't you say that this idea hadn't even been approved yet? Why in the world (of theme parks...hehe...what...just a little comic relief...geez) would you start claiming that 'this is the official logo that will be used in this definite-no-matter-what-anyone-else-says-or-thinks theme park that is, I repeat isbeing built. Without approval, of course. Yeah. You forgot to mention that there has been NO APPROVAL AS YET! If of course, this story is true............. TO BE CONTINUED
  2. The Theme Park Master

    new coaster at dreamworld? PLEASE

    It's is, in fact pretty amazing that Dreamworld only have one operating thrill roller coaster. The investment of a new coaster would be brilliant, but with the $20m blown this year on The Dreamworld Aqua Park, we aren't getting a new roller this year. I think Dreamworld will know the right time to build a new ride. They know how to satisfy.
  3. The Theme Park Master

    Proposed New Park

    To my disgust, unfortuantely, Southport does in fact have a vacant lot to the south of the city...but there is no indication of any lease signs, or any indication of anything being built. And it would only fit a very, very small sized theme park into it. Kyle, what Gazza said was true. Macquarie already owns and manages two parks, Dreamworld & Adventure World. Surely you cant've mistaken that fact...
  4. The Theme Park Master

    Proposed New Park

    Ah, Kyle makes a return. Brave statement there, buddy. You know, I think you're reputation could get better if this accusation of yours is in fact true. Then again, on the other hand, I don't know if a person like you should have been the person to announce this. Now, I have really never liked you, and I'm telling you now, I probably never will. But this is a very, very...not-Kyle like thing to say. But, I'm afraid, there are some problems with your announcement. Firstly, a theme park does not have a concrete-set name before it has even been approved. As far as I know, naming the park would be the last thing on Macquarie's mind right now. Oh, and that's another thing. Time. You claim that if this park is approved, it will begin construction in 5 months. That is a very short-notice statement. How come no-one else knew about this, but all of a sudden, you have come out with 'this theme park will be built in Southport (which, to my knowledge, would be very bad positioning in a theme park scenario) and it will be getting started in five months.' All these 'wills' are making me suspicious. How about 'it might be' or 'could be' or, as the case may very well be, 'won't be'. This is major news, and for it to come out of your mouth, especially after not saying anything for a good 4 months, I can't expect many people to believe you. But let's take a look at this from another angle, and say 'Hey, maybe Kyle is telling the truth!'. And, you may very well be telling the truth. Your reputation would certainly skyrocket upwards, that's for sure. I think you would become a more trusted person on this site. 'Hey, that's the guy that announced that new park!' Wouldn't you love that? I suppose this whole matter comes down to the big guns (say, Macquarie or some news company) coming out and saying something about this. Now, all the things I needed to say have been said. Kyle, let's hope you're telling the truth, because otherwise this is going to be a very, very embarassing time for you.
  5. The Theme Park Master

    Xtreme World

    cool thanx
  6. The Theme Park Master

    Xtreme World

    Does anyone know when XTreme World finishes? Or has it already finished? I heard a rumour that it is open until March 7 but, well, let's just say the source wasn't very reliable.
  7. The Theme Park Master

    Wipeout is Aging

    I know there have been previous posts about this, but the Wipeout, boy, it's definetely aging. And it's not just the blasting noise from her engines that shhow the obvious wrinkling, it's the rust, speed, rotations...whatever it had 10 years ago, it has either got little of or none of now. Firstly, and the most recognisable difference between then and now is the noise. God, it's got some noise with it now. The brakes kicking in when they need to is the worst part. Secondly, if you have a good look at the engines of the ride, it is very, very rusty. I have a friend who refuses to go on the Wipeout purely because of the rust. Also, the speed has decreased by a massive proportion. I would say it goes at least 5km/h slower. Have a good look at it. You should notice it too.
  8. The Theme Park Master

    Tower of Terror is Getting Too Loud

    The Tower of Terror Is Getting Too Loud. I had the familiar experience of walking under the walkway under the TOT when the siren went off and the car came bursting out of the tunnel. It was the loudest sound I have ever heard. I noticed it was louder straight away when the ride first came out of the tunnel. It just kept getting louder and louder from there. It was going at a regular speed, so over doing the speed wasn't the cause. Then I thought it could be the engine starting to wear. Yeah, right. All the time I was thinking, the grinding noise of the car going up the Dreamworld Tower echoed through the park. And, like it does everytime, it came back down. As it roared past again, it was not as loud, but still most definetely louder than other times. Then it hit me. It was just a bad cycle. Obviously, I walked under the tunnel at the wrong time. Obviously, it was just this ride. I didn't think much of it until I went back under the tunnel and the TOT was up the top of the tower. And everybody knows: you can't look away when you see this beast in action. So, like always, it rolled back. It screamed. It was loud. And not just Tower of Terror loud, sort of...Wipeout times 10 loud. Was it just a bad day to go to Dreamworld, or is the Tower of Terror realy getting louder?
  9. The Theme Park Master

    Friday Night Games

    Hands up those who enjoyed Big Brother's 'Friday Night Live' games on Ten? Well, if you did, you're in luck because this year, Dreamworld is hosting a brand new show, aptly named The Friday Night Games. The show, produced by Southern Star Endemol, broadcast by Network Ten, and filmed at Dreamworld, will be the hottest new Friday night show this year. A spin-off from Big Brother 2005’s ‘Friday Night Live’ show, the 'Friday Night Games' will have you on the edge of your seats, cheering and roaring with laughter as you experience some good old fashioned family fun. Every Friday night at 7.30pm two teams comprising of three celebrities and one chosen contestant will battle it out and test their competitiveness, determination, resilience, inventiveness and agility in a series of hilarious games and challenges. Each game has a different set of rules plus a difficulty rating. Viewers will see the teams be rolled, tossed, bounced, flipped and flopped across the arena dressed as swaggering pirates, giant babies and enormous sausages, just to name a few! Each episode will be recorded in front of a live audience of 300 people at Dreamworld’s specially built games arena. The ultimate Friday Night Games Champion Team will win a $50,000 donation to the charity of their choice. Contestant Conditions: * Contestants must be over the age of 18 * Contestants must be physically fit and able to ride Dreamworld's Big 5 Thrill Rides * Successful contestants must be able to be at Dreamworld on Saturday 4th February at 8.00am. * Contestants who are selected for the program must be available on the evening of Tuesday 7th February, Wednesday 8th February and Thursday 9th February. Any contestant who makes it through to the Grand Final of Friday Night Games must be available to attend in March 2006. * Contestant selection is up to the disgression of Endemol Southern Star.
  10. The Theme Park Master

    Big Brother 2006

    I guess the Big Brother time issue will have to wait for awhile. We may have to find out how timing is going to be later in the year. My guess is that, like any show in Australia that has been running for 6 years, it will remain in the same slot as it always has. We'll just wait and see.
  11. The Theme Park Master


    Channels 10, 9 & 7 have all recieved the rights to a new promotional ad for the Extreme H20 Zone. The ad will begin airing sometime around January 17. And Slick, honestly, how can a park, any park, NOT advertise a new ride? I mean, this attraction is going to be the climax of waterslides in Australia. The biggest (literally), fastest (literally) and most thrilling (li-well, we'll just have to figure that one out for ourselves) waterslides in the whole country and Wet 'n' Wild is gonna sit back and say "Ahh, the new rides. Hey, I've got an idea! Let's not tell anyone about them!" Think.
  12. The Theme Park Master

    Various Slides in the park - Photos

    Google It. The only answer I can give is Google It. I tested it and if you go to "" and search "Wet 'n' Wild" you can get some pretty good pics there. Don't try to make the picture bigger, though, because most of them have low resolution. Also, if you want to get a particular ride, type in "Wet 'n' Wild / RIDE NAME". It worked for me.
  13. The Theme Park Master

    The Ground At Wet 'n' Wild

    It would be an idea but I would stick to the tyre-based Rubarok, simply because it is just cheaper. Lots cheaper. The theming of The Claw cost Dreamworld $269,000. Now to cover a whole theme park with that stuff is a good idea but very expensive. Just stick to something easy and cheap.
  14. The Theme Park Master

    best time to visit during summer

    I know I'm kinda just saying stuff that I think, but I don't really think that ANY day is slower or faster. Any day you pick, you will be inundated with people, here, will get annoyed at length and speed of queue lines any day. Except for the Claw. If I'm not mistaken, that is the fastest-moving thrill ride queue.
  15. The Theme Park Master

    Sunrise at Dreamworld

    I think it is a camera angle thing. I work with TV cameras etc and I can tell you that it does make a hell of a lot of difference if you put the camera to one angle or at a certain point around something. How do you think they make all those "really high" buildings in America look high? They put the camera at the right angle to make it look high. No different with the Tower of Terror. Let's ponder over why he said that? Because that's how fast it goes! When I came out of the Tower of Terror when I went on it the second time, it said our top speed had been 163.5km/h. That, as long as I can still mathematically think, is very close to 165km/h. But then again, you know what they say. "Every k over is a killer."