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  1. hi all, As I have a 3000 word essay due tomorrow I was engaging in some time honoured procrastination on the Wonderland closure photography website, and whilst reading the demolition timeline noticed something a little odd which I though one of the more knowledgeable types around here may be able to assist with. Why is it that the Wonderland gates shut forever on Anzac day and yet the rides still ran and were repaired after closure (see cut and pasted information below). What possible reason could there be for FIXING the snowy river rampage or running space probe? Were these staff or private functions? Seems odd, as I would have though closure equals no more rides and definitely no more upkeep. I'm sure there is a simple answer to this, but it is late, I'm tired and I'm still staring down another 800 words so please, satisfy my curiosity. cheers, Dean Anzac Day - April 25, 2004 The gates shut for the last time. Wonderland is now Closed forever! June 16 2004 The yellow Bush Beast train was sitting at the top of the lift hill. Dragons Flight, Merry-Go-Round and Baby Bumpers were put in shipping containers and sent to 'Sunway Lagoon' Malaysia July 3 2004 The Demon was completing several cycles. Snowy river rampage has been fixed. Bountys Revenge got a new motor. Aug 7 2004 The space probe and the demon were operating and the guysers on the snowy river rampage where going off.
  2. these photos are simply great! I check them everyday! Absolutely loving it!!!!!
  3. deano

    New Sydney Park.

    I think it may have been a joke!
  4. I have been waiting for pics of wonderland being knocked down! very very cool! Are you aware of any more?
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    New Ride for Dreamworld

    SK2, I understand that you want to correct an erroneous statement, but stooping to petty insults concerning spelling is very unbecoming. It seems that people on this forum are perched, waiting for someone to say something that can be arrogantly picked apart, and to be honest it is rather pathetic. Just because you may be more knowledgeable on a topic does not make you describing other uses as 'daft' simply for voicing an opinion any less reprehensible. Oh, and if you insist on being exclusionary by employing your superior spelling skills I suggest you look up impractical, safety and the correct application of 'and'. See, doesn't feel so nice when people attempt to demean you does it!
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    Movement @ the station

    Hi, stumbled on the site by accident but followed the wonderland post the whole way through and was throughly intrigued. Just wondering if anyone ever made it into Wonderland after closure? Must have been some great pics! If so, could anyone email them to me thanks Dean