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    Bush Beast Down!

    the demon will be down for at least a week the bush beast trains are all pulled apart to be put back together with new parts so they are better and will be back up some time that i dont have, but it really is down for maintenance. and the next ride going fopr annual maintenance is the tazmanian devil. kevin is going for some monumental space probe number on friday, i havnt got a clue what though cause i dont know half the things he's saying
  2. wonderservant

    billy the ride op fan club

    visit www.groups.yahoo.com/groups/billytherideop to leave messages on his new fan club that i made. :bert: :twisted:
  3. wonderservant

    billy the ride op fan club

    just go there and post messages. theres no kevin one because i dont like kevin and theres none for you because i dont even know you
  4. wonderservant

    Bush Beast Down!

    i dont know where you get all your info from guys but i'm telling you now that most of you are just spreading roumours that are so not true. seriously the place just isnt that interesting.
  5. wonderservant

    Billy the ride operator

    im going to start some nasty roumours about you on here, - add evil laugh
  6. wonderservant

    Wonderland Today

    guest relations are not telling the truth there was only one injured employee on the bush beast. anyways what do you guys just like hang out at wonderland so your parents dont have to cough up for child care or something, at least your all mostly well behaved. we just did some painting too so there's your something new for 2003.
  7. wonderservant

    Billy the ride operator

    i was told there was more in this thing