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  1. astro

    One for the road...

    hehe funny. so is the site now completely demolished with no trace of AWL ever been there?
  2. im pleased that the site was updated with new music at "" . i remember track 16 from the dodgems.or maybe not
  3. astro

    One for the road...

    i thought this site was for people who enjoyed fun parks and maybe sharing memories.sounds like someone is on the wrong site
  4. astro

    First time at movieworld

    i have some old early 90s photos of do i send them to an email.Or would they be useless?As there may be too many already.
  5. astro

    Space Probe - The Early Days

    im trying to picture who SP7Queen is but i cant picture it.I remember seeing the usual people who got assigned to space probe a lot.and those black jumpsuits they wore.hehehe janines on was a small one.i think her name was janine
  6. astro

    Space Probe - The Early Days

    amazing stuff about the space probe.i really want to know how it the world you would fix those damn countdown monitors??? must have been a scary moment
  7. love the music section. thats the music that i remember. lovin it
  8. Love the Space Probe looked cool with the laser show.Speaking of the space probe, does anyone remember the guy who made some water pistol prop for the probe...?
  9. cool i will check it out
  10. ahh kevin.thats right.thanks for was unusual to see him there a lot.but he had dedication.must have had the record for the person who went on the rides the most
  11. does anyone remember that guy who ALWAYS was at wonderland going on the rides all day.It must have been his second home.hehe.he loved the place.
  12. tell me about it.from weird bosses to getting stuck on 1 ride for the whole damn day! with no ride changes hello skyrider - im looking in your direction....
  13. sorry if i ruffled feathers.thanks for the info on the speakers. hope someone has the music they played there aswell. whoever made those videos of the wonderland coaster montages was cool. they are great... and i would need to look at the control panel to see what buttons are what....its been a couple of years
  14. astro

    Peppermint Park information/photos

    peppermint park brings back memories.....the cool putt putt gold course... the missile command arcade machine...and the kids waterslide was a nice touch. CANT BELEIVE ITS GONE
  15. astro

    Anyone know this park?

    does anyone know of the magic mountain amusement park at currumbin on the gold coast. that brought back memories.some weird magic show , and a double decker merry-go-round aswell