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  1. I visited WnW Sydney for the first time today and have a few observations. Efficiency No doubt about it, from an operational perspective the park is pretty poorly run. It was a very busy day (overflow car park was 3/4 full at midday) but many of the towers were running significantly below capacity. This was largely due to a chronic shortage of staff. For example, one tower only had two staff manning around six slides. So you'd have people sitting in their tube waiting to go for around a minute before the staff member comes over to launch them. Absolutely ridiculous. To add to the pro
  2. It’s pretty clear that Dreamworld is a theme park - the theme being an inferior, poorly maintained amusement park with a haphazard collection of attractions. At least that’s what I thought they were going for...
  3. It's really not unheard of for parks to close certain attractions at periods of low demand. The Epcot Wonders of Life pavilion in the years leading up to its closure and the Carousel of Progress at MK spring to mind. Having said that Dreamworld really doesn't have that many 'E-ticket' attractions so I'd be extremely sceptical of the suggestion that they're closing it to save money. Dreamworld's operations are bad, but they're not quite at Luna Park levels just yet (give them a couple more years).
  4. I have it on good authority from one of Dreamworld’s most reliable hot dog vendors that they’ve secured the old Metropolis from Luna Park Melbourne. It’s likely to be an up-charge attraction and its theming will invoke a travelling carnival in an era before the advent of modern occupational health and safety standards. I can't wait!
  5. To me this development is reminiscent of Epcot's World Showcase, although obviously the whole thing's only themed to one country. Having said that there are still many questions - will there be an entry fee, or will it just be an area with a few Chinese style buildings and a pagoda? If they go for the former option (which I doubt) then it'll be interesting to see how much detail they go into with the theming - if it's sufficiently detailed and high quality then I wouldn't hesitate to call it a theme park. If they go for the latter option then I'd say it's more of a cultural park. Interesting
  6. ^Yeah, it was featured on a number of TV news reports and radio newses around NSW today. Apparently construction may begin as soon as December. There's quite a bit of info on the Wyong Council website: http://www.wyong.nsw.gov.au/for-business/chinese-theme-park---warnervale/
  7. From the perspective of a dollar for dollar comparison to other theme parks around the world, Australian parks have severely inflated prices. When you take into account the quality of Australian parks then their relative cost becomes even more absurd. Taking a look at it from a different perspective though I don’t think Australian parks are that bad. For example, for a cast member at WDW it’d take a bit over 13 hours of work to afford a one day entrance pass to Magic Kingdom at the gate (obviously they get free entry, but indulge me). I’m not sure what a standard Dreamworld employee earns but
  8. Having worked for Disney I can shed a bit of light on the 'ride controls' question. They generally have a similar control panel layout for all of their attractions. For coaster/train type rides the main buttons that are used are: Mode select (maint or normal): maintenance mode allows the operator to override the usual safety requirements for when guests are not present. Emergency stop: stops the entire ride and associated effects Station stop: stops the train within the station. Station stop reset/recover: obvious. Advance: sends train. Advance enable: generally used by a second operator at
  9. With unlimited money? I would purchase the island of Tasmania and install every ride and roller coaster at every amusement park around the world, making mine the greatest theme park which ever existed. Simple.
  10. ^Yeah! I remember that park in America that was building that new coaster, but when they found out some coaster nerds were saying they didn't like the colours, they decided to take it down. Let's make sure that doesn't happen guys! Movie World, the colours are fine. Continue with construction please. /sarcasm
  11. ^Nice reply. It's not like it's rocket science or anything...just a bucket with water - not that hard to get your head around.
  12. Calm down lisalila, I never told you to 'get over the topic', I told you to get over the spelling mistake. Just for you, I'll make the text nice and big so you can understand the situation. The spelling mistake was done on purpose for comedic effect. It did make sense before Mickey edited his post. Now can you please drop this? No one really cares that you didn't understand my post (including me). It's very petty, and I'm sure it's getting annoying for people who are just trying to read this thread.
  13. ^No one's complaining, just voicing their opinions. I disagree, I think the entrance is very important, because essentially, it sets the 'mood' of the entire park.
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