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    iPod/iPhone Game & App Developmen

    Just wondering if anyone here has an interest in developing some projects for the iPhone/iPod Touch devices. I'm going to look at purchasing a Macbook Pro in the near future but at the moment my only Apple platform (aside from my iPhone) is a 10.2 iMac G4 & have to get the software reinstalled. My plan is to do some simple-but-fun stuff as we learn and develop an RCT style tycoon game. It would work off a grid that could be toggled off and on. My plan is to utilise the ability to have DLC. That way, we could release the game itself at a low price point like $3-4 then release additional attractions, rides, sideshows etc. We would also look at developing a community around park-sharing, maybe have a voting system where people can nominate favourite parks, best parks for layout, best for thrills, best for theming etc. Awards could then translate into bringing more virtual guests into winning parks & perhaps unlock hidden content. A DLC pack could include the abilty to construct your own coaster track/slides etc. Also, apparently Apple returns 70 cents of the dollar from sales so that's a pretty nice margin. Anyone up for it?
  2. Gold Coaster

    Warner Brothers Movie World RCT3 Recreation

    Well done, guys. It's great to see a properly executed RCT3 project that will end up in something being produced. Perhaps you could post some progress shots every few days or week or something?
  3. Gold Coaster

    Halloween Fright Nights Transport

    Let us know what they say. Thanks!
  4. Gold Coaster

    Roxy "Adventures in the Fourth Dimension"

    OH MY GOD... I remember that! I wondered why I had that storyline in my head... just couldn't remember where I saw it. It was cheesy but being that age I lapped it up eagerly enough.
  5. Gold Coaster

    Tower of Terror Update

    The new skull indeed looks great, hopefully the queue area gets some nice touchups. The first time I won, it was the question about who you'd like to ride with and why. I said Mr Bean so I could watch the contortions of his rubbery face but that he'd probably just fall asleep like he did on the rollercoaster.
  6. Gold Coaster

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    Picked it up last night for $82 (JB price-match for the 360/PS3 versions) on PC... it's very very good so far. Thought I'd give some early impressions a few missions into the game and I'll do seperate posts later on when I've finished the single player Story mode with followups looking at the other single player content and Multiplayer. Multiplayer should be pretty sweet though judging from the quality in level design. Here are a few random grabs I did last night on my iPhone. F12 doesnt seem to be doing screenshots and I've only just reinstalled everything so need to get a screen-capture program I think. The level of detail is very high so levels feel like you're playing GTA:Wherever you happen to be. Stunning graphical effects and sound. Hans Zimmer provides a brilliant score to back it all. With the exception of the opening training sequence, you don't feel like you're being shepherded down tight corridors as things are quite open. I liked the US military base in Afghanistan at the start of the game, was fun to walk around, look out to the swirling sands of the desert, watch soldiers on a perimeter jog, fix vehicles, shoot hoops, banter as they look at photos on their phones, etc. The spec-ops mode also looks very decent. I'm very pleased with my purchase so far. The controversial mission everyone has been talking about was very well done and doesn't let up. It finishes on a particularly effective note too. And it was really cool in one particular mission (literally and figuratively) with how you have to get to a base, what you do there and then the escape. And who you do it with Those sceptical as to whether or not you'll pick it up, do... hobbled multiplayer aside, the single player content is top notch. Early Impressions: SINGLE-PLAYER: 9.3/10 (having done the first few missions) Buy It If You Want To Be A Combination Of Jack Bauer & Shane Schofield!
  7. Gold Coaster

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    but HEY! we have the Harry Potter shop. What more could we want? Maybe MW could at least add a stall out the front of it with their own Butterbeer and perhaps some Pumpkin Pasties and/or Cauldron Cakes. They could prepare it in the bakery kitchen.
  8. ^ It's actually surfing jargon for the interior of a wave. The park uses an Australian beach culture theme so it works.
  9. Gold Coaster

    Stage 3 is go go go

    I'd just wrap a towel around me going between the slides. When queuing in the towers, I can put up with being a little cold sometimes if it means having a heap of re-rides & not being lucky to get one or two goes on each. Most of the time it's not going to be THAT bad. You can always wear a rashie or t-shirt to help stay warmer too. But back to the lazy river -- I don't mind if it's something that isn't run all year but if it's heated, then they could always rotate staff between other slides to compensate. Once you're in the water, you're used to the temperature anyway... and if you get cold floating on top, just get in the middle of the tube and kick yourself around...
  10. Gold Coaster

    Stage 3 is go go go

    I can understand the economics. Was simply saying I don't understand why they can get as dead as they do. Don't both water parks offer heated slides anyway?
  11. Gold Coaster

    Stage 3 is go go go

    Oh come on, this is Queensland, still plenty of warm days in autumn and winter.
  12. Gold Coaster

    Dreamworld made a funny!

    1/ Don't bump really old topics without a post that warrants it. 2/ Your post doesn't warrant it. This could have been done through a PM. 3/ It's Alex's business whether he does or doesn't. Doesn't affect you or anyone, don't call him out on it. 4/ Have a pleasant day and enjoy the tunafish, the cow & the flaming mongrels.
  13. Gold Coaster

    The KMG XXXL Ride

    ^ I was agreeing with you which is why 'ARE' was in capitals.
  14. Gold Coaster

    The KMG XXXL Ride

    The Zippers ARE quite tame (some more than others) if you anchor yourself properly and get used to the sensation. I revel in the rickety nature of it
  15. Gold Coaster

    Universal Studios Singapore

    Actually, I've been writing articles (and supplying photos) for this magazine since Mick Doohan Motocoaster launched. Hiyooooo
  16. Gold Coaster

    Universal Studios Singapore

    It looks like a fantastic park just for what's there already. I'd be happy to go there and just soak in the atmosphere! Looks like I'll be sent there by a magazine to do an article on it too! Probably June when Madagascar opens.
  17. Gold Coaster

    The KMG XXXL Ride

    Skywalker is my favourite at the moment! Any shows close to Brisbane or the Gold Coast coming up soon? Where can we find a calendar?
  18. Gold Coaster

    The KMG XXXL Ride

    Oh ok. Still haven't done No Limit.
  19. Gold Coaster

    The KMG XXXL Ride

    ^ Still, it's not like we have a lot of alternatives and most of these shows take place in places without theme parks anyway. People who don't like the idea of riding the 'spin & spews'...well, just pace yourself, don't go on 20 in a row or eat beforehand. When there's no better option, you're just missing out by putting a blanket 'no ride' policy. There was a time where I wouldn't do any of the then-Big 5 at Dreamworld, LW OR anything slightly scary at shows then I found how much I missed out on. Personally, I've only ever felt motion sickness in a car that my father's been driving Start with the less intense ones and work your way up. Zippers don't phase me these days for instance. Looking forward to trying this one out, didn't go to the EKKA the last few years as I haven't been in Brisbane.
  20. Gold Coaster

    New Parks overseas and how it may affect us

    I'd rather eat than go to Six Flags America that's for sure!
  21. Gold Coaster

    New Parks overseas and how it may affect us

    The food's great there. Never had a problem with it.
  22. Gold Coaster

    SeaWorld recreating

    Today I just need to get other stuff done, really.
  23. Gold Coaster

    SeaWorld recreating

  24. Gold Coaster

    WVTP Changes

    They don't have the pipes belching steam anymore though. But I think it's fantastic they are putting the effort in freshening things up, well done. Hopefully the next attraction will see a return to a continuation of theming excellence.
  25. Gold Coaster

    SeaWorld recreating

    At the risk of stating the obvious, be sure to keep a written list of the scenery packs you use. It's too easy to forget to maintain that & then when it comes time to releasing the park, you're not quite sure which of 50 sets contained that slightly less than generic tile or wall I too would be keen to assist.