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  1. Maybe i missed something in past posts... but did they ever do a pull through of the car? I would have assumed we would have seen footage and pictures of this before test cycles... And i thought a pull through was standard to make sure the track was complete and the train can cycle without obstruction. Have they created new devices/technology/processes to avoid the need for this?
  2. Here here! I read the latest round of media crap today and i think i need to just stop paying attention or i am going to drive myself mad. I heard one brief mention of the reopening on the news. The media continue to churn the same negativity with hardly a mention of the reopening.
  3. The cost of construction is also different between Australia and the USA. The Theme Park industry is much larger in the US and so they have more demand for rides and attractions which makes it more affordable for attraction companies to operate in that country. We are buying a very small amount of attractions in a year, just look at Six Flags they alone has bought as many new rides for their parks as all of our parks combined this year. There is also an enormous cost in getting any attractions to us from over seas because very little is fabricated in Australia. Australia is geographically very far away from the vast majority of locations where goods are produced. Hence why we typically pay so much more for things here. The usual price you expect to pay for a t-shirt in Australia is $49.95 (Think Industrie) a comparative brand in the US lets say Hollister you pay about $29.95. The same for video games, new release here is $99.95, new release in the US is $59.95. The same basic logic can be applied to roller coasters. In the US you get more for your money. So its not that we cant afford big attractions our parks spend big dollars to a similar value, we just need to spend a lot more to get larger attractions. Our 'Maverick' is the Storm coaster. We spent $20 million dollars (Some cost was saved due to the existing building as well) on Storm however for only $1 million more Cedar Point built Maverick. Maverick as a total investment is of a much higher value. They got a lot more for their money. To start with it is over a much larger area with a lot of landscaping and the coaster is a unique model not standard like Storm.
  4. I want to see them upgrade Calypso beach to an action river or perhaps create an off shoot area with action elements. As far as lazy rivers go there has been a bit of advancement with this type of attraction since it was installed. The wave pool could certainly use a bit of attention now that the movies have been removed. The whole thing could be revamped and re-themed. The building is looking very dated. Perhaps they could add a digital LED screen that would work in the day time, like on cruise ships near their pools. The screen could be used to play video clips to entertain people in the pool. They could then construct a small over pool stage area. Giving a place for a DJ, speaker or entertainers to perform from during seasonal park events or corporate events. I really like that the Surfrider dry ride in water park experiment that appears to have paid off. Perhaps there is an opportunity to install another dry type ride, that could feature wet elements. The Super 8 Racers could be upgraded to a similar model like the one in Sydney. Maybe built in such a way that it intertwines with Aqua Loops since thats the only way it would fit from looking at the land it sits on. They seem to have strategically gone from structure to structure replacing any old slides over the past few years. The ultimate would be a double massive Master Blaster elevated and built around a section of the park. Perhaps around Calypso beach and the wave pool. Since there isn't a lot of land left using vertical space will let them build something big. Since White Water World has multiple versions of a bowl slides perhaps they could install the Behemoth Bowl and to give a different experience enclose them and add a lighting package with music. Maybe even theme it with a licensed property like Rabbids from Ubisoft. Imagine a Rabbids themed ride themed to being flushed down the toilet. Would be something different to just installing another slide with a generic name.
  5. I have been on three Theme Park Review tours, one of which was to Japan. I have made friends for life from the trips and plan to keep doing them, i plan to do one maybe next year or the year after. Last year i went to South Carolina to meet up with my friend Jenn who i have travelled with on all three tours. The trips are heaps of fun and very well organised. I have recently travelled with Intrepid a travel company, and they did a good job but had a serious lack of attention to detail. The Theme Park Review trips are the best organised i have been on. Robb is a great person and i agree he has done great things for them Theme Park industry and community.
  6. Okay putting it out there.... maybe there is a topic about it but not that i could see... has the top of Batwing been removed? You know where the current trilogy of movies bat symbol was? I drove past on Sat and couldnt see it. Wondering if it is another re-theme. Or maybe they no longer have access to the rights for the current trilogy of movies and thus they need to use a new bat symbol or just flat out remove it.
  7. I am sure this has been discussed so excuse me if i am slow on the uptake... BUT... The roof from the Friday Night Games arena is the roof that has been used to cover main street inside the park.
  8. I think its great Wet n Wild is getting something new but i cant quite figure out what good a constrictor will do.... It just seems like another slide... nothing special.
  9. If they are putting in a water coaster does this not in some way render the Viking revenge flume ride somewhat redundant? Could it be possible that they will remove this ride also to make way for the watercoaster. I could imagine the foot print for the watercoaster will be quite big,
  10. This woman is clearly cashing in on this whole thing. I mean come on the tube has a communication system so they can speak to you in the tube when you get stuck.
  11. Seems like more of a reactive announcement rather then Movieworld's proactive announcement about Justic League. Surely this would have caught Dreamworld off gaurd to some extent. Theme Park's are nearly always working with some foresight into the future expansion plans for the park. Maybe this is a future project being brough forward to compete with JL? I dont expect much... Would need to be something fairly epic to compete with JL. I really cant see how Ardent Leisure would have any more additional capital expenditure after last years big spend.
  12. Scooby Doo was $13million... Although it did include extensive building work being the extension of the roof of the old Gremlins ride building. However $9million is still alot of money. Funny enough Mick Doohan's Motocoaster was $10million.... Justice League shooting Dark Ride... such better value for $9mill then MDMC!
  13. I have a logo that was included but i cant upload... not sure how. Technically challnged here!
  14. Press Release i just received: Dinosaur Island is Coming! See Dinosaurs Come to Life at Sea World! Sea World on Australia’s Gold Coast today announced that it will be stepping back in time more than 65 million years with the launch of a brand new interactive dinosaur attraction that will take visitors on a journey into the prehistoric world. Launching in mid June 2012, Sea World’s Dinosaur Island will include a stunning indoor jungle display, a fossil centre as well as an outdoor forest featuring life-size Dinosaurs, skeleton displays and fossil replicas from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Village Roadshow Theme Parks Chief Executive Officer Tim Fisher said that Sea World’s Dinosaur Island will be a world class attraction allowing visitors to enter a world where Dinosaurs reigned supreme. “One of the attraction’s best features is that it’s highly interactive. Both the young and young at heart will be in awe as they watch the dinosaurs come to life, moving their heads and tails, breathing and roaring. Visitors will even be able to control the movements of some of the Dinosaurs using special interactive panels. “The kids will love the interactive Excavation Site where they can become real life palaeontologists and dig for fossilised Dinosaurs footprints, just like the ones coming to life all around them,” he said. Sea World’s Dinosaur Island will bring to life the lost world of Dinosaurs allowing visitors to walk among enormous herbivores and fierce carnivores that inhabit Dinosaur Island, including a massive Tyrannosaurus rex.
  15. I wonder if they will ever do anything with the existing theatre building and that big open plaza? Seems such a black spot of wasted space..... Heres hoping maybe one day we will see another flat ride in this space to fill this in and complete Arkham Asylum. Looks like a really well thought out solution for updating the whole area though. Whats meant by 'First of its kind in the world' on the stats tab of the ride information panel on MovieWorld.com.au? Are these the first of these new Kumbak trains? Are there any current inverted coasters with in board audio? This might be the significant difference over and above just being an inverted train thus warranting the claim? Clever that they create the seat in a series of modules to lighten the train.
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