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  1. Was good to see some crane action happening today
  2. ive had the chance to ride a few stand ups and I could take them or leave them, Agree with the other comments you need to have the restraints in the right spot and hold it there till it locks in position. Apart from the first moment of "hey I'm standing up" it gets old pretty quick, i'd way rather a flying, inverted or woodie to go on, If you haven't done one then its worth doing one if your there, but if your planning to go to SFMM you go for twisted colossus and X2 and if there's time do Riddlers Revenge which is my favourite stand up
  3. can we blame them? numbers in the park are so low through no fault of their own. People who sit on their socials and demand longer opening times or more from our parks or want their passes extended at a time like this when people probably aren't even staying long enough to buy lunch, Where do the parks make their money for the day? I doubt there's many day passes or locals passes being bought right now, The other day (weekday) I was there and did Rivals, Superman, Scooby, batwing, in 30min, take in a few shows which I'm glad they are still doing and your done for the day, I'm happy for our parks to do what they can to keep them selves a float and get through this mess at the moment, I'm just hoping they don't go down to weekend only trade like wonderland did in the end, I doubt all the staff would remain and see it through and then come school holidays you'd have to find a ton of casuals to fill all the extra rolls
  4. that is so tempting, but $1500 I don't know if I could, $500 id be sold the front yard would look great with Jabberjaw and Dino in the front yard
  5. good old auto correct, still lots of track work going on but really minimum crew on each day just the one crane running and a hand full of guys, look like all the running track is in place now tho, Realistically the station could go up in a week there's not really much in the structure it's self, I'm assuming we won't see the trains on until there's somewhere to store them out of the weather.
  6. construction really seems to have slowed, still people on site each day but mainly laying the track which looks to be mostly completed now, station work hasn't started yet, (11/07) only really few people working each day now compared with couple months ago, Interesting tho that the pad for triton seems to have been cleared out and ready to possibly start some work on that soon.
  7. construction has started, next time someones out there take a close look/listen to the old arcade,
  8. considering MW recently advertised for actors/performers I would say we will get a mixture of old and new, I do know of a couple "old" actors who have auditioned for roles. I too agree actors/performers not impersonators, you impersonate a person eg:Trump, Elvis you act out a character eg: Scooby, Austin Powers, superman, I would consider the person doing Marilyn Monroe doing an impersonation,
  9. I think sometime on sites like this everyone seems to focus on rides first and foremost myself included, In saying that when I visit with the kids we barely do the rides we spend most of the time watching shows and meeting characters. Mw always seems to have something going on somewhere in the park at any given times and the kids love it over Sw or Dw. Another bigger wait to see better parade is awesome news, sure it’s not a new coaster but the addition of maybe 10 extra characters to see during the day, And let’s not forget they also announced a new slide tower and slides for wnw, everyone was stoked with www when they announced their fully 6, here we have a new show for mw and new slides for wnw I for one am excited, I hope they pull it off in a great way and I’m sure there will be surprises not shown just yet. And when this gets out of the media and they need a pick me up I’m sure we will hear about what’s going in to replace Arkham asylum
  10. It’s kind of a mixture between both, it’s not as if vrtp go here’s the money just put on a show they would still have a say and over see it. Everything would be ok’d by vrtp and watching/visiting the parks enough you see a lot of vrtp management in the crowds from time to time. It’s not like vrtp don’t have a glue what’s going on in their own backyard. I think we can all agree we all like pa
  11. Was In today for another look. that first turn after the drop is going to be intense can not wait, the layout looks fantastic
  12. was at movie world today film crews filing stuff on Main Street this morning normally we can walk in at 9:30 entry was delayed and there was film crews, camera cranes and a bunch of actors/extras in the main street. No idea what for tho?
  13. how does Rampage at adventure world compare to wipeout? I know its a different make but similar ride experience maybe? Perth is still on my to do list.. And Movieworld over Dreamworld these days is a no brainer if your an adult talking themparks, and soon dreamworld will be No3 on my list MW, SW, DW but I am very keen to give steel taipan spinning car a try I've only been on a spinning wild mouse.
  14. https://apple.news/AUPeCHVQgTWy7ccFC0rBWLg just came across this article not sure if it’s Ben shared yet
  15. that's makes my option of of star tour even more appealing for the single day out of towner
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