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  1. https://apple.news/AUPeCHVQgTWy7ccFC0rBWLg just came across this article not sure if it’s Ben shared yet
  2. that's makes my option of of star tour even more appealing for the single day out of towner
  3. Ive missed out previous years on carnival and fright night tickets because I left it to late, its included yes but if it sells out they sell out its not a guarantee that you get a ticket. I tried this the first year I missed out and called up to say I have a One pass its included but its sold out how do I get my ticket, to be told once they are all gone that's it no more no money back.
  4. I'll say yes it will go ahead but I expect less numbers allowed equating to higher ticket prices for entry, I hope they do fright nights and spooky nights but staffing wise I'm not sure they can pull that one off logistically, we may see different maze set out, maybe clear screens in use, lots of performers banging on clear screens and screaming at you, animatronics possibly but that means budget where there is none. We should hope that by October we don't have knee jerk reactions every time someone tests positive anywhere. there wise we may not but asking if think fright nights is on we
  5. love seeing the updates they seem to be going up so quick, guess that's what happens when you already have a massive concrete slab to start with
  6. this is definitely left from creatures of the deep, all the others were scrapped this one was removed with care and will need a touch up but is intact, I would be pretty sure that this will feature in the new area with hopefully a makeover and revamp
  7. seems to me if your from out of town or after just the one day visit then the behind scenes star tours at MW is probably best bang for ya buck $299, that includes park entry plus behind the scenes plus vip seating and fast track on selected rides what rides it does not say but considering fast track is $199 and then you need to buy park entry to one day $79 total $278 for just fast pass. Not sure on DW for $99 I think with the line up they have at the moment I'd pass and just line up, and for the price at MW I'd pass and just line up too.
  8. Does anyone else get the feeling that grand Gorge falls will have better theming then then the new Atlantis 🤷‍♂️ I think at least Jamberoo will have the waterfall aspect... As for expansion I’d love to see more rides there and on a hot summers day you can barely move there but the location in general is very seasonal, locals love it but it’s filled with tourist I imagine it would have to stay seasonal, Kiama is dead when it’s winter unless you love your surf There’s not much else to do there besides Jamberoo its basically just sight seeing, beaches and valleys,
  9. Unfortunately this is the way the world is going, everyone blames the insurance companies but the the problem is also these idiots who try something they shouldn’t or fall over and scrape their knee and expect a big pay out. No common sense anymore and no ownership over ones actions. I know this all to well as my wife and I run events and insurance is the killer more often then not and all because someone wants $100,000 for a paper cut
  10. Shows at Sea world are being reduced from Monday also. Dolphin show seems to be unchanged while seals and thunder lake are down to 1 show Monday -Thursday
  11. Storm coaster was running last night well at least while it was still light it was still in operation
  12. Took the family to Carnival tonight for opening night with what I would call cautious optimism, I’d heard it was going to be bigger and better then last year, more immersive more entertaining more everything. My first thought was well yeah that’s hard, last year was so underwhelming half way through I thought about leaving and only stayed cause i felt like having a rest. The fact a ticket is included with our locals pass was the only reason we attended tonight after last year I wouldn’t have bothered paying for a seperate ticket. So fingers crossed we arrived at 5:30 to enter the
  13. Disney park apps show the wait times no matter where in the world you are. Being able to easily see what rides are down for Maintanence would be way better then wait times, when in the park wait times and closed rides are easy to see, when outside the park i couldn’t figure out how to see what rides are closed with out going to the website, that’s a huge miss for me closed rides and planned maintenance should be easily seen
  14. I do love reading the arguments on here about why they Village roadshow should let us know how busy they are before we go so we can decide if we go or not, does everyone forget this is a Bussiness if they have 2 hour long lines and the park is full they don’t care their happy they did their job and got people into the park, we as consumers want no lines and an empty park which is not viable and then we’d have no parks to visit. I’m a fan of the virtual queue and relate it similar to Disney fast pass, you can line up for 1.5hours or get a fast pass time that maybe 6 hours away dependi
  15. 2 quick pics from today. Some more layout just wish I knew which way these are going to go, dive down toward the lake I’m hoping
  16. not sure if it was there last year or its new, but i haven't seen it before, Kids got a photo with batman and they were able to sit in the car, its an upcharge but kids loved it and very cool to be able to hop in the batmobile Love all the characters roaming, random drive by's and the extra cosplayers Not as busy at night as i thought it might have been but that's a plus for me and not so much the parks
  17. This type of fence screams ready to be removed at a moments notice
  18. I get the feeling that’s the cycle we’re getting for opening, it’s also a quick cycle which will help push the numbers through quicker with the slow loading and tech issues that come with a new ride. Apparently Sunday we shall see people having a ride, it may have changed with all the storms and rain this week, but I’d be heading out Sunday and just hanging around
  19. there are fountains present i have seen them on, Haven't seen them high about 1/2m in height the most I've seen, but every time i go to get a pic they have gone back down
  20. Heard whispers it’s a week away. Staff training has been done and evacuation scenarios carried out, expect to see live test dummies on it sooner rather then later
  21. Also this picture of Leviathan has 4 tracks running through this one area where bush beast only has 2
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