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  1. Disney park apps show the wait times no matter where in the world you are. Being able to easily see what rides are down for Maintanence would be way better then wait times, when in the park wait times and closed rides are easy to see, when outside the park i couldn’t figure out how to see what rides are closed with out going to the website, that’s a huge miss for me closed rides and planned maintenance should be easily seen
  2. I do love reading the arguments on here about why they Village roadshow should let us know how busy they are before we go so we can decide if we go or not, does everyone forget this is a Bussiness if they have 2 hour long lines and the park is full they don’t care their happy they did their job and got people into the park, we as consumers want no lines and an empty park which is not viable and then we’d have no parks to visit. I’m a fan of the virtual queue and relate it similar to Disney fast pass, you can line up for 1.5hours or get a fast pass time that maybe 6 hours away dependi
  3. 2 quick pics from today. Some more layout just wish I knew which way these are going to go, dive down toward the lake I’m hoping
  4. not sure if it was there last year or its new, but i haven't seen it before, Kids got a photo with batman and they were able to sit in the car, its an upcharge but kids loved it and very cool to be able to hop in the batmobile Love all the characters roaming, random drive by's and the extra cosplayers Not as busy at night as i thought it might have been but that's a plus for me and not so much the parks
  5. This type of fence screams ready to be removed at a moments notice
  6. I get the feeling that’s the cycle we’re getting for opening, it’s also a quick cycle which will help push the numbers through quicker with the slow loading and tech issues that come with a new ride. Apparently Sunday we shall see people having a ride, it may have changed with all the storms and rain this week, but I’d be heading out Sunday and just hanging around
  7. there are fountains present i have seen them on, Haven't seen them high about 1/2m in height the most I've seen, but every time i go to get a pic they have gone back down
  8. Heard whispers it’s a week away. Staff training has been done and evacuation scenarios carried out, expect to see live test dummies on it sooner rather then later
  9. Also this picture of Leviathan has 4 tracks running through this one area where bush beast only has 2
  10. Green lantern is running weighted test cycles, seems like forever since I’ve seen that thing move
  11. 2/3 weighted testing being done this afternoon, hopefully see some tech’s riding it soon
  12. Logical maybe but listen to what Mum says she was standing there in a pool of blood in pain and no staff around to help, 1) there’s always staff at the base of a waterslide, 2) No one from whitewater world is going to apologise and say sorry we were short staffed. 3) as a parent I’m going to check my kids injury as soon as I see the smallest amount of blood or that their in pain.
  13. Read between the lines the statement from dreamworld saying she was told how to ride and position her self along with being shown by the operator sounds like they will say the girl didn’t follow instructions, the whole story doesn’t make sense if the mums a nurse she could have taken one look and called the ambulance not taken her to the on duty nurse for assistance. Any injuries on ride/slide/show that have blood everywhere aren’t handled by showing them which to go to see the first aid office. I hope the little girl is fine as has no health issues into the future bu
  14. Seems odd to post on leviathan to announce something about Vortex. Maybe we get to see the trains their going to be using or an official POV
  15. After a few days of empty tests it’s back to 1/3 weight tests on vortex, also heard date to open will be Boxing Day but trying to have it open the week leading up to Christmas, so don’t expect to be riding it early December
  16. Let’s just hope all the rich kids who bought a fancy apartment overlooking a theme park don’t get their way again. The last Big Dipper was severely limited in opening hours, there’s already residents on the news stories complaining that they weren’t consulted about the new rides. A kind of loop hole allows for replacements, modifications and upgrades of existing rides. I for one can’t understand living in a place overlooking a theme park only to complain about the noise.
  17. Ahhh yes true I was thinking more along the lines of the inline seating, single row
  18. Absolutely nuts. never riden a single rail coaster (except wizards fury don’t think it counts) they look so good
  19. Trains were stripped down repainted, parts replaced and and put back together months ago, ever since any work on the track has been minimal with either 1 or 2 workers the most I’ve seen grinding, sanding and painting, what ever their doing their not in a hurry, the 6th December is start school holidays so maybe it purely that the attendance isn’t high enough to warrant putting man power and $$$ into opening another ride just yet.
  20. would be cool to ride wwf at night shame it will shut at 6:45 surely feel spot lights on the walking paths should be enough to open it up
  21. Some pics from the street side looking at the lift hill and some fly overs.
  22. This appears to be full cycle with 1/3 full load test weight 1.30min ride time, Vid quality maybe be bit shit had to compress the shit out of it IMG_2987.mp4
  23. I got to see what looked like a normal cycle but was to far away to film it. Plenty of spins. But then it seemed like they were doing a lot of Estop tests, I’ll be back in a few days hopefully it’s filled with test dummies and doing full cycles and I can film 1
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