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  1. glad to see TAIPAN venturing out for EKKA this year....will see it at xmas down here in Victoria. Very funny you mention joz, the idea of it being racked and built... at rye it had a bit of a scare... one car was stuck on the first set of helixes, and another set of cars was stopped at the top of the drop, which runs into the helix.....but it was all sorted without any problems.. Got some photos aswell chris
  2. lol and technically... no photos could be taken from the future since theyd be taken on a date, and then shared....
  3. i dont see how that photo of speed, kamikaze and the big wheel is a photo from the past... and the ekka pic is from 2005
  4. just ban her now... shes been making a nuisance of herself on other forums too
  5. hopefully on track for a Melbourne Show debut... exciting! can't wait to see what theyve done with it... its been worked on for months now. Hopefully it will be decked out with all neons like the old retro turbos! chris
  6. T-Bone...what do you mean former glory..... strange
  7. I took my new JVC Video camera on the Rainbow in Sydney, but i had an over the shoulder strap for it, lol the girls on the deck thought it was pretty funny.... but damn its hard to hold the camera still when the ride is going full speed.... haha fun though, and good footage of it chris
  8. Twin Flip isnt actually looking too bad, they've put new Decos on the panelling for the main arm. Shame it never came with a backdrop... also its a shame that its soo high off the ground, it kinda takes away the appeal of it. Rainbow is looking much better, Garry is really taking care of it (also thanks mate for the 6 free rides!) and even though the blue at first was a shock, its good that he is taking the time to do work on it. The rays are also looking fantastic, I don't think its had globes on them since 1999. Its also great knowing that Garry wants to travel it this year, hes applied for
  9. lol mate, i bet you could have picked my reaction when i first saw it... but now Ive come to like it, Garry is keen on keeping it in good condition... im sad to see the 80's stripes down the side gone... but im liking it.... not much can be said for claw though... its looking very run down
  10. and Rainbow, which has been in that spot ever since the show started at Homebush, and thats almost 20 years old!...... Id love to see a new layout for the show, but it wont happen
  11. I think...Space Roller is such an amazing european attraction, it was always one of the last rides that I thought would ever be seen at an Australian Show. I know I haven't ridden the claw...doesnt really attract me, like it used to way back in the late 90's when it first debutted. But I think Space Roller is just one of those wow-factor rides, that has to be not only seen in person to be appreciated, but it needs to be at a show. Its just absolutely insane! I can't wait to see it in Melbourne again, watkins have got a real winner with this one, that I think has surely bypassed the Claw, and w
  12. rainbow was fun, got heaps of free rides from garry o'neill TOP BLOKE! show was lacking from previous years, but space roller is amazing!
  13. You are really going to get mixed reactions about the two parks.... Ive been to Melbourne's Luna Park many times, and I visited Sydney's Luna Park in April 2004, during my visit to Sydney for the Royal Easter Show (which was soo amazing, im going back in 06) I liked Sydney's park for the classic HUSS rides, my favourite ride company in the world. I love seeing the Ranger (which I hadn't seen in action, since about 1990) and seeing the Troika and UFO for the first time in person. I don't really like how the rides have been placed...it feels as if the placing on Ranger and Breakdance were very l
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