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  1. Zierer, Mack, Maurer Sohne and Gerslauer. All German based companies - Anyone going to take a guess?
  2. Hey guys, I don't know if this has already been mentioned here but during my trip to Seaworld yesterday I overheard the Skyway ride operator telling another visitor in the line that Skyway is being removed to make way for the water coaster.
  3. These Mack Launchers are receiving quite a big reputation for themselves lately. Mack must be doing something right! Projekt-helix's layout is quite impressive considering the space (the close calls to lisebergbanan should be fun)
  4. 20,443 Liters of fog fluid! Most companies ship fluid by the 55 gallon drum, that's something like 98 drums of fluid! That amount wouldn't be cheap, you'd be talking a figure between $80,000-$100,000! I'm amazed (geek venting session complete)
  5. From memory they all featured a pre room in which you were lined up single file. Kujotess you may need to face the walking dead this year and see for yourself
  6. Went through them all last year and within every maze our group split up at least once (someone gets a scare and drops their hands off the shoulders of the person in front, happened all the time) never got told off, but in saying that you don't really want to be the leader so you usually hurry up and rejoin. What I did notice is that if your group is spending too long to move through a section the actors will hurry the group along (with a scare usually) Really looking forward to this years event!
  7. I had the same thoughts AlexB. I'd say they would have bought it for what its suppose to be for - they could be put inside small props etc.
  8. At the park today I was pleasantly surprised to find a decontamination team scanning people and handing out flyers with instructions on how to survive the 'walking dead' (as well as an advert for the series on FX)
  9. non-spoiler details please! Was up there this morning, the finished facade looks amazing. Can't wait to ride it! Do we know D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y that it will be open tomorrow?
  10. You can see it on the giant drop...along with half the gold coast
  11. Does anyone know the height limit? if it is below Corkscrews heigh it's very limiting indeed < 20m?
  12. Welcome Rich! Glad someone gets a good giggle out of all our little tiffs with each other! Can't wait to meet you and ride your (and the teams) creation.
  13. In terms of load/unload, wouldn't it be neat if the pods ran on a continuous chain system like Buzz Lightyear astro blasters! But given the information on JL (3D screens etc) I doubt we would see this
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