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    RCT3 Update

    This is actually a new ride event element that they have put into RCT3. You can set the event to happen when a coaster goes over a certain part of the track. In the demo all you can do is the Oil one (which is in the pic) but there will be more in the full game.
  2. See story here
  3. SydRider

    Wonderland Sydney is closing!

    When I was there recently my Sister commented that the layout and gardens in the park where some of the nicest she has seen. I am curious that now it is offical that the park is closing whether the rides will stay within Australia or be sold else where. I do hope the majority of them stay within Australia ... whether it be at a new park in Sydney (big wish there) or one of the Gold Coast parks snapping them up.
  4. I realise that there would have been a trainer as well ... that explains two people ... not the other 4 who didn't look like they were new people either.
  5. I was there last Monday and was very disappointed with the park. They did have signs up to say that Taz was closed and something else (can't remember at the moment) ... The Demon was working but took over an hour to get on ... the loading and unloading was extremely slow ... there where a lot of school kids there on that day as well so that would explain for some of the wait. The planes broke down twice because they overheated .... normally I wouldn't care but I had my sister and her 3 girls with me from up north and they had never been to Wonderland before. One of my neices is 3 and really wanted to go on the planes. Didn't get a chance to go on the SP as it would have taken forever to get on that. At one stage there were 5 operators on the Great Balloon Race ... somehow I don't think it needs that many. They only ride I did enjoy that day was Snowy River and got absolutely soaked. Wouldn't have gotten any wetter if I had jumped in the river myself Just on the Demon and it's braking down on the second hill ... I remember when it first opened at Expo it kept braking down on the first hill ... they had to let people out while it was still stuck and get them to walk down the steps.
  6. I vaguely remember them saying when I went on the studio tour at one stage that the swamp was used for the Mission Impossible TV series that they remade. Also another movie that was made there was Fortress with Christopher Lambert
  7. SydRider

    The better half of dreamworld

    I have a question about the Eureka Mine Train ... has the configuration of the track changed? I know that the carriages have ... two single riders behind each other as apposed to the carriages they have now ... but I seem to remember the track a lot darker and a bigger dip than there is now.
  8. SydRider

    TR: Gold Coast Parks

    Hey guys! I have posted some pics of my trip in the Total Thrills album. Hope you like Shane
  9. SydRider

    TR: Gold Coast Parks

    No ... didn't see that ... but we left not long after the TOT opened ... as we were the second ride and couldn't be bothered lining up again. Plus we though it might take over 2 hours to get back to Broadbeach like it did to get there because of the road closures. I will try and upload some pics tonight if I get a chance ... i don't have any of DW but do have some of the new Whirlpool and some scenery shots from Movieworld and SeaWorld
  10. SydRider

    TR: Gold Coast Parks

    Yep was there on the Monday ... I only saw them on the River Rampage ... didn't see them around the rest of the park ... although I did see people walking around with clipboards ... don't know what that was all about.
  11. SydRider

    TR: Gold Coast Parks

    Hey Guys!! Well I'm back from my trip on the Gold Coast ... very busy weekend. Went to WnW on Friday after flying in that morning ... took some pics of the Whirlpool which I will upload tonight ... tried to last night but couldn't get into the site. We didn't end up going on the Whirlpool ... really just thought it was a smaller version of Calypso Beach and maybe a little bit faster Didn't go on the Aqua racer as the last time we were there my friend cut his elbow on it ... not sure how though ... also didn't go on the SpeedCoaster. Next day we went to Movie World ... got there about 10am and the first thing we went on was Lethal Weapon ... as it looked like rain and we thought they may close it if it started to rain. Another friend of mine had come down from Bris Vegas to go the Movie World as he had never been before. He liked LW ... although I don't think he is a big coaster fan ... next was the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster ... first time on this for all of us. I can safely say that with how big the queue area is I am glad that I wasn't there when it first opened!! We only had to wait about 5 mins and we were on. AMAZING ... although I sort of new what to expect from reading on here and what other people had told me ... the themeing was great and loved the lift up and going backwards ... the lift was a surprise ... went on it another 2 or 3 times during the day I think. After that we went on the Wild West Falls ... took some pics of the theming and some other shots. (I wasn't able to take a lot of shots as I had forgotten to take the flash card for my camera and only had 8mb on the camera). After that was the Matrix exhibit and was a little disappointed with that ... but I guess it was good to see some of the sets/props they used. I bought myself a little Scooby toy when we went on the Scooby coaster again and also asked if there was anything new coming ... was told that they didn't know and they were the last one's to know. Next day was SeaWorld ... the two things that were closed was the Water Park and the train ... at the time didn't know why they would be closed ... on further inspection I found out ... there is a shark in one of the pools and the train was closed due to contruction of the shark area which is due to open for Xmas (according to the monorail) ... went on the Corkscrew a few times and the Flume once or twice and BT only once ... line got too long and couldn't be bothered lining up anymore ... we were only there for about 4 hours or so ... wasn't insterested in seeing any of the shows. After going on the Flume ride my friend and I both agreed that although it is a great ride ... it needs a bit of fixing up ... especially with all the chewing gum under the bridge you go under before you go up into the castle. Last day and we went to Dreamworld ... took 2 hours + to get to Dreamworld (due to the fact they had decided to close half of the GC Highway for the Indy. Couldn't they have waited just one more day So after planing on being at Dreamworld by 10am ... (had timed the busses and everything) we got there about 11.30 or so. As it was raining the TOT was closed and Cyclone due to annual maintenance. First ride was the Thuder River Rapids ... on and off it rained while we were in the queue and my friend was starting to get peeved because we had gone there while it was raining ... I just kept reminding him that I would have been quite happy to miss SeaWorld altogether and just go to Dreamworld. Anyway we finally got on the ride and I was lucky ... just got my feet a little wet ... he got soaked. There was also one of the tyres that had a camera crew on it and they went around about 4 times ... not sure what they were doing ... maybe making a new add for the new season ... but with the weather like it was the camera wasn't on the ride. After TRR we went on the Giant Drop ... after waiting about 1/2 hour and almost leaving the queue we got on. As it had been raining most of the morning the top of the ride was full of water and was steaming down on both of us while we were sitting at the top waiting to drop. I later found out that my friend had his eyes closed for most of the time (scared of heights). After that we went to Nick Central and went on the Raptor ride ... I quite liked that seeing as though it is a kids ride ... goes pretty fast around some of the turns. Although my friend said it wasn't fast or high enough We then went over to Ocean Parade and went on the Wipeout ... really enjoyed that ... went past the old entrance to the Thunderbolt and was a little disappointed that they had boarded it all up with no mention of the fact that it had "retired". I thought they would have at least put up a few stats about how many riders it had had and stuff like that. Anyway we walked back towards the centre of the park and decided to get something to eat so we walked down towards where the ferry goes from and but this time the sun had come out and was starting to get hot ... me wearing black jeans was not a good idea!! We decided to got past the enterance to TOT to see whether there where any signs to say that it would still be closed ... we couldn't see anything and people had started to line up. We were there about 2 mins and someone came out and said that they had to do a couple of test runs and they would let us get on. We were lucky we had been walking past. We were the second lot to get on the ride. We were going to go again but buy the time we had gotten off and around again the line was all they way down the stairs and starting to get longer. We then decided to go home as we thought it might take us another couple of hours to get home because of the road closers and we had to catch our bus to the airport at 6pm. Suffice to say we got back about 3.30pm as it wasn't as bad getting back. Will put up the pics I have when I get home tonight. Sorry this is a bit long guys ... and sorry if I put the post in the wrong place ... feel free to move if necessary.
  12. SydRider

    Whirlpool & Matrix Reloaded

    I shall do my best with the photos ... it is going to be overcast and showers I think on Friday ... from memory ... but I think that makes it better cause there will be nobody there We are also doing the other 3 parks as well so will take photos from them too ... just gotta remember to take me digital camera with me One of the girls as work has been to WnW since Whirlpool opened and I think she said it was "ok" ... but we shall see when I get there ... only 3 days to go!!
  13. SydRider

    Anyone now what this coaster is called??

    Thanks for that Richard ... I have never been on a coaster anywhere outside of OZ ... so I am still only learning all the diffent coasters ... I didn't really know that there were all these different types of coasters (flying, standup, and the like) until I got RCT and now RCT2. Speaking of RCT2 ... does anyone know whether you can build a ready made ride underground without having to use a trainer? I know you can put the flat rides underground and custom build coasters. Would be really good if you could ... at least then if you downloaded a custom built ride that was partially underground you could build in as it was ment to be ... if that makes sense
  14. SydRider

    Anyone now what this coaster is called??

    Actually Shaun I think I've found it ... I think it is Thunder Dolphin at LaQua in Tokyo ... although they don't have a picture of it going throught the water you can see the "Big Wheel" as they call it that the track goes through. When I received the email at work it also had pictures of Superman Ultimate Escape with the one that I posted here.