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  1. What will happen to these shows when the new show that replaces the Police Acadmey opens?
  2. Hows the giant roof going over the Main Street?
  3. I think they would have to replace it with another indoor attraction, to stay on top of things (well try to) considering MW has the Scooby Coaster. I'd like to see the full knock down the mountain and create a whole brand new experiance, like a mine train ride, starting in a new mountain, similar to the one currently there. The train would zig zag its way thru the 'Mines of Dreamworld' (it could maybe be linked with the Giant Drop theme of the oil digging?) then the train accellerates thru the mountain, coming out at the top of mountain (sorta a Volcano shaped mountain) and the track windin
  4. I wonder what Village has in mind for the rides that are currently at Aussie World?
  5. I've felt this too. I'd love to maybe see the whole facade revamped and the pre-ride show modernised. The ride film also deserves an upgrade. Maybe the could call it something else with the new upgrades apart from "Batman: The Ride 3"... Maybe something like "Batman: The Jokers Revenge?" or something like that..? Depends what the ride film is to be designed around. I feel revamping the Batman ride would be a great addition for the park, while the Police Acadmy show is being revamped to etc..
  6. Yeah, I agree. I would like to see the ride maybe updated with the new Batman movie set to be released?
  7. Are there any ride videos of the coaster? I'd love to see the rollercoaster in action (other than pictures).
  8. Wow. That looks amazing. I'd love to see OST do something like that? I can just picture a production put on of a convict uprising during the 19th century.. I could picture the grand-stand (where people sit) on the opposite side of the river/'Sydney Cove' looking across the 'harbour' towards the goal etc. Does anyone know, the ship at OST in the 'harbour' was that accessable to the public and did it ever move? Anyone got any photos or maps of OST? I'd love to see them.
  9. I loved Old Sydney Town, I think it was amazing. I've never been to Sovereign Hill in Victoria, but if Old Sydney Town was to ever reopen, I think they should take a bit of inspiration from Sovereign Hill and expand the theming period of OST so they have more room for expanstion, giving more things to do there.
  10. Why scary? New South Wales is in desperate need of something other than Jamboroo and Luna Park.. I think Old Sydney Town would be a great asset?
  11. Does anyone know, will Old Sydney Town ever re-open? I hope they do. However, I feel if they were to.. they'd need to extend the time period, of the place.. similar to Sovereign Hill in Victoria, give it more a time period to cover therefore; giving them more attractions etc etc. If they ever re-opened, they could get support from the Reptile Park etc. Who currently owns Old Sydney Town?
  12. Not sure if anyone knew this.. But Old Sydney Town is still completely intact and is currently lending the property for movie shots. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Sydney_Town http://www.oldsydneytown.com.au/ My friends from school have told me they got into Old Sydney Town and looked around, took pictures etc. They told me its still completely intact, and possibly even still functional. I'd love to see the place re-open. It was a great experiance!!
  13. Good idea. If only other parks like DW would use this idea...?
  14. Wow. Sounds amazing. Well done. Your lucky, sure they'd have a line up of people.
  15. I've also heard that the reason it constantly broke down was due to the over heating of the rides motors. Sorta like a car radiator thing. Not sure if its true and I don't really understand all that certain stuff. It's excellent to see DW updating everything. Hope it carries on.
  16. And, it wouldn't cost much.. Would it?
  17. Does that mean they'd have to dig up the car park first? Hmm, I don't mind that idea actually. It could be themed into GoldRush Country quite well too as Aboriginal's had a big part in the Gold Rush. I don't know how it would work bout I'd like to see it done.
  18. Thanks guys for your support on my ideas. I'd love to see my ideas implemented into the park, I think they could really benefit from them.. Okkies. Lol. I was only joking anyways. I highly doubt Dreamworld would even listen anyways.. So go ahead if you wish. My point exactly. They really need to rival Sea World. Similar to how Movie World is battling Dreamworld in terms of towers (EG: DW = Tower Of Tower. MW = Batman Spaceshot). Dreamworld should show Sea World that there is more to just the classic wheel, but thrills thrown in too! I've never been on it, or a similar one. However, D
  19. Thats actually a good idea. I'd love to see that happen? Only problem is, how would guests get onto the island considering the paddle steamer is in the way for a bridge.. Unless they design a bridge that would open up when the paddle steamer goes through? Like I said originally, I'd love to see a replica of the Sun Wheel however.. in place of the sun, they could put the Dreamworld logo. It'd become a good source of advertisement. While the Ferris wheel would create a nice pleasent classic family ride, there would also be abit of thrills thrown in for those wishing to ride the moving carage
  20. Well I think we would all agree Dreamworld needs a big come back or major updates? I've created this thread to see what people think of my idea and get peoples idea's for Dreamworld. Pictures, diagrams etc would be great. *Hopes Dreamworld management look at this thread* My idea follows: Having a large coaster that loops around certain parts of the park, similar design to 'California Screaming' at California Adventure Park. Dreamworld lacks a good long coaster ride thats worth the line up and wait. I'd love to see a classic main-street coaster. Fixing up Goldrush and Rocky Hollow. I feel the
  21. I think Dreamworld just needs to get back into the normal retein maintence checks and upgrades. This way they wouldn't be faced with massive amount of maintence works at in a couple of months and then maybe even having to fully remove the ride. It would just make common sense... something that Dreamworld has seemed to loose lately? Good news! Hopefully they'll keep this up. However while ToT and Wipeout did need maintence works, I'd really like to see them getting around to fixing up the area of Gold Rush. Maybe even completely closing off the area and re-doing it. Time will only te
  22. Sorry guys for bringing back an old thread. But I just wondering, How's the relocation ended up now? Does the ride look more 'settled in'?
  23. Any new news on this? I'm really hoping Dreamworld just hasn't left it to sit there and collect dust like Wonderland did with Hanabarea Land. I and everyone else will be very disapointed.
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