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  1. When it was announced that Doomsday would be an Intamin Twin Hammer ride, I was really hoping they would add this rotating seat feature. It would have added something extra/innovative to an otherwise fairly old ride type that is a staple at fairgrounds/shows. It's a ride that most people have ridden. Having that seat rotation would have made it very unique; performing loops whilst facing perpendicular to the movement direction. I don't think this has been done before?
  2. taken on the STH page on Intamin's website, it does say the Suspended Twin Hammer has three different cycles, also we were given speakers with earbuds have on the tour so we can hear the tour guide speak in loud areas (e.g Scooby) and we all heard Nathan (tour guide) say "three cycles" so I don't think none of us misheard
  3. Apparently this topic is now the world's best - the longest discussion thread on an Intamin Twin Hammer in the history of humanity. I doubt they'd do it, but I wonder if they'd consider wild/mild ride cycle variations (like tango train at LPS)? It will be interesting to see what kind of ride cycles they will have available.
  4. I don't think MW staff would be installations the ride, I'm sure they'd hire contractors for that. I'd say Intamin would be in charge of the ride installation but the surrounding area would be done by the park.
  5. @The_Ninja_59 Main Constructions is mainly a civil construction and would be overseeing the whole project. They might be doing the install of the ride. Does anyone know if Intamin always commission their own ride? Would MW staff install the ride?
  6. However Ranger/Kamikaze rides don't have retractable floors and this is Intamin's version of one of these rides.
  7. Jeese this ride is looking good. Is it just me or is this a new seat design for Intamin?
  8. That's not really the case here though, its more like buying a kit home or importing specialised windows or heating systems. You're buying from a manufacturer that most likely doesn't have everything made in house,even though their name is on the product. Given that just about everything big and steel is made in countries like china these days, I wouldn't expect it to be shipped back, then on to australia. If you had problems, you'd probably have to go back to intamin who would then have to go to the engineering company that manufactured the part to query the problem, then wait for a reply and try and rectify the problem. It's different if you are making hundreds of the same parts, but how many of these have ever been made by intamin? It's very possible that something could slip through QA processes checking only to find it doesn't quite fit together as easily as planned. Regardless anyway, the arms are back on I wonder if the clock like structure has something to do the ride probably wanting to twist the tower when its in use. The photos show the arms have big counterweights on them with the gondolas opposite, but in operation it shows the arms aren't required to be in phase (ie, opposite each other to counteract the force). Maybe it has more than just a purely cosmetic reason to make it look like a clock. Guess we will find out soon, certainly looks like there is space on the tower to bolt something. I imagine the clock part could be assembled in pieces to form a ring. Doesn't have to be hoisted up and bolted into position in one piece.
  9. Given that Parkz has confirmed this is an Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer, and Intamin's own website only shows a version of the ride existing with the circle, you'd have to assume the circle is on the way. Unless we're getting some kind of customised version they don't advertise anywhere. Will be interesting to see if they adopt Dreamworld's approach of a tame and intense cycle for the ride too.
  10. Given something needs to be bolted on to the arm by the looks of that pic, and Intamin's website doesn't show a non-"big circle" version of the ride, I'd have to assume that it comes after everything else so it's not in the way.
  11. ^ seeing as the pic of that ride isn't an Intamin model, I'd agree.
  12. Wrapped cars last fine and thats only a pretty cheap thin layer. If you had the budget for industrial stuff, I can't see why it wouldn't last as long as paint (which also breaks down and oxdises in the harsh sun, so expect maybe 8 years). The "thing" posted above looks like some kind of gearbox or motor housing. The big round bits give it away, looks like its made to have some sort of motor or drive fit in the round bits to turn the arms. Given it has two arms, it would need to be placed pretty high up, so id say its pretty safe to say that there are more tower sections to go up. I don't even thing you would be able to fit arms and gondolas on the tower at this height. If you split the tower and arms 50/50 height wise, that leaves a tower a good 10m tall. Doesn't look even close to that now. In reality, its probably more like 70/30 which might put the tower about 12m tall with the arms somewhere around 5-6m radius? Does intamin have any drawings on their website?
  13. because it's not getting made by Vekoma, Intamin is responsible for Doomsday Destroyer
  14. I'm pretty sure that picture is of Pandemonium at Dryaton Manor, which is not an Intamin Model. From all I've seen of the Intamin Twin Hammer, it looks like we'll be getting OTSR's. I feel like that bar on Pandemonium is redundant and quite bulky, but I think it would help some feel a bit more at ease with an inverted ride. I know that when I ride GL or Buzzsaw I feel quite uneasy with just a lap bar, yet I feel perfectly safe on a ride like the Wipeout, with its multitude of restraint systems.
  15. Whatever they erect in that hole, I hope it lasts the distance. Bonus joke? What did the kiwi coaster enthusiast put on their Tinder profile? They were really intamin. In-ta-min.
  16. That would be cool if movie world puts their new carnival ride in sort of a trench. Maybe they could put it right underground and put a decent ride on top of it LOL. Or enclose it so Push gets his dark ride (sorry Push, just stirring). I think we need to start speculating if those Intamin guys will be hanging around after October to build something we might care about a little more.
  17. @Richard I really don't get what you are saying here. You say "Sometimes I feel these discussions go around in circles..." then you tell us to read between the lines. "But if you're inclined to read between the lines on most of the articles." You gave us 2 possibilities. "Intamin has been a hotly speculated manufacturer" and showing us a video "The Joker Chaos Coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia is another great example of a DC Comics villain themed ride that could be described as monstrous looping... or a looping monstrosity.: and showing a video. You directed the discussion to go round and round by giving us 2 options. I'm not having a dig at you, as I said, Skeet is just confused.
  18. I would say the 'world's best' would be the coaster. I've never ridden a Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer, but seems like a decent ride, and a good addition to the park.
  19. If it can be reasonably deduced from the publicly available information then I'm happy to help people join the dots; in this case we have a confirmed 21 metre tall looping ride and stock footage of an Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer. I've got no real interest in seeking out insider gossip and coming out guns blazing with scoops and reveals... but if you're inclined to read between the lines on most of the articles I put together, you'll probably realise that I seldom actually speculate or lend credence to rumours.
  20. @Richard Yesterday you did not say what it was. Why would we not speculate what it was until it was confirmed? You said yesterday "Intamin has been a hotly speculated manufacturer" and "No details other than its mouthful of a name are known at this stage" You did not say this was the ride. Do you want us to go of Gold Coast Bulletin for our news source instead? I've be waiting to get this confirmed from somebody on this site who has a good reputation and not someone who just joins and says crap which turns out to be bullshit.
  21. To be honest, what do we expect from the media? I personally don't expect the Gold Coast Bulletin to write "Movie World gets brand new Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer". Circles? Why not monstrous loops? Honestly, after some thought, I think I'm a little bit excited for this themed area. While I am disappointed that so much of the physical area of the park is going to be themed after DC, I coming to terms with it and I'm slowly thinking that they're going to absolutely nail it. On that note, do we have any clue how they are actually going to theme this ride, if at all? If we just get a Twin Hammer plonked in the middle of the park I'll be disappointed, but if we get something to a similar standard to the Wipeout then I'll be very happy.
  22. It's an Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer. No fan of the media's shoddy reporting, but do you honestly think they went and dug up footage of an obscure flat ride in Malaysia of their own choosing? Sometimes I feel these discussions go around in circles...
  23. I think the whole western area will be extended through that smoking area beside WWF for the new coaster. As much as I'd like to see a woodie I wouldn't mind seeing a Verbolten style coaster incorporating the show stage. I know the 2nd idea doesn't really fit the western theme but it's a family ride which is still thrilling. As for the Doomsday ride... I know Intamin has been thrown around a lot but aride that I personally wouldn't be too disappointed to see would be the HUSS Jump2.
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