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  1. New share price lows as Village Roadshow blames poor theme park performance on Commonwealth Games and wet weather Share prices have dropped to near 8-year lows off the back of yesterday's announcement of poorer-than-expected performance of Village Roadshow's Gold Coast theme parks as well as their cinema division. Click here to continue reading
  2. Dreamworld cancels Flyover trademark application as Canadian operator steps in Ardent Leisure's trademark applications for the names Flyover Australia and Flyover New Zealand have been withdrawn this week. Click here to continue reading
  3. Flyover Australia: Dreamworld registers trademark, looks to increase Flying Theatre capacity An application by Dreamworld's owners to trademark the name Flyover Australia gives indications of a name. Meanwhile the park has confirmed that they are looking at increasing the capacity of the forthcoming i-Ride flying simulator ride. Click here to continue reading
  4. Ardent Leisure's sale of its bowling division points to Dreamworld sale next As Ardent Leisure inks a deal to sell their Australian bowling division, all signs point to a lean, USA-focused future for Ardent Leisure. One without Dreamworld. Click here to continue reading
  5. Mark Hamill's fifteen year association with Warner Bros. Movie World The Hollywood legend and star of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has lent his talents to three major attractions at the Australian theme park since 2002. Click here to continue reading
  6. Village Roadshow's Gold Coast theme parks slowly recover while Wet'n'Wild Sydney struggles Village Roadshow have released results for the six months from July to December 2017, with indications that their Gold Coast theme parks are on the up as the industry regains its feed following a tumultuous 16 months. Click here to continue reading
  7. Dreamworld's Eureka Mountain Mine Ride: a roller coaster dating back to the 1950s At the time of its 1986 debut at Dreamworld, the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride was a second-hand roller coaster dating back to the 1950s. It was rebuilt in 1989 with a new ride system and revised layout utilising the original support structure. Click here to continue reading
  8. Gold Rush and Thunder River Rapids come down at Dreamworld, no plans for a replacement Dreamworld permanently remove Thunder River Rapids and its surrounding area, but indicate that there are no plans in place for the expansive area. Click here to continue reading
  9. Dreamworld owners talk modest growth, pricing review and prudent investment As Dreamworld recovery continues, owners Ardent Leisure look to follow competitor's lead with a increased prices while making "reasonably prudent" investment in the theme park. Click here to continue reading
  10. Ardent Leisure chairman outlines 2018 plans for Dreamworld Dr Gary Weiss talks Dreamworld's plans for 2018 including the Commonwealth Games, Flying Theatre ride, DreamWorks Trolls Village attraction and redeveloping surplus land. Click here to continue reading
  11. 2017 was a year of the highest highs and the lowest lows for the Gold Coast theme park industry There has perhaps never been a year as eventful as 2017 for the Gold Coast theme parks. Unprecedented hype surrounded the construction and launch of DC Rivals HyperCoaster while Dreamworld set about the arduous challenge of recovering from tragedy. Click here to continue reading
  12. Ardent Leisure wipe up to $25 million from value as Dreamworld recovery slows Ardent Leisure have announced a strong trading period over the summer while also slashing $15-25 million from the book value of the theme park amid concerns its recovery will be slower than anticipated. Click here to continue reading
  13. Dreamworld's Log Ride modifications are a symbol of everything wrong with Ardent Leisure The newly reopened Rocky Hollow Log Ride is a clear example of ignoring every other theme park operator in the world to come up with an untested and overly complicated safety improvement. It's why Ardent Leisure need to bow out of the theme park game. Click here to continue reading
  14. Dreamworld, Movie World launch newly refreshed websites Clean, mobile-friendly design is at the heart of new looks for the two competing Gold Coast theme parks. Click here to continue reading
  15. Doomsday Destroyer temporarily stopped upside down A brief stoppage on Movie World's Doomsday Destroyer thrill ride saw riders temporarily held upside down in an event that the Gold Coast theme park described as ride safety operating systems automatically engaging. Click here to continue reading
  16. Quirks, concerns and flaws with Dreamworld's new Log Ride canopies Amid excitement about the long-awaited return of Dreamworld's classic Rocky Hollow Log Ride, there's one thing that stands out. The canopies they've added are unlike any log flume by any other theme park operator or ride manufacturer, and there's more than a few questions about them. Click here to continue reading
  17. Dreamworld reopens Log Ride, entire park now operational for the first time in fifteen months The Rocky Hollow Log Ride returned to service yesterday after more than a year of closure, joining last week's Wipeout reopening to give Dreamworld a full roster of rides and attractions for the first time since October 2016. Click here to continue reading
  18. Sea World's Carnivale returns bigger, bolder and better in 2018 Carnivale at Sea World offers a vibrant smorgasbord of food and entertainment based on New Orleans and South American culture. Click here to continue reading
  19. Dreamworld's Wipeout and Log Ride remain closed as reopening dates shift Dreamworld's hopes to return both the Wipeout and Rocky Hollow Log Ride to service before Christmas didn't come to fruition as reopening dates continue to be pushed back. Click here to continue reading
  20. Dreamworld takes bold steps towards recovery with i-Ride flying theatre Dreamworld's announcement of a flying theatre attraction is the first indication of a real recovery strategy. Click here to continue reading
  21. Former Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Tim Fisher appointed chief operating officer of Cedar Fair Former CEO of Australia's largest theme park operator returns to USA in the COO position with industry leader Cedar Fair. Click here to continue reading
  22. Village Roadshow has sold their Gold Coast land but the theme parks are staying put The land that is home to Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet'n'Wild and Australian Outback Spectacular has been sold, but these theme parks will be around for generations to come. Click here to continue reading
  23. Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby: 'We're really excited about the future of theme parks' Parkz caught up with Clark Kirby, CEO of Village Roadshow Theme Parks, to discuss the big changes that have been unveiled this week and how these form part of a new vision for their Gold Coast theme parks. Click here to continue reading
  24. No more locker hire fees on Superman Escape at Movie World It's been perhaps one of the most disliked things at Movie World since the ride opened in 2005, but as of this week it's gone: no more one-hour locker hire fees for Superman Escape. Click here to continue reading
  25. Dreamworld's Eureka Mountain Mine Ride will not be reopening Dreamworld won't be pressing ahead with plans to relaunch the classic Eureka Mountain Mine Ride following analysis of the ride structure and its viability as an ongoing attraction at the theme park. Click here to continue reading
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