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  1. The largest roller coaster ever built in Australia will crown Movie World the Southern Hemisphere's thrill capital It's the largest roller coaster ever built in Australia and likely the country's largest ever investment in a theme park attraction. Warner Bros. Movie World are cementing themselves as the thrill capital of Australia and putting themselves on the global map. Click here to continue reading
  2. Village Roadshow boss criticises tourism campaign, previously rejected joint theme park promotion Graham Burke has written to Queensland State Tourism minister to express his anger at a new Gold Coast Tourism campaign that makes little mention of theme parks. But in February he rejected the idea of any Government-funded promotional activities that positioned their parks alongside competitors Dreamworld. Click here to continue reading
  3. Australia's top rated theme park rides and attractions for 2016 The results are in: with more than 500 member ratings and reviews and some 23,000 theme park "check-ins", Parkz can reveal the best theme park rides and attractions for 2016. Click here to continue reading
  4. Pink track confirms the colour of Movie World's hypercoaster One of the most asked questions about Warner Bros. Movie World's new roller coaster has finally been answered. With the first pieces of track showing up today we have confirmation of a decidedly pink coaster. Click here to continue reading
  5. The message of Dreamworld's 'Pure Imagination' campaign Last week we looked at some of the hits and misses of Dreamworld's Pure Imagination. This week we delve further and look at its message. The execution is not perfect but overall the concept gets to the core of the theme park better than any Dreamworld campaign in recent memory. Click here to continue reading
  6. Tender documents reveal Movie World's hypercoaster station A series of blueprints for Warner Bros. Movie World's forthcoming hyper coaster don't give away anything in terms of the roller coaster's track layout or theme, but they do answer a few minor questions about the the ride experience. Click here to continue reading
  7. Pure imagination: Dreamworld ads feature fake attractions and misleading experiences 'Pure Imagination' is the phrase Dreamworld looks set to take into 2017 with a bold new campaign. The problem is it misleads and undoes the entire premise of a theme park. Click here to continue reading
  8. Movie World tackles ride stoppages in latest safety video Warner Bros. Movie World have released the second part in a series that aims to inform the public about ride safety. This edition takes on ride stoppages and some of the incidents that were the focus of considerable media attention this summer. Click here to continue reading
  9. Are Australian theme park rides safe? Reports in the news of Gold Coast theme park rides stopping are on the increase. It asks the question: are these attractions safe to ride? Click here to continue reading
  10. Movie World is serious about safety, scene-by-scene Warner Bros. Movie World have unveiled the first of their promised short series about park safety and maintenance. The video goes into detail about some of the checks and procedures in place to keep Green Lantern Coaster operating safely and smoothly. Click here to continue reading
  11. Dreamworld's fatal incident costs owners $95 million Ardent Leisure have stated in today's half year results that the October 25 incident on Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids has wiped $95.2 million from the company, while also reporting a 27 per cent decline in attendance. Click here to continue reading
  12. Village Roadshow Theme Parks see declines while upcoming campaign details revealed Today's half year results presentation from Village Roadshow has revealed an 8.4 per cent decline over the peak summer period for their Gold Coast theme parks and poor results from Sydney. The theme parks will unveil a major marketing campaign in mid-March. Click here to continue reading
  13. Gold Coast Bulletin doubles down on Movie World hypercoaster misinformation Following on from their November revelation of some basic details and misinformation about Warner Bros. Movie World's eagerly anticipated new roller coaster, the Gold Coast Bulletin has today topped it with a good dose of fake news about the thrill ride. Click here to continue reading
  14. Dreamworld CEO talks LEGO Store Craig Davidson was on hand at the grand opening of Dreamworld's LEGO Store on Saturday January 28 to discuss the new retail precinct. Click here to continue reading
  15. Village Roadshow shares dive following theme park trading update Village Roadshow saw a drop of almost 10 per cent in its share price this morning following the release of a trading update for its theme park operations. Village Roadshow state that the local Queensland market has reduced significantly as a result of October's incident at Dreamworld. Click here to continue reading
  16. Dreamworld takes massive hit in revenue for December Dreamworld revenue is down as much as $15 million for November and December. Click here to continue reading
  17. This summer Dreamworld brings Fire Machine, Carnivale moves to Sea World The summer is seeing the return of two popular night events with some notable changes. Dreamworld's Fire Machine is a re-imagining of last year's popular Beat Box, while Carnivale shifts from winter at Movie World to summer at Sea World. Click here to continue reading
  18. Movie World offers first hints about 2017 roller coaster Warner Bros. Movie World have made the first moves towards formally announcing their forthcoming hypercoaster, boldly stating that the greatest attraction in the southern hemisphere is coming in September 2017. Click here to continue reading
  19. Dreamworld scrubs Rocky Hollow Log Ride from map, Sea World removes Viking's Revenge Flume Ride from website Both of the Gold Coast's vintage log flume rides seem to face the wrecking ball, leaving both Sea World and Dreamworld each short one of their most iconic rides. Click here to continue reading
  20. Dreamworld set for December 10 staged reopening Dreamworld will reopen to the public more than six weeks after its closure following an incident that took the lives of four guests. A portion of proceeds from its reopening weekend will be donated to the Australian Red Cross. Click here to continue reading
  21. One month anniversary of Dreamworld's indefinite closure Today sees Dreamworld's sudden, indefinite closure enter its second month. On October 25 the park's Thunder River Rapids killed four in a tragic incident. Click here to continue reading
  22. RCDB reports 196ft height for Movie World 'hypercoaster' In a blow for the deep-seated inadequacies of roller coaster enthusiasts across Australia, Warner Bros. Movie World's 2017 roller coaster is reported by RCDB to be three feet shy of hypercoaster status. Click here to continue reading
  23. Village Roadshow cites 'inconsistent trading' at Gold Coast theme parks following Dreamworld incident At today's Annual General Meeting, Village Roadshow's Chairman Address stated that the fatal incident on Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids in October has affected Village Roadshow Theme Parks, which operates Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet'n'Wild. Click here to continue reading
  24. Dreamworld previously modified Thunder River Rapids' conveyor belt At some point in the past two decades, it is believed that modifications were made to the Thunder River Rapids conveyor belt lift hill by removing the majority of the wooden slats that support rafts on the journey up to the unload platform. Click here to continue reading
  25. The plausible scenario in which Dreamworld closes permanently Though sensationalised reports in the media suggested that Dreamworld may never reopen, the park will likely resume business in the near future. The unprecedented accident on its Thunder River Rapids ride however, could set into motion the theme park's sale or eventual closure. Click here to continue reading
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