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  1. So I have just returned from a quick coaster trip to the USA and Canada. Overall the trip was great and I very much did not want to come home. Cedar Point (6 days) OK 6 days seems like a long time but when I last visited 10 years ago we waited 2-3 hours to get on everything and over 4 days we rode everything once and got some double rides on MF and TTD so my planning was with this in mind. Getting there however was a different story. It was dead. The longest queues were for Valravn and Maverick and even they were only 30 minutes. Raptor also got some big queues if Valravn went down. So a quick breakdown of the big Coasters: Millennium Force Still number 1 in my book. Over 6 days I rode this 50 times. Yes I counted the highlight was definitely front seat in the dark (Bugs taste like chicken). Valravn Was OK but I think that SheiKra was better. TTD Starting to get a bit rough but still awesome. I was also lucky enough to get a roll back Raptor This was way better than the last time. They are no longer trimming speed at the block breaks and are letting it run at full speed which was awesome! Rougarou This was better when it was Mantis and standup. The ride has become incredibly rough and was disappointing. Maverick This was my first time riding Maverick as it was under construction last time I was there. This was AMAZING! Both launches were amazing! Mean Streak I rode this once the whole time I was there. There is a damn good reason they are closing it at the end of the season. I offered to personally burn this pile of crap to the ground whilst I was there. Gatekeeper Another new one for me. Overall it was OK but not fantastic. TBH I think that this would be better if it was faster. The new park app was great for seeing how long ride queues were and I highly recommend it. There is also park wide free wifi. The park was spotless. As for food avoid Panda Express near MF. I ate there and got sick. Talking to people around the park that is pretty common. Canada's Wonderland (1 day) I had initially intended to spend 2 days here but I was very very disappointed with this park. It was a bit like going down memory lane what with Wonderland having some of the same rides. 2 out and back hyper coasters by the same manufacturer in the same park. Not sure about that thinking! Generally most of the rides were incredibly rough including Leviathan. So a quick breakdown of the big Coasters: Leviathan Was a pretty good coaster but was quite rough. Vortex Was an amazing suspended coaster, fast and lots of turns. Definitely a highlight. Behemoth Was incredibly rough but some great air time on some of the hills. Thunder Run (VR Experience) The park was offering free VR rides on this to season pass holders. It was amazing. The story that you saw (Dwarfs in a mountain mine being chased by intruders and then being rescued by dragons) was also pretty good. Wonder Mountain's Guardian This was pretty good however it was difficult to see where you were actually shooting. Backlot Stunt Coaster This was fantastic and was actually pretty smooth (Which was rare in this park). Flight Deck Hands down the WORST SLC I have ever been on. I have never ridden one as rough as this one. Mighty Canadian Mountain Buster This was also surprisingly smooth and had some great air time. Time Warp Never again would I ride a Zamperla flying coaster. There is no way of stopping your head bouncing around between the headrest. Wild Beast Hello Bush Beast! This was incredibly rough but did bring back memories. Ghoster Coaster This brought back a lot of memories. The Beastie was the first roller coaster I ever went on. Seeing as I can't ride that anymore this was a great trip down memory lane. Overall the park is nice but it just seems really disjointed and lacks some punch in the coaster department (Which is odd seeing as they have so many coasters). La Ronde (1 day) Whoever said I was going to be disappointed by this park (Sorry can't remember who it was) you were right. This park is terrible. When I arrived there were signs out the front advising that 9 rides were out for the day. That's nearly 20% of the park. The grounds are not maintained (I had to brush cobwebs off myself on several occasions). It's difficult to get around the park and all of the rides are in some serious need of some TLC. I know that rust can in some situations is OK but seriously the Boomerang looks like it should be condemned. So a quick breakdown of the big Coasters: Le Vampire Was running backwards which was awesome. It's stuck out in a part of the park that management seems to have forgotten. Cobra Was closed and looks pretty derelict. Dragon Also closed. Endor A typical SLC. Rough as guts (But not as bad as Flight Deck, not by a long shot). Goliath This was the only good thing in the whole park. Lots of air time hills and good speed. Le Monstre OK little rant about this one. So it has 2 tracks, both different. Fast Pass users can only access 1 side of the track. On the day I visited Side A only had one train running. Side B has 2 trains running. I'll let you guess which one the fast pass users got (Hint: it was not Side B). I waited over and hour to get on Side A. Easily this was the longest wait of the day. Each train takes 16 people and they were letting 12 fast pass users onto each train. As for the rides both tracks were great with lots of speed and some decent headchoppers. Surprisingly this wasn't as rough as I expected it to be. Super Manage Was also closed. So that was my quick trip to the USA/Canada. Overall it was a great trip (I of course did other non-coaster things). I would definitely go back to Cedar Point. Canada's Wonderland was OK but disappointing. La Ronde can go die in a ditch for all I care.
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