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  1. I really knew nothing about any of these parks in Melbourne until this thread made me do a bit of research. They are really starting to come into their own. It's interesting and very positive that a number of these smaller parks are now seeing the value in investing in major new attractions. Adventure Park in Geelong is about to install a Tornado and the ad on the website is up there on par with the GC parks in terms of design, as you can see. I've always felt bad for Melbourne for only having the very below average Luna Park, but it looks like things are on the up down there.
  2. Patrick Dove

    Funfields new rides 2016

    So I saw this on Facebook: Kenny Kemp: Any new rides Like · Reply · June 10 at 4:27pm Funfields Hi Kenny, we have a few new attractions coming to Funfields, they will be announced closer to our opening date! Unlike · Reply · 2 · June 10 at 4:39pm Anyone have any info or Ideas??
  3. Hi, I noticed on the Funfields website it says: "funfields is now closed. we will re open bigger and better on saturday 19th September 2015" Is this an indication of a new Ride/Attraction coming to funfields? anyone have any info?