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  1. it's been like 3 or 4 Years since the Sky Coaster at Wet and Wild has been open yet on the website it says its temporarily closed. does anyone know if its ever going to reopen cause from what I have seen no visible maintenance has happened on it.
  2. Does anyone have any pov footage of the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast? If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send it to me as I have looked everywhere and only found one very shaky video.
  3. Just was at dreamworld and saw the corroboree theatre had a construction wall and saw that that there were workers on site. Dunno what was happening but here are some pics.
  4. Hello everyone, In September I am going on a international trip to Thailand with my family (9 others coming, was supposed to be 12 total but 2 couldn't make it due to having a baby). We will be staying in the south-west of Thailand in a village called Khao Lak and we will be there between the 5th of September and the 13th. I sadly didn't get control of the location we were going to, which unfortunately means no credits for me as the closest coaster is 3 hours away (and a kiddy credit) and the closest one after that is 10 hours away. However, there is a good number of waterparks in Phuket from what I have heard. Does anyone know of any good waterparks there? Thanks. We would need to go on the 6-12th as we will be flying on the 5th and 13th.
  5. I am going to South Korea in 2 weeks time for a uni study trip and was wondering if anyone who had been before have tips on which park is the best to do. Due to it being a study trip we only have one spare day. So want to know what's the best to do for the rides?
  6. I was trying to improve my Mangrove Jack fishing technics last night by resorting to watching YouTube videos because this year's season of Jack fishing has shattered my confidence with endless donuts. After the first video, a suggestion popped up, that I should watch a video on an abandon six flags amusement parks. My ADHD quickly kicked in which made me completely forget why I was watching YouTube in the first place, which led me to a late night watching abandoned park videos. It got me thinking, how many other people have ventured into old theme parks? When I was young whipper snapper after Brisbane’s Expo88 theme park closed down, the site laid dormant for many years. The park’s rides were removed but many structures remained. The offices/storage areas which were under the theme park remained too. I don’t know why I was in South Brisbane with my mates because back in the day, South Brisbane wasn’t a safe place to be in but we were walking past the entrance and realised the roller door that coved the entrance was missing and you could freely trespass inside. Trespass might be a strong word because as we entered, police rode past on their bikes and said nothing to us. (to us, that was a green light) I think we spent a good few hours exploring the old park, it felt like we were back at the park when it was open but only we didn’t go on any rides. (because there was none😵🤦‍♀️) When I look back on the juvenile trespassing experience it was a great & strange experience at the same time. After exploring the main park area we decided to explore the offices that ran underneath the park. (For people who don’t know much about the park, Expo 88 Fun Park was an elevated theme park and under the theme park had storage and offices. See Parkz attached photo to see how the park was elevated above the street). We entered the start of the underneath area which we thought might have been an old office and we came across loads of items that the park left behind when it closed down. It was like Christmas for a theme park enthusiast, from hats to Expo 88 Fun Park logos printed on cups. After exploring the first room we moved into the next room filled with anticipation on what we might find next when my friend yelled. “Get out!” I have never run so fast in my life and I didn’t know what I was running from but from what I heard in his voice, I knew he wasn’t joking. We ran all the way out of the park and onto the sidewalk. Once he got his breath back, he informed us people were sleeping on the floor. I didn’t end up with one souvenir from that trip to Expo88 Fun Park but running through the theme park, back onto the sidewalk, I had never been more scared in a theme park. I guess the old girl, still had one thrill left in her. Expo 88 Theme Park overlooking street. Video that started my YoutTube marathon.
  7. I know we once had a topic for this, but I can't seem to find it. Was just surfing the net and found a heap of older pics of Movieworld, not sure if they've been posted on here before, but see for yourself. There is one of Marvin Rocket Ride, a few of Looney Tunes Village, couple of Main Street and the star parade etc. This is the site where I found some of these pics: http://www.margarethouse.com.au/family/Holiday03/0626lsl.html Some are from 2003, not sure if they are all from 2003.
  8. I don't know if there is a topic for this already, Every time there is a minor incident in the Gold Coast Theme parks the media always ramp up the story and make it seem really bad. For example if a ride has a routine stoppage and people need to be assisted off the media jump straight on making it seem like these rides are unsafe. I wonder if this keeps people away from the park. media from earlier today states a spoke person for Village Road Show theme parks said there were 2 faults detected on Green lantern and Doomsday Destroyer. These faults are most likely really small yet they make it seem like a really big thing. What are your guys thoughts on this.
  9. Not sure if there is a topic for this or not but I was wondering how are the crowds on Christmas Eve? Especially at wet’n’wild and seaworld. I was thinking of going to one of the parks on Christmas Eve but thought I would check here first. In case that day is like known for being super busy.
  10. Is just me or during school holidays and really busy weekends Movie World let way too many people in. I went in the second week of school holidays on a Monday it was so busy it wasn't fun. 3 plus hour ques for everything and virtual que was full by 10am. I was speaking to some people, and they spent $500 to get in with their family. They were upset because the ride lines were way to long. even on main street it felt suffocating with all the people. i wonder what the limit is because it's crazy how many people are allowed in. I personally think there should be a smaller limit. Please let me know if you agree.
  11. Hey everyone, After some help from all the fellow enthusiasts in here. Planning a trip to the Gold coast next april/may and I'm trying to figure out the optimal time to visit the theme parks. Which states being on school holidays really crowds the parks? Is Queensland the main one to avoid or NSW, capital territory etc... Could just go in May to avoid all of them but based on this year's maintenance I'm worried some rides will be closed by this point (particularly DC rivals) Thank you so much for any help and opinions, and sorry if this has been asked many times before!
  12. Here’s a place to show everyone funny theme park videos you stumble on while scrolling through YouTube here is one of my favorite funny theme park videos
  13. I know someone who has traveled overseas to some of the Parks in America such as Disney, Universal and so on, she alway brags about how much she loves rides and roller coasters and what she has ridden. But when it comes to carnivals and traveling fairs she won't step foot on a ride cause she says they're dodgy and unsafe. Whats everyone's opinion on this? To you agree or disagree? And why? I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say for this little debate.
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