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  1. Been seeing a little bit of Top Golf hype over the past few months, and I can't help but reflect that the only reason people care about this is because VRTP are doing it. No one gets excited when a new go kart track opens, GC Wake Park opened with barely a mention, but Top Golf has a reasonably active thread. So be honest, is the only reason you're interested because it's being done on ' theme park land' by a theme park company? I think truth be told I might even fall into that category. If Top Golf was being built somewhere on the Highway at Pimpama by some randoms I reckon I'd give almost zero fucks about it, and couldn't see myself going within the first year lf operation, but since it kind of crosses over with a hobby of mine I'm quite keen to give it a go. My further theory is that I'm not the only person on this site who feels this way. Am I right or wrong?
  2. With this being discussed about in most topics and construction starting soon it might be time to for its own topic. We all know TopGolf is going to take up a lot of land but where will this baby go. From what information we have out there, I believe that TopGolf Australia will be based on the one located in Las Vegas. To get this topic going I have scaled the images together using AutoCAD and tried to position it into likely locations. This is the location I think some people think it will go. Only thought I have on this one is why fence the swamp if you're going to need to pull it down again. This options makes some sense to me but is does mean the number 1 filming tank needs to relocated and it’s not your everyday backyard pool. On the flip side, removing the filming tank could open up the whole area up to MW. Overflow car park. This could be why MW is planning a new car park. I would think MW would want the new car park finished first before any constructed happened in this area. MW saying construction to start this year might be referring to constructing the car park in readiness to resume the current overflow car park. Which leaves current area behind AOS. We know a new show is coming and maybe MW have new plans for the animals. In this location I can still see 6 stables left for MW to use. Maybe AOS new show will only need half the amount of animals in it. @AlexB can I have an image of the new sound stage. This could all be undone by its location.
  3. Topgolf expansion plans have been put on hold according to an article from Ausleisure: The Village Roadshow board has reportedly halted plans to develop up to eight Topgolf venues in Australia and the Asia Pacific as a result of uncertainty over the financial performance of the first Gold Coast location. In 2016, Village Roadshow signed an agreement with US-based Topgolf to bring the concept to Australia. Village took a 67% equity stake and provided 100% of the $35 million capital. The company had big ambitions for the brand – and in March 2018 called on landowners to support locations for new venues. At the time, Village Entertainment Chief Executive Kirk Edwards stated "we plan to open eight venues across Australia and key APAC territories, and have been delighted to hear from multiple operators of both new and existing developments across Australia.” The company spent $35 million on its first Topgolf venue which opened in June 2018, next to its Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast and Warner Bros. Movie World attractions. However, the Australian Financial Review has reported that Topgolf Australia has opted to reduce its stake in the partnership from 33.3% down to 3.7% - taking Village’s exposure to 96.3%. The AFR reports that plans to build eight Topgolf centres have now been put on hold. The news coincides with reports of disagreements between Village Roadshow Deputy Chairman, John Kirby; Executive Chairman, Robert Kirby and Chief Executive, Graham Burke.
  4. Yes, i think they had some sort of preview night a few nights ago, so no doubt all the necessary media and pretend media had access on the night.
  5. http://topgolf.com.au/EatandDrink The menu is now available on the website
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