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  1. I've made three videos on youtube for this park so far. As of today it is the only full replica of the park made from RCT3. I started with the Green Lantern, then the Superman Escape and finished with the Arkham Asylum. all as best done as they could be made in this game/simulator. I've had the game for over 8 years and never really thought to build something like a park, or replica. So I started with DreamWorld first with the original contents of the game. Then after finding it wasn't good enough anymore, I started to look more into the Custom scenery side of it. And there and only there was where my future of my WB MovieWorld replica would begin! So here's a few pictures of the park so far, and I'll do a separate post on the videos. Let me know what you think? Even after the videos in my next post there will still be more to come!