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Amendments to Community Guidelines

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Take Note: The Community Guidelines have been amended. Some points have been cleared up to make them less ambiguous and two now points have been added.

  • Spamming is not tolerated. In the context of Roller-Coaster.com.au Forums, this is defined as posting short replies to a thread that have little content or add nothing meaningful to the topic. This applies to all forums, including Chit-Chat.
  • Users are limited to a single account at all times. If you would like to change your username contact a staff member. Users found operating more than one account will be subject to deletion of accounts and/or banning, depending on the severity of the situation i.e. if the user has created a second account with malicious intents.

With the second one, I urge those users who are currently actively using a second account to stop. I know who it is, and as of next week I will be banning those offending - both accounts.

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The Community Guidelines have been amended once again. Again, a few points were made easier to understand and two new points have been added.

  • Roller-Coaster.com.au administrators and moderators are able to edit posts and threads of other users. This is done normally to fix problems. Normally, the staff member will leave a message stating that a post was edited and the reasons for editing, though not always. Staff may edit a post for any reason they deem suitable without notification.
  • Roller-Coaster.com.au Forums may not be used to promote other sites unless direct writen permission has been given by a staff member. This includes, but is not limited to: threads advertising a site or a site's update, posts within any thread linking to a site and signatures containing links. Users are free to include their own website URL in their profile.

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The use of the word staff in the Community Guidelines is more of a "looking into the future" thing so that when the day comes that I do need help, I don't need to go back and change things. Plus, it sounds a bit better than "listen to everything I say or I'll ban you". At this stage, I can handle keeping up with all daily posts. I'd expect membership to reach 500 in the next year or so, so I can definitely see a need for assistance in some form in the future.

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on this topic Richard, as far as linking to "other sites", what sort of sites do you mean? i mean, frequently, posts list links as "sources for stories", or to back up information presented into the forums - eg - check out what i mean at rcdb.com etc. can we clarify what sort of sites are allowed and what aren't? or have an "allowed" list rather than writing to you to get permission to post a link to a news article from screamscape?

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For the purposes of clarity I've updated that point. In retrospect it was perhaps not worded as well as I'd have liked.

  • Signatures may not be used to promote other sites unless direct written permission has been given by a staff member. Users are free to include their own website URL in their profile. Posting a thread or a reply to advertise content for the purposes of meaningful discussion is permitted. Threads or posts simply asking users to visit another site for no purpose are not allowed however.

By all means give us links to good articles on other sites or where there's a nice big photo gallery, so that people can discuss the content. What this point is about is people using this site to just plug their own site at every opportunity. Again, if you want to post a thread saying "I updated my site with XXY, check it out here..." I'm happy with that.

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