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G forces and other stuff.....

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I rode Bush Beast last week and the ride operator was telling a guest that Bush Beast does go faster then the Demon but BB has no G's! Is this true. (OMG I rode BB in the very back car for the first time and WOW! what a difference! the pull over the first drop from the front cars is soooo unexpected and fast) Another thing, I was thinking do you think the DROP rides such as space probe are the utlimate thrill? What I mean is, if a coaster hill was as tall as SP would the drop be the same. The coaster will be falling on an angle. I'm just wondering as If I ever go to a US park I want to know if i could handel the massive coasters. Maybe doing SP could be worse then the first drop of a hyper coaster. (I know high G are to follow on a coaster but I always think the first drop is the worst) - The ballon chase ride is slowly going up in Gold Rush. -A few game areas have been fenced off in Gold Rush - What could this mean????? Whats wrong with Bounty's Revenge? It's be closed since I was at the park in January. (You can say Demon or Space Probe are Wonderlands signature attractions but I think Bounty's revenge is. It's one of the originals) Anyway some things to think about, but post if you want to discuss!

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Yep, that's correct. Bush Beast, at 90km/hr is the fastest complete-circuit coaster in Australia (Lethal Weapon: 89 Thunderbolt: 87.5, Cyclone: 85). Demon is only 75km/hr. G-Force on Demon is 3.8G's, I have no idea about Bush Beast, but it definitely isn't as high - probably 2.5-3.5, max. Back seat on Bush Beast is intense! You might as well not have a seat. If only there were some decent floater or ejector air throughout the ride. I'm not sure. Space Probe doesn't do it for me at all. I've ridden it maybe a dozen times in total (and that's probably an over-estimate), and the thrills don't seem to be there for me. Then again, I rode Giant Drop just to get a good view of the Nick Central contruction (and I'm probably the only person you'll find who leaves some breathing room - and then some - in their GD restraint). My idea of fun is high G's, sweet airtime, turns and helices, a real sensation of speed (for the last few, a Wiegand Toboggan does the job perfectly), and freefall rides provide this, so to me, I'm perhaps more intimidated by a coaster over a tower, and size doesn't really play a role to me. Maybe it's my experience with rock climbing, but if I know that something's safe, then that's all I need (and that is the exact case with nearly every amusement ride - minus some/most traveling rides).

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