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Steel Taipan - Reviews


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Managed to make it to dreamworld this morning for the soft opening, bit of a delay at the start but running smoothly now. 

Got the second ride of the day in the front seat and wow, I love it. The reverse launch packs a nice punch and the pacing through the ride is fantastic.

Second ride was second row from the back and you feel the reverse twist a heap more and I can see myself enjoying the back more.

They are cycling both trains and the output is pretty impressive, if you're close by its pretty much a walk on. They are checking annual passes at the ride entrance.


Love it.

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Spinning seat was absolutely insane, I am fine chain running DC rivals backwards but I dont think I can do more than 1 spinning in a day. 100% worth doing but trying to figure out where you are is disorienting and left my head spinning for quite a while after.

One second you are facing forward, next second you are upside down facing backwards.

I feel we are lucky to have this opportunity to ride something so intense. What a day!

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After being one of two riders to be the first ever spinning seat riders for the day/soft opening, I was quite pleasantly surprised with the entire ride experience. First launch is nice and delicate, gently rolling our way up and back down that first element. Only to be interrupted by a killer second launch. Literally everyone on our cycle had our hands up (including us on the spinner) and was immediately jerked forward during the second launch. Once we reached that tail spike, we were immediately awkwardly jerked forward and sideways out of the seats, only to be pinned back by the third and final launch.

After snapping the ride photos and gracefully soaring up the wave turn (I think it's called), we made it to the loop. Great hangtime there! The exit of the loop was insane, immediately thrown sidewards yet again as we sped towards the mcbr (mind you, our riders were only tossed within their seats coz our hands were up). Us on the spinner weren't spinning too much (but trust me, as soon as I went on Tailwhip ALONE - the whole experience changed drastically). There are times when you feel the brakes initiate and there are other times when it doesn't. It's very noticable.

On exit out of the mcbr, we were treated to a slight thrill of air time, only to be greeted by yet another throw-out-of-your-seat experience with the first of the two inversions on the horseshoe. The second wasn't as bad, but still pretty damn sick! The small tingle of airtime greatly complemented the ride experience, a sort of juxtaposition to what was to come next - calm before the storm sort of thing.

That heartline roll is violent but in a great way. Every single rider (no matter what seat - including the spinner) is thrown out of their seats yet again one last time. The major thing that I expected, but very much caught me by surprise. That roll is  I N T E N S E.

Overall, a great investment for the park. Despite not too many Annual Passholders present, this ride is sure to be a major hit at Dreamworld. Looking forward to a bright future at Dreamworld and great crowd numbers return. Highly recommend this ride. A perfect 10/10.

Yes it's a triple launch, but that's what makes this AMAZING.

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I also visited the park this morning briefly for another ride. The atmosphere was fantastic. The area was very busy and felt good. The staff had such good attitudes and were getting in on the fun with guests. I went single rider and the queue was fairly quick. The staffs loading procedures I thought were very good and efficient. I know the GC parks aren’t known for very good loading procedures normally, but I think ST is the best we’ve seen in a long time. 

Having ridden it for my 4th time today, I have come to the conclusion that it is my favourite coaster on the GC

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Rode it twice, once on the front and back. Was pretty much what I expected: a fun, smooth experience with a couple of intense elements but overall "tamer" than both DCR and SE.

Wasn't expecting much from the launches, but 2 & 3 were a lot more fun than expected. Spiral was much better on the back and gave a little bit of airtime.

I was expecting the final heartline roll to be intense from hearing about Blue Fire, but it still surprised me: it was crazy!

Looking forward to many more rides on it, and hopefully trying Tailwhip next time!


58 minutes ago, jjuttp said:

If superman is a 5, where do we put the launch intensity?

For me, maybe 3.5ish for the second and third launches, with the first definitely being a 1 lol.


6 hours ago, xRazzBerryx said:

For those that have ridden.. What is your favourite element? 

Either the backwards launch or the Heartline Roll at the end!

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On the topic of the efficient loading procedures, worth to mention, there is a new device used whilst checking seatbelts.

A small red device with the purpose of which follows somewhere along the lines to

"used to verify to the control booth/system that the rider's seatbelt has been checked" - eliminating the check rider as one who may have accidentally done up there own seatbelt before the ride attendants got to them.

Also, notice the little green lights in the location they place the red whistle-like object that turn green once checked.

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7 minutes ago, New display name said:

A lot of disappointed people turning up to DW today only to be told ST won't be opening today.   Some people posting they were told at the gate ride will now not be opening again to Wednesday.

apparently the ride will be opening sometime today as all ride attendants were recently told this, they’re for some reason just telling people it will not be open. 

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What's written in the emails is mentions of passholders receiving the exclusive opportunity to ride before open day on multiple days. So given Steel Taipan might not be opening again till Wednesday, perhaps it was a corporate decision or there's bugs that need rectifying and ironing out before it officially opens. I mean, Tailwhip had a few issues with returning to the home position after solo rides spun like crazy and would delay operations while they reset the train.

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