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Dreamworld Maintenance 2022

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59 minutes ago, Rivals said:

Due to SV having a short maintenance date, i don’t exactly know how long it takes to finalise a new ride experience but imo i doubt we’ll be seeing a new experience coming to the ride next year :(

A lot of the work could be done off site, and could be as simple as basically uploading a new video / sequence to the control system. I'm not sure how SV works exactly, but a company with as many rides built as Brogent would probably want to make it somewhat easy to do. I don't think it was down for very long at all when it was converted to Sky Voyager USA.

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MDMC’s second train is currently in the storage area and pretty sure the original train got replaced as well as it looks bright and brand new


Also, vintage cars is back to 5-6 cars instead of 3 and are utilising all 3 stop lights (2 in station before the load / unload area and 1 in the usual spot before the station) don’t know how long it has been like this but just thought i’d update 

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According to TPSN’s recent insta post (linked below), MDMC’s speed has been increased the new trains, anyone know if this is in fact true? 


also with MDMC’s new trains, the ride does somehow feel a lot less uncomfortable it feels like the harness isn’t sitting as tight on your legs which actually improves the ride experience dramatically

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I wasn’t aware it was due to new trains (they didn’t appear new/different to me) but for a few months now the loader has been telling people that the back restraint must fit snuggly to you, and that they have no control over it basically so even though you may “fit” if it doesn’t touch your back you cannot ride 

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When I was there I asked one of the ride operators and they said they were ‘new trains’, but when you’ve questioned it, I looked closely at photos of these ‘new’ trains in comparison to the ‘old’ trains and I’m not so sure. The shape of them is the exact same, but maybe they just got repainted and new stickers because the colour order is definitely different. And when the operator said it was faster, I think that might just be because the trains had a full refurb and they now reach the speed they originally did 

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