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TR: Disney's California Adventure 21/8

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I just got back from a short trip of the Southern California theme parks & thought I would share some TR's with you guys. More to come once I type them out, for now here is day 1. :) After a wakeup call at 9am it was time to get ready for the first day of fun. Still feeling horribly jetlagged & sick we made the walk to Disney’s California Adventure. Having never been there I thought we would make it the first park of the trip. Upon walking in we decided to check out the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror (or Hollywood Hotel, whatever the hell they’re calling it). There was only a 10min wait posted so we decided not to use fastpass & got straight in line. I was impressed by the theming in the lobby & boiler room, but the show scenes in the ride, although effective, weren’t that great. The drop sequence made up for that tho. It’s a seriously fun ride, really quite pleasant, with awesome float time; and no lap bars or shoulder restraints, just a seat belt. Why can’t more rides be like this? Next up we headed into the Animation building. As a huge Disney animation fan this was a very interesting attraction for me. Although the retards in upper Disney management *cough*Eisner*cough* have axed all traditionally animated feature film production for now, at least they haven’t gotten rid of this attraction yet. We headed towards Soarin Over California next, an enjoyable movie/simulator thingy where you sit in some funky chairs & swoop around landmarks in California. I didn’t really understand the hype surrounding this ride; it was ok, but nothing special in my opinion. (maybe it was also the fact that I felt sick at the time). We made our way towards Paradise Pier & went on California Screamin next. With only a 5min wait we set off. I had high expectations for this coaster, having heard good reports. It lived up to this – a really great coaster, with nice airtime, smoothness & comfortable restraints. (Being 6 foot 4 many OSTR’s place painful pressure on my shoulders/collar bone). We got off & immediately queued up for another ride, this time waiting 10min for the front row. After a quick Turkey Sandwich from the Pacific Wharf café we headed over towards the Maliboomer, a run of the mill S&S launch tower. It only had a 5min wait time. I don’t quite understand why this is in a Disney park, although its kinda fun, it just doesn’t really belong there. (The whole Paradise Pier area just seems un-Disney to me, but maybe I’m just being a lame Disney-phile). Next up we headed towards Mulholland Madness, a boring steel wild mouse. I wanted the credit, but there’s no way I would bother riding it again, for me there’s nothing interesting or fun about it. After this we went on the Orange Stinger, Jumpin Jellyfish, & the Golden Zephyr. Again none of these rides were anything special, just kiddy rides. (I think they spoilt the Orange Stinger by having it enclosed in the orange, it would’ve been more fun swinging out in the open). So our next destination was A Bug’s Land, the kid’s area themed to A Bug’s Life. I really enjoyed this area; although the attractions are all aimed at kids I still had to ride them =) So I lined up with mostly people under 10 & hit up Flik’s Flyers, Francis’ Ladybug Boogie, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, and Tuck & Roll’s Drive Em Buggies (quite possibly the slowest bumper cars in existence). On the way out we walked on to It’s Tough To Be A Bug, an enjoyable 3d movie with some cool special effects (like the seat that jabs your back & hurt my spine, AWESOME!!). Still in the 3d movie mood we headed over to Muppet Vision 3d next, another 3d movie with some special effects. By this time my jetlag was really kicking in so we went for a 2 hour break back at the hotel room. Feeling slightly refreshed after the break we headed back into the park at dinnertime & ate some Nachos from Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill (actually not too bad, even if the place has a slightly weird name). With a full stomach we decided to hit up California Screamin again, this time waiting around 30mins in line for the back row (why we didn’t just get a fastpass I’m not sure, I guess my brain still wasn’t quite functioning properly yet). So with the evening upon us we sat down along the parade route & watched the Electrical Parade. I never did get to see this parade while it was at Disneyland so I was excited to see it for the first time. It was thoroughly entertaining & I’ve since decided I want to own and drive one of the spinning tortoises/snails that make farting noises. After the parade was over the park was closing so we headed back to our hotel room where I enjoyed a long sleep & tried to get my body onto local time. The rides we didn’t get on that day would have to wait for another day (we still had 4 days left at the Disneyland resort so we weren’t really in any hurry). Check back for more when I have bothered typing them out ;)

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