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TR: Knotts Berry Farm 23/8

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After waking up at 8:30am it was time to head off to Knotts Berry Farm at around 9:30. This would be my first time at Knotts in seven years so I was looking forward to trying out some of the newer rides. We arrived at the gates at 10am to a fairly quiet entry plaza with no lines. We decided we would head to the back of the park first as it seemed most people were lining up for Ghostrider, waiting for it to open. So we made our way onto Xcelerator, with absolutely no line. There was only about 8 or so people on the train. I was taken aback with the launch at first, having never experienced that kind of acceleration before. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed the coaster but felt the overbanked turns were a little lame. Next up we decided to go on Boomerang, although I am unsure why, I guess I’m a sucker for punishment. There was no line; I wouldn’t have bothered riding it if there was a line. Well it was rough, painful, and completely uninteresting. Being 6foot 4 I find the OSTR’s on boomerangs to place a lot of pressure on my shoulders and collarbone, as they aren’t quite high enough for me. Upon exit I vowed never to ride Boomerang again. We then walked over to Supreme Scream where there was also no wait time at all. It was fun, but nothing new. Perilous Plunge had absolutely no line so we headed over there next. After an incredibly slow dispatch with the funky seat belts we experienced a fairly mediocre ride in my opinion. It was ok, but I couldn’t really see on the drop from all the spray hitting my eyes, so the next thing I knew I was at the bottom completely soaked. It felt like I had jumped into a pool. I figured I was already wet so I went on Riptide next. Again there was absolutely no line, with me being the only rider on the front side. It was a lot of fun; the revolutions were a lot speedier than I thought they would be. At one stage I was hoping my shoes wouldn’t fly off. The fountains are a cool addition but they didn’t really get me that much. So with a lot already done in our first hour we headed over to Ghostrider next. There was about a 30min wait, the line was down to half of the downstairs queuing section. We got the copper train and sat in the middle of the train. Now initially I thought people’s views of its roughness had been exaggerated, but damn it was a piece of crap! It was so incredibly rough, the train was bouncing all over the place & it was completely painful, rattling my brain in my skull. Not worth the wait at all! We took a photo of our “onride photo” (I rarely buy them, only if it’s a ride I love); just to prove that we actually braved the pain machine. We headed towards the Wild Water Wilderness area next and checked out the Mystery Lodge show. We walked out of it thinking WTF?!? It was nice to sit and rest, but I completely missed the point of the show – a guy in a bad mask pretending to make shapes out of smoke? Feeling confused we went on the Bigfoot Rapids next with a 5min wait. It was ok but they turn the waterfall off as you go under it now. I remember last time I rode it if your seat got the waterfall you got soaked which was funny as long as it wasn’t you. This brings me to the absolute highlight *cough* of the day – Kingdom Of The Dinosaurs, quite possibly the worst dark ride ever. There was hardly any line but somehow we managed to wait 20mins while they stopped & started trains and tried to load people. Have they changed the way this thing runs now? I seem to remember it was a continually running circuit but now they have 3 trains and they stop the entire ride to load the train. So halfway thru the ride we were stopped in the dark waiting for them to load the other train having to sit and listen to some crappy spiel about dinosaurs over and over for 5 minutes. Worst ride ever. After having a Tostada Bowl for lunch we went on Jaguar. There wasn’t much of a queue but we waited 20mins cos they were only running 1 train and had incredibly slow dispatches. Next up was Montezuma’s Revenge, a walk-on. It’s a great coaster, a lot of fun – I don’t understand why people don’t seem to want to ride it anymore, it’s a lot better than some of the other coasters in the park. La Revolucion was next. It was a lot of fun, with only a 5min wait. I wouldn’t call it thrilling but it really is quite pleasant and really enjoyable. To round out the day we went on a few of the classic Knotts rides, the Calico Mine Ride with a 10min wait (I swear it used to go faster, but maybe it just seemed faster as a kid), the Log Ride with a 15min wait (the girl at the onride photos wouldn’t let us take a photo of the screen which made me laugh), and the Sky Cabin, a walk-on. Feeling kinda tired & having done pretty much everything I decided to go on Xcelerator one more time to finish the day, having to wait around 15mins. Again it was an incredible ride, it really made me want to try out TTD even more. So at around 4:30pm we left the park. In my opinion Knotts has gone down a lot since I was a kid. I remember loving it back in the 80s, but now it just doesn’t seem to appeal to me all that much. The only reason I would go back would be to ride Silver Bullet once that opens, but being on the other side of the world, I’m sure it’ll be another 7 or so years until I’m there again.

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