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TR: Universal Studios Hollywood 24/8

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Seeing as tho we had around a 1-hour drive to Universal Studios today, we were up at 7 to be ready for an 8am departure. All was well until we arrived at the parking station at USH. Parking is $8; we gave the attendant $20, she gave us $2 change. We had just started driving into the car park when I noticed (yeah I should’ve counted the change straight away I’m a dumbass). So anyway we had to park the car and then walk back and ask for the missing $10 change. The attendant completely denied all. We called a supervisor over and he got her to close down the till and count her takings for the morning, saying that the extra $10 would show up. Well of course her takings totalled correctly and she denied that she shortchanged us, so there was nothing we could do. It wasn’t so much the $10 it was the principle. So anyways that was a bad start to the day, I guess we should’ve counted our change as soon as we were given it. We did later on however when a drink seller tried to short-change us (twice in one day, I was beginning to not like Universal). So once we were inside the park at 9am we ventured down to the lower lot first and rode Revenge Of The Mummy. I’d heard conflicting reports about the ride so I went into it with an open mind. (Its good they give you free use of lockers for loose items while you ride, unlike other parks that charge you). So with a 5min wait we were soon on board. Overall I enjoyed the coaster but felt it could’ve been better. I still thought it was a lot of fun so we decided to ride it again with a 10min wait. The theming isn’t the greatest but the coaster element is pretty cool IMO. Next up was Jurassic Park, a walk-on. I’d been on this before so wasn’t expecting anything new, but I still had a great time. All of the effects were working and it still holds up as a great ride. To dry off we went and saw Backdraft next, another walk-on. It was the same old show, pretty cool, but getting a bit tired these days. Next up was the Special Effects Stages. Although the actual special effects were pretty lame I still enjoyed the show, mainly because we had a pair of hilarious hosts, which made the experience enjoyable. By this time we were hungry so got some food from Panda Express, Chinese food that was all right, nothing special. With the lower lot done we headed to the Upper Lot and saw Terminator 2: 3D. I’m not really a fan of 3d movies, but this one was ok, using live actors as well. It was a fairly hot day so we headed over to Waterworld next in the hope that we’d cool off. We sat in a wet zone (not a soak zone, we didn’t want to get completely wet) and enjoyed the show, although we didn’t get a drop of water on us. Others were soaked by the jet ski riders tho which was funny to watch. We were walking past the Van Helsing Fortress next so we went straight in. This was actually the first time I’d walked thru a haunted maze thingy so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The parts with live actors were cool, but there were only 2 in the whole maze. It would’ve been better as a dark ride, at least then I would’ve gotten a seat while I had to endure lame puppets. Next on the agenda was Shrek 4D (about a 15min wait) another 3d movie where the seats shake and they squirt water at you. I did enjoy this one tho. =) So with our front of the line passes for the Tram Tour (we’d been given them at the start of the day for completing a survey for the park) we skipped the 30min line and went straight on. Most of the attractions on the tour were the same as they’ve been for a long time but I still really like it. They have changed the rotating tunnel since I was last there to a mummy’s tomb theme but I found the effect didn’t work as well as it used to when it was an ice tunnel. Next up was Back To The Future. I love the movie, but the simulator just doesn’t cut it, not much more to say on this. So by now it was afternoon and we had done all we came for so we headed back down to the lower lot for another ride on the Mummy. The sign was saying a 15min wait so we went straight in, however while we were inside in line the ride broke down. The announcement over the speakers just kept saying that it was broken down and would be back up as soon as possible. We stood around in the line for about 20mins with no change to the announcement (and extremely sick of “Imenhotep Imenhotep”) so we decided to call it a day and leave at 5:30. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get a final ride on The Mummy, but I was still happy to have ridden it earlier in the day twice. Overall it was a fun day at Universal with only a couple of disappointments.

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