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Your Australian Theme Park

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If you could build your own park here in Aus what would it have,where would it be located,what facilities would it offer. My ideal theme park would be on the Gold Coast,because it's a hotspot for tourists (which means a good visitor rate)and it would add to the other parks there,making the Gold Coast truly the theme park capital of aus. The only name I can think of is Thrill World(crap,I know)which really showcases the parks ambitions. For rides i'd have a 55 story high freefall,a launched B&M flyer,a Cyclone-size sit down,an inverted coaster like LethalWeapon,another sit down about the size of Millenium Force,a standup that would be the largest coaster around,a mine ride coaster,a 90kmh log flume,a simulator,a 3-d cinema,a freefall and speed slide,as well as a tobbogan slide and a few other slides.

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Well, I'd locate mine in melbourne on a site with some rolling hills so the coasters could be terrain coasters. It would have a B&M invert with an intense layout, a standup coaster, a nice woodie, a bright and colourful kids area, a very wet river rapids, a double space shot, a lake in the middle of the park and some good flats like a giant topspin and a zeirer star shape. It would be based on my park i designed and posted here a while back. And it would be a private company so i could have big new rides without shareholders getting in my way. I would also make sure each new ride being put in was better than what the GC was doing.

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