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NoLimits 1.5 Update

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Source: http://www.nolimitscoaster.de/progress.htm

2004-09-13 Beta testing has begun The beta testing of free update 1.5 has started a few days ago. We plan to release the update for the Windows platform at the end of September. The Mac update will come out around 2 weeks later. The installation of the full version 1.3x is required for the update. Feature list Update 1.5 (possibly incomplete): New common features    * Shuttle coaster features including:          o Reverse lifts          o Station launches          o Brake delays          o Multiple passes    * Several new tracks demonstrating new shuttle features    * New coaster style "Lim launched"    * New coaster style "Face to Face"    * New coaster style "Impulse"    * New coaster style "Motorbike"    * Improved coaster style "Corkscrew"    * Improved coaster style "Inverted 2 seat"    * Improved coaster style "Hyper coaster"    * New brake models on new and updated styles    * New wheel models on new and updated styles    * New LIM models on new and updated styles    * Improved brake triggering behavior    * Block brakes are "activated" in idle mode    * Block borders are at the end of segments now    * Choice between different types of spines on several coaster styles    * Lowered spine on "twisted" coaster styles (brakes/transports/stations)    * Looping box support for use with looping box spine on "Looping coaster"style    * New terraformer application New simulator features    * Customizable keys    * Improved help screens    * Full Scene Antialising option    * New lighting model "Best"    * New Vertex Engine (using GL1.5)    * Improved vehicle shadows    * Progressive mesh engine for vehicle and track models    * Animated track models    * Texture detail level parameter    * New station building textures    * New clouds    * Several optimizations New editor features    * Integrated simple terraformer    * Vertex panel    * Ground and tree textures    * 10 new trees    * Improved coaster style selection    * updated splash screen    * Several optimizations    * Wooden Support Generator bugfix Known issues    * New brake triggering may affect older tracks    * Updated coaster styles have different car texture mapping    * Some coaster styles do not have "wheels/LIMs" choice    * New default environment may affect older environments    * Improved block borders may affect older tracks
Who else is looking forward to this update and the new features? I know that I am.
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You have to give it to those guys are No-Limits. They are quick to respond to any questions... Good on Ya Guys!! ;) I downloaded the update......My, my, my quite the improvement. Graphics are amazing. And I love the Face-Off coaster. Also the Shuttle mode they have introduced. Still trying to get the hang of it... :confused: Screammachine

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Also the Shuttle mode they have introduced. Still trying to get the hang of it... :confused:   Screammachine
Shuttle mode you mean? Im guessing your having trouble getting the train to stop when it backs into the station? Tip have the station segment slightly tilting forward and the brakes not on too hard...you want it to very slightly over shoot the final destination OR be moving at a moderate pace as it comes into the station segment. If its moving too slow back into the station the brakes will stop it infront of where its supposed to stop and harness etc will not open and ride wont recycle.
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