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Weight Limitations at Gold Coast Theme Parks

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Hey all, 

I recently returned from a holiday up to the Gold Coast and visited both Movie World and Dreamworld and wanted to share my experience fitting/not fitting on the rides. 

Context, I am 130KG, 189cm tall and hold most of my weight in my stomach and chest. 

I'll go through the rides I was able to get on and hopefully this will help others figure out which rides they can get on when they go. 


  • Sky Voyager: According to their website, the ride has a 120KG weight limit, however I rode this 3 times and not once was stopped and asked my weight or asked to prove my weight. Seatbelt restrain was super long and had no issues putting it on.  
  • The Claw: This was the only ride I went on at Dreamworld that I didn't fit in/ The ride has overhead restrains that unfortunately wouldn't lock down over my chest. For someone of my height and weight, probably 5-10kgs down would allow the seat to clip in. (Note, they do have a tester seat for this ride, however, for some reason it was roped off when I went)
  • Pandamonium: Surprisingly to me, I had no issue on this ride. This has another overhead restrain that drops on your shoulders, however, I had no issue with it. The ride has a 300kg per gondola limit, though I was a single rider and was paired up with a lady and 2 kids and had no issues. 
  • Steel Taipan: No issues here as well. I used the tester seat at the start of the day and had another 15cm in front of my belly with the light turning green. This ride is probably the most friendly ride for bigger riders. 


Movie World:

  • Justice League 3D: No issues here, simple lap bar design that can accommodate probably everyone. 
  • Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster: I had no issues in terms of weight and fitting on this ride. It was more my legs that took a beating. I did ride it and sat in the back of the vehicle, which I heard had more leg room, though my legs were squashed and banged up by the end. This ride was rough...
  • DC Rivals Hypercoaster (Regular Seat): This one surprised me a bit as it's the newest ride at Movie World but this wasn't very accommodating at all. While I did fit, the overhead restraint did push on my ribcage area the most. I think I was on the last available click in the restraint and did see one other guy who looked about my weight but a bit shorter that wasn't able to fit on the ride. 
  • DC Rivals Hypercoaster (Reverse Seat): The back reverse seat is identical to the regular seats on the ride so if you fit in one, you'll fit in the other. 


I know I missed some big rides like Superman, however, I just had some bad luck with rides going down while in line. Though I hope my experience can help someone out there plan their next trip and have a bit of an understanding of what rides they can go on. 



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Good on you for sharing your experience. I agree with pretty much everything here although i've never bothered to ride Pandamonium. Taipan is very accommodating and rivals much less so. Claw used to be quite generous but safety audits shortened the seatbelt a while back (I don't think they adjusted the test seat at the same time) and I now consider it to be one of the most restrictive on the coast. Another recent modification was Motocoaster - although this targets the legs more than the torso.

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