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Nearmap 2022

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Nearmap hasn't done much on the gold coast this year - a few of their planned flights were changed to cover the flooded areas in February, then down in NSW, and then back up in SEQ, but they did have a day to cover Dreamworld. Dated 20 April 2022.



Not much different, but the boneyard has a few things of interest:


Looks like some log flume boats, the diesel shunting locomotive on some tracks, and a few other things on tracks that I don't think are the original carriages. 


I suspect the rest of the gold coast will update shortly so will update here as they come available.

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No I don't believe so (and I think a few jokers might have some fun if they knew which day it would be) but I have alerts set up so I get an email when they update the maps - usually 2-6 weeks after the flight.

They did email earlier in the year though to tell users that flood-specific maps would be uploaded, but as that was a special circumstance, it's a bit different to the normal flyovers.

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They have several aircraft such as Cessna 210s, Cessna 310s, Cessna 404s and Vulcanair 68, but they don't make a secret of it if you know what to look for -


One of their Cessna 210s a few years ago had tail number VH-MIQ, for example - so you can find them, and then you can track them (more or less - but I can't confirm whether this aircraft is still in their fleet today)


The next time you see an aircraft flying a grid pattern, get the tail number and then google the registered owner. 

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