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The toboggan slide at amazons was terrifying and so many people I know were too scared to do it. It had these 2 metal strips that went down the slide and it looked like there were small bolts sticking out of the strips every 30 cm or so to hold them in place. It looked like it would absolutely bleed you if you fell off the tobbogan.

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Yeah I have to agree with you Brady. I love toboggan slides especially the dreamworld and wet'n'wild double screamer, but i was petrified of the amazons one, I swear it was steeper than the others. And the flume-of-dume was evil, it had these bits of plastic sticking out of the slide near the end to slow you down and me and my friend were sitting to much through the tube and it friggen hurt our asses:P lol. The tube ride at dreamworld was pretty rought in the cracks before it got redone a few years back. Soz to get off topic guys!

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