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I'm sure you'd all agree that things are going slow with theme parks around Australia right now (next year will be a much better one ;)). I've also been busy with my own things (aside from a huge new - non theme park - site that's due out just before New Years I've also got a real life to deal with), so Roller-Coaster.com.au's looking a bit on the "un-fresh" side of things. I've spent a while today just tweaking the article system. I've adjusted the font size and line spacing to bring a bit more elegance to the design, as well as switching from grey to black. There's no redundancy with galleries - before there would be a link at the top to an attached gallery, and down the bottom would be the same link. Furthermore I've improved the connection articles have with the forums. Where an article has a corresponding thread, in the top right corner an image will appear (thread.gif) with a link to the thread. If there's no thread then it will just give a generic link to the forums, with no image.

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