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Wonderland TR: 26/4/03

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I woke up at 9, all excited that this would be my 6th visit to a theme park in only 2 weeks. It was to be Wonderland Sydney, since I have returned from my trip. My good friend Andrew Kew and I had organised for us to go on the last saturday night trading day possibly forever. We originally planned to meet up there at 9:45am, but my mum had to get some money out of the bank, so I arrived late, at 10:05am. We brought out tickets, and headed straight for.. Bounty's Revenge This is a fun little ride, but the OTSR's and lap bars are way too tight. This ride actually stops you from putting your hands up, since you have to concentrate on holding the heavy OTSR around 3 inches from your chest. This would have been an excellent ride if more comfortable OTSRs were in place. Still, hanging upside down for a long period of time is still fun :P Rating: 6/10. We took a walk heading for Goldrush, as we saw the new relocated ride doing some test runs. It is the Zamperla Baloon Race, and is called "The Great Baloon Race". I thought that the colours were inapporpriate for an 'olde' section of the park. Anyway, Goldrush was closed so we headed to.. Demon This ride was only a 1 train wait. This is just your standard vekoma boomerang, but is surprisingly smooth in cars 4,5,6 and 7. Definately worth re rides if the line is short. But the front is nothing special, since your head gets brutally beated through every single part of the track. Oh and btw, my friend Andrew and I have this 'thing' when the train departs the station. It sounds as if the wheels are very sticky, and it makes a slurping noise. So yeah, we ahh.. just love that sound :) Next up was Space Probe.. I had to drag Andrew on since he doesn't really like freefalls. Space Probe Space Probe, to our surprise was a complete walkon. As we boarded car number 1, Andrew was quite 'relaxed' so to speak. We ascended up the mammoth 225 foot tower, at an approxiamate speed of 20kph. We reached the top, my arms and legs were extended.. while Andrew had his hands firly grabbed onto the grab bars. '5, 4, 3, 2" *click Andrew was silent, and so was everyone else on the car with us. I was enjoying the awesome Intamin freefall. And then, it was over 'shrroooom'. The magnets kicked in and our picture got taken. 'Liam why did you do that to me?' Andrew said loudly. I just laughed :P After our ride, I took some time to admire the Intamin badge on the side of the car. Goldrush was open, so we decided to run to TBB. The Bush Beast As we were approaching TBB, we noticed something that we thought never would happen again.. 2 TRAIN OPERATION!! Loading times were great. We boarded the yellow train, and were off. As we were ascending up the lift hill, the red train was in the brake run. Andrew and I were in the front of the train, and I had my video camera running, for a great POV video. The drop isn't as intense at the front than the back, but still delivers a great thrill and some airtime as you go up the hill. The train made a slow turnaround, and then stopped. The brake released, and we made our way down the relativley large drop, over the hills and turnarounds we went. Quite a fun ride, and actually quite smooth at the front.. that is though compared to the back. Rating: 7/10. We grabbed a few more on TBB and then headed for Tasmanian Devil. As we were queuing, I decided to grab some footage of the ride. I turned my camera on, and a weird thing started to appear. "F02" it said, as I was getting more and more worried. I had to take the tape out, it looked fine, so I put it back in. Presto! Problem solved. We grabbed more rides Demon, SP and Bounty's. As we were on Bounty's, my friend Andrew asked one of these guys to place my bag on the platform below. The guy literally chucked it, and the bag landed hard on the platform. I was furious at the idiot who chucked it. I know I should have told him that there was a $3000 video camera in there, but still, you dont just 'chuck' peoples bag. Total disrepect. The 5-9pm trading went quite well, with lines that werent too bad. It was truly amazing to ride TBB, Demon and SP in near complete darkness. The highlight of the day would have to be that Andrew and I got the last ride on Demon for the night.. and the last late night trading ride possibly forever! Unfortunately, there is real serious problem with the video camera. We have to take it to a repair place to fix it... Anyway, it was a pretty cool day. ~Flea

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