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Busch Gardens Tampa - B&M dive machine

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For those of you who don't know already, Busch Gardens Tampa are getting a B&M dive machine for next year. I'm actually really looking forward to this, more so than the new launched intamin Kingda-ka. The fact that it has some length and an inversion compared with say Oblivion is a huge plus.

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And the faxt there are dual vertical drops double the exitement. Initially the ride was going to feature an inline twist but they ditched that idea. A difference to g5 and Oblivon is that it will have 3 car trains. and dive machines have tons of blocks so this ride will really handle the lines. Now the dive machine ride system is being used to its potential i would now actually like to see one here as its not just a one trick pony anymore

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Basicaly, a dive machine is a ride for which the main feature is a vertical drop, G5 and Oblivion are examples of these. Busch Gardens are taking the concept a bit further, It will have a lift hill that goes straight into a vertical drop, it will then go into an immelmann, which leads to a helix that leads to the mid course block brakes. then there is a second vertical drop that goes underground, then a u turn, then a rather cool water splash element, in which then car runs just above the water in a specialy made pond, and water fountains shoot off either side so it looks like it has hit the water, then the track goes on into the brakes. There are some pics on the busch gardens website that show how the ride will, look, I cant remember the site so just google it.

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