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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride

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Its the closest thing DW has to a mouse and its lots of fun, and its in a big mountain which is a major feature of goldrush, i dont want to see it go, if anything ever happens to it it will probably just be ripping out the old track and putting in a new ride system (like what they did with Rioolirat at Avonturepark Hellidoom in the Netherlands)

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All that remains of the Thunderbolt is the station. Basically its the queue, exit and both areas with a very big area at the rear of the station, and seeming the whole thing is shaded and virtually unknown to the gp, its a great place for storage, even if it does only have about four things from nick central etc. in there.

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Hey, I went to Dreamworld last Sunday and rode the Eureka Mine Ride a few times, however on the final ride it was a little different.. When were were all strapped in and ready to go, the train thing we were sitting in went up the chain-lift hill, and there was a bit of a "clunk" where it kinda snaps your neck.. It was our third ride on it today, and I was saying "3...2...1" until the chain bit.. on 1 we went on the chain bit, but it got stuck and it was like CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK x 100. After screaming.. WHAT THE ****! We proceeded to go up the hill, went around the top and emergency stopped. Take in mind it was a hot day, and here we were inside his cave in the sun.. arrrrgh. The loudspeaker came on and the ride op said something like "Aplogies for the inconvienience, we are encountering some ride difficulties. Remain seated and we will resume the ride shortly" The only thing I wanted to do was walk off the ride. We sat there for a good 15 minutes and I was scared of there being a fire.... *Claustrophobic* Anyway. What caused the incident was that a sensor along the ride became blocked, therefore stopped our train (On the most painful bit of the ride) As a precauticion so we didnt crash into another train.. WILD~!

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