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Not technically true. After one ride on the log flume I was saturated, whereas eight non-stop rides on the Wild West Falls (during light rain) didn't nearly get me as soaked as much as I did on that disgusting little log flume. It's because the wild west falls' carriages are more aerodynamic so no-one gets absolutely soaked if there is a full load, and from memory, there is also water effects when you hit the water to look like you get wet. Gotta love their excellent themeing, but hey Dreamworld have the pre-love bubblegum.

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I don't believe the ride aspect has been changed. I think they have only re-structued the fall and make it more safe for the general public. But i haven't ridden the ride for a long time. So i wouldn't know.
More safe? Would you know how they did that..? I didn't notice anything possibly dangerous on that ride, except for worn off paint :S
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